First SpaceX crewed mission to the International Space Station will set a new trend

The American Space Agency launched SpaceX, a private company owned by Alon Mask, to transport its astronauts to and from the ISS. This responsibility has been with Russia since 2011, when the United States ended the space shuttle era. It’s become an expensive business (about $90 million per seat), and Alon Mask has developed an alternative. said NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine: This time we launch a so-called operational flight to the International Space Station. The first team consists of three American astronauts and a Japanese one.

The delay in the launch of the SpaceX The Dragon Crew capsule and the Falcon 9 rocket is due to adverse weather conditions.

Mirror UK quotes Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX : It is a great honor to be able to inspire confidence in our efforts to return to the Moon, fly to Mars and ultimately help humanity to become multiplanetary. The Alona Mask company carried out a test launch in May and created the conditions for the creation of a Pan-American zone. NASA has contracts with SpaceX and Boeing to provide crew launch services to and from the ISS. It was 2014. Elon Mask has already booked successes and is very excited about SpaceX and manned flights to the moon and Mars. Such excursions will depend on the widespread use of artificial intelligence and renewable energy sources.

SpaceX heralds a new era for human spaceflight

The combination of Elon Mask and SpaceX plays a leading role in pushing the boundaries of space. In May, his company became the first private company to send people into orbit. Two Americans arrived on the ISS and returned to base to confirm the crew’s mission capability.

Four astronauts are on their way to the space laboratory. Mirror UK shows that the Dragon crew capsule would need 3 NASA astronauts and 1 Japanese. It’s Mike Hopkins, Victor Glover, Shannon Walker and Soichi Fingernail. Their stay on board the ISS will last six months and they will carry out a series of scientific experiments.

The crew will take off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

First operational flight SpaceX

According to CBC CA, the eight-hour SpaceX flight is the first operational flight to the space laboratory with the capsule of the dragon crew. NASA officials have accepted the Dragon Crew project. It has gone through a ten-year development phase as part of the public-private manning programme. It was a vision of Alon Mask, and he’s used to going on missions that are just as noisy. However, it may not be present during this introduction because the test for the coronavirus is positive. Team members going to the International Space Station are not considered contagious because they were quarantined a few weeks before the flight.

This SpaceX flight is the first flight from American soil to the ISS in ten years. It will reduce dependency on a third party.

Reusable SpaceXrockets savemoney

CBC CA adds that NASA has installed the bullet arrow to find an alternative to Russian rockets for transporting astronauts to and from the ISS. In 2014 it signed a contract with SpaceX and Boeing for the development of a modified vehicle. The result is the Dragon Crew of SpaceX. It’s up and running. Boeing is concerned. The first trial crew expedition with a space capsule is planned for the end of next year. By the way, Alon Mask is a visionary and invented the concept of reusable rockets. The economy has acknowledged this.

The usual system was to treat the rockets as disposable objects that could fall into the water. But Mask had other ideas. He was planning to take them out for reuse, and he succeeded. In June 2017, the SpaceX reusable rockets made 11 successful landings.

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