The Game Everyone Wants To Watch: All-Time Lakers Superteam vs. All-Time Non-Lakers Superteam

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Everyone knows that the Lakers are one of the two most memorable franchises in the league. Throughout the history of the NBA they have had MVP players and they have had many championships. The city of Los Angeles is a must-see destination for any star player: It’s not for nothing that the Lakers manage to bring in players like Lebron James or Pau Gasol, who weren’t originally Lakers. Over the course of history, there have been too many superstars in Los Angeles to count more than the number of franchises combined.

Shak O’Neill recently posted a photo and said the Super Team Lakers will beat the Super Team Lakers and not the Lakers. And that was the start of a big debate about the winner.

And if you compare the starting line-up of the All-Time Lakers to that of the All-Time Non-Lakers, both lists are full of GOAT players. The all-time big boy game is something every NBA fan would like to see. The Lakers would have had a big star five: some of the best players ever to walk the earth. But the Non-Lakers team will have resources from the entire league: The best players in the history of the NBA weren’t all Lakers. Let’s see how the two teams get together.

Lakers Team: Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Karim Abdul-Jabbar, Shakeel O’Neill

Non-Laker Team: Steven Curry, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Tim Duncan, Hakeem Olajuwon

Protectors: Magic Johnson versus Stephen Curry

In one aspect of the game, you have the battle of the centuries. Stephen Kerry presents the modern playing style that 3PT dominates. It was a unanimous MVP, and anyone could tell you that Curry changed the game. Magic Johnson on the other hand looked more like a traditional playmaker: brilliant pass, good defense, clutch shot. Johnson’s shot wasn’t very accurate, but it passed. Having one of the best small PGs ever competing with the best big PG ever should be a showcase to watch.

Stephen Curry has won three championships with the Golden State Warriors: He’s a powerful attacker, and his influence is felt. Of all the teams he should have played a more moderate role by softening some of his goals. Magic Johnson, on the other hand, would be a natural PW, which makes him ideal for a team with many other pawns. Magic Johnson gets a small advantage because of his joy of playing and his defensive advantage over Curry.

Gunner: Kobe Bryant versus Michael Jordan

Kobe Bryant is undoubtedly one of the greatest actors in life. His death earlier this year was a great tragedy, but his memory lives on in everyone in Los Angeles. If you knew anything about Kobe Bryant, you knew that his game was almost entirely based on Michael Jordan. This eternal game could allow us to see what most of us only know from old TV clips. Kobe Bryant won five championships and Michael Jordan six; both are among the all-time leading basketball scorers.

No one will want to bet on any of the players to win this game. Both are elite bombers who can score 30 points every night. Kobe Bryant had fewer natural talents than Michael Jordan, but he made up for it by working hard. It’s hard to give it some kind of advantage: but if the choice has to be made, it has to be Michael Jordan. Until someone finally proves otherwise, Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time, and the advantage goes to him.

Middle front: Lebron James v. Larry Byrd

Larry Bird is one of the greatest players in life. The bird is one of the faces of the Boston Celtics franchise and is widely regarded as the elite arrow of its time. A bird can play, shoot and defend itself by constantly talking to the garbage can in its face. He wouldn’t be afraid of anyone during the trial, not even Lebron James. Lebron James is a small and versatile striker who looks like the next evolution of the combined striker. Lebron James is not very good at shooting, but his athletics and basketball IQ are just as good, if not better. In this match there were two strikers who were similar players of different ages.

Larry Bird is a good shooter; he will decorate the floors efficiently and play an important role in the FS position. If the bird can soften some of the influence of LeBron James, the advantage here should go to LeBron James. James claims to be the greatest player of all time and is known as the winner. Lebron James can be a great baseball player and play any role on the field. Lebron James will probably find a way to score against Larry Bird, and if he’s locked up, he can make Bird’s life difficult in defense. Lebron james wins the game.

Propulsive power: Karim Abdul-Jabbar v. Tim Duncan

Karim Abdul-Jabbar has won every step of his career. He has six winning rings, six MVP’s and is a leader in the selection competition. Abdul-Jabbar also won with two different teams and his double hook was an unprotected move. Abdul-Jabbar would be a handful for anyone approaching him, but if anyone could slow him down, it would be Tim Duncan. Duncan has 15 qualifying tournaments and is recognized as one of the best grassroots players. Duncan’s post-up game is simple but legendary: He is five times NBA Champion and three MVP’s in the finals. Duncan will influence the game at both ends of the field, but he will probably push the other attackers into the background.

Abdul-Jabbar falls asleep here. If Duncan is a timeless legend, Karim Abdul-Jabbar had the size and grace to defeat anyone. Duncan could have stopped the bleeding, but in most cases the transcendental effects of Abdul-Jabbar were at their peak. Duncan’s game will also be tested on Abdul-Jabbar Rim’s defensive and defensive skills. They would have even been on the defensive, but Abdul-Jabbar would have been better on the attack and would have passed the game to the Lakers.

Centre: Shake O’Neill versus Hakeem Olajuwon

Shaquille O’Neill was an unstoppable force of nature in its bloom. O’Neill terrorized his opponents for a long time during his stay at Orlando Magic, the Los Angeles Lakers, and Miami Heath. His time with the Lakers resulted in three fights and perhaps the best shot in history. O’Neill could have gotten in touch with anyone, through contacts in the competition with a bunch of other giants. O’Neill’s physical training and athletics gave him an advantage in most of the races of his time. However, Shakeel O’Neill once lost to the man he plays in this game: Hakeem Olajuwon.

Hakeem Olajuwon was the only center that had the answer for Shakeel O’Neill: He had the strength to hold on and many moves that could confuse even the best defender. Olajuwon defeated O’Neill in the final, although his team was much less talented. Olajuwon has shown that he is the best player and although he has won fewer rings, there is a uniquely tangible game to which we can refer. Although O’Neill didn’t lose his time with the Lakers, history would probably repeat itself if Hakeem had been physically in the prime of his life against O’Neill’s Lakers.

Game analysis

The first quarter is for non-Lakers. This is due to the influence of Stephen Curry, but also to the ability of Olajuwon and Duncan to be more mobile in the offensive. Two tall men can also take up space on the ground from the central position, making it easy to find the right spot. At the end of the quarter Magic Johnson manages to slow down the curry to get hot.

The Curry quarter was marked by three 3PT starting positions, but ended with two failures to make up for the result. The Lakers team strikes, but eventually starts abusing the contradictions at the end of the first quarter. Especially Abdul-Jabbar and O’Neill have enormous buckets on a small, loose line inside. End of quarter: 25-27 non-Lakers lead.

In the second quarter, Lebron James decided to go his own way and take the initiative: He puts his big boys in the transition and finds Kobe Bryant for the open shots. This district is constantly dominated by the big Lakers, because non-Lakers are trapped in a diamond fire of two superstars, in which others are also involved.

Almost all non-plaintiffs Michael Jordan scored 18 points in a quarter, while Kobe Bryant and Lebron James each scored 13 points. Karim Abdul-Jabbar finally uses his Sky Hook several times in a row and gets the double command. The Lakers scored 32 points in the quarterfinals and although Larry Bird called three times, not everything looks good for the non-Lakers. End of quarter: 57-48 Lakers in the lead.

The third quarter is a defensive weakness. The presence of Magic Johnson for the Lakers and Tim Duncan for the non-Lakers on both sides eliminates the defense and the glasses are hard to reach. Even if you see Olajuwon making a one-on-one goal with some postal strikes and making big savings in the process. Michael Jordan also made a good comeback this quarter, his team needed points, so he was able to win 8 more times in the night. It was a low scoring quarter, with each side scoring 20 points or less. End of the quarter: Lead 67-68 is not an impostor.

The fourth quarter goes by and we see Kobe Bryant stay calm and shoot the ball in the second quarter. He knows that Michael Jordan is tired of paying the non-Lakers’ bill, and because he is one of the people who wasn’t afraid of Jordan, he will go straight to him. Since Jordan has put a lot of energy into the attack, the other players should focus more on defense.

There are several games involving other players, but the game at the bottom of the site will be Bryant and Jordan, exchanging buckets one by one. Jordan still gets 15 points in the night and 38 points in the evening. Kobe Bryant came in with 10 more points, but it wasn’t enough to beat the Non-Lakers team, as Michael Jordan was surrounded by two of the best shooters of all time, Stephen Curry and Larry Bird, along with the great principles Tim Duncan and Hakeem Olajuwon.

The Lakers team played well, but they only have Kobe Bryant as sharpshooter, while Lebron James and Magic Johnson are very close. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shak O’Neill are an unstoppable combination, but Tim Duncan and Hakeem Olajuwon are some of the best defenders in the history of the NBA, and if you add Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry and Larry Byrd, this team is almost perfect, and it’s probably the only thing that can beat this Lakers team.

And don’t forget… When the Lakers team was on the verge of victory, Michael Jordan took care of the race and led the non-Lakers team to another big victory.

Total score: Non-Lakers Super Team vs. Lakers Super Team: 102-98

MVP Final: Michael Jordan (38 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists)



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