NBA Fans Argue Who Is The Best Player In This Pic: Clarkson, Russell, Ingram, Or Randle

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In recent years, the Los Angeles Lakers have learned to select talented and promising players. But they didn’t see these guys live up to their potential as a team when they left the franchise. We’ve seen a few of those in recent years, and if the team is more than good now, you can’t help but wonder how good it would be now if it had at least saved two or three pieces from those years of rebuilding.

NBA headquarters recently shared a photo of four former Lakers players during their time with the team: Jordan Clarkson, D’Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram and Julius Randle. As you probably know, all the players have progressed and become celebrities in the championship, some more than others, but all the players present have made a name for themselves since leaving the franchise.

– NBA Central (@TheNBACentral) February 16, 2021

This stirred up something among Lakers and NBA fans who began arguing about who was the best and worst player in the draw, what would have happened if they had stayed in Los Angeles, and even the difference if LeBron James had decided to develop them (at least Ingram) instead of trading a young core in exchange for Anthony Davis.

It’s funny how they’re already leaving the Lakers and starting to do well.

– Official(16-12) ET (11-5) -x (@Officialj0nn) February 16, 2021

But the Lakers kept them on the sidelines and didn’t treat them like stars. Especially when LeBron showed up. The AD may help the Lakers win the cliffhanger, but ultimately, as a fan of the Pels’ night team, I think they will win the deal.

– #popcornblast (@AwindeNoah) February 16, 2021

I can’t believe Clarkson is the best player here on ……

– ślx (@bamaddamayo) February 16, 2021

Ngl D’lo is a bit overrated.

– (Giles Club Burner) Alan Imao (@GilesClubBurner) February 16, 2021

Lmaooo put Dlo on Jazz, they are contenders for the title.

– (7-9) (7-20) (@EisingerParker) February 16, 2021

Ingram was the only one who played with that idiot LeBron.

– Chris (@Chris09452583) February 16, 2021

Ingram had the best future, although I think…

– nick (@nsitto2) February 16, 2021

If the Lakers keep that four and pass Tatum over Lonzo again, it will be a DYNASTIC, not that two year old circus mishap they have now.

– 7even (@OnyxMcGrady) 16. February 2021

If you were a true Lakers fan, and we’re going with this team, you wouldn’t hate these comments (they forgot the creek).

– Disorder (@MawuleOfficial) 16. February 2021

Note that 3 of them are all-stars and Jordan Clarkson is a 6-month candidate.

– Ntilikina (@NtiliG0AT) February 16, 2021

Every former Lakers player is like a beast.

– Ali (@Ali_Szn14) 16 February 2021

Here, the D.L.O. is the worst.

– (Giles Club Burner) Alan Imao (@GilesClubBurner) February 16, 2021

It’s crazy to pretend that DLO is the worst pH.

– larry bird (@beastguy12345) February 16, 2021

Who would have thought D Lo would be the worst player on this table.

– PJ (@pizza_91) February 16, 2021

Randle is the best player in this picture

– Mike (@michael1thomson) February 16, 2021

These posts are always very controversial and leave people trying to understand how good or bad a team can be, but one thing is for sure, these players are playing ball right now. They were paid last year and that shows how successful they have been. In addition, they have shown with their performance this year that they have earned these contracts.

While Russell wasn’t the same player we saw in Brooklyn and fought in Minnesota, Julius Randle blossomed as one of the stars of the great New York Knicks. Jordan Clarkson has found his place in the world at Utah and won’t be leaving, while Brandon Ingram has shown that he can play basketball and become a superstar in the future.

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