City Council Reviews Public Input On Measure D-20 •

The Atascadero City Council met in regular session Tuesday night to approve Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding and get an update on what the public would most like to do with Measure D-20 money.

The SCRHP award process began in the fall of 2020. When the County issued a bid for the CDBG, the City of Atascadero received nine bids. According to the filing, total funding is expected to be approximately $144,792.

CDBG funds are for community development activities aimed at achieving at least one of the three national objectives. These activities must benefit low- and moderate-income persons, contribute to the prevention or elimination of negative impacts, or address urgent needs that pose a serious and immediate threat to the health or well-being of the community.

Council previously discussed the CDBG and approved the funding proposal at the 8th meeting. December 2020 approved. Tuesday night’s proposal sends the plan to the county board and will be included in the county’s consolidated plan.

Rachel Rickard, Atascadero’s city manager, spoke with Zuma about what the city would do during the nine training sessions of 14. January to 6. February learned. During these trainings, participants watched an informative video about the needs of the city. They then broke up into small groups, asked the participants six questions and recorded their answers.

Questions were asked such as: What’s going well in the city? What are the big and small things that will make Atascadero better? If the city spent Measure D-20 funds perfectly, what would the success of Measure D-20 look like?

When asked what would make Atascadero better, the main answers have remained the same over the past six months. The public demanded that the money be spent on safety, fire service, homelessness, downtown, and retention of city and other employees.

For each of the questions, the City Manager reviewed the best answers, and all of the information gathered can be found on the City’s website. A total of 135 community participants attended the study sessions, with over 150 pages of responses also archived on

After nine study sessions, the City Council, staff and interested public met to establish priorities for the use of Measure D-20 funds, as well as priorities for all City resources. The meeting was led by Nicole Lance and Eric Bailey of Extraordinary Equilibrium.

The facilitators helped participants to categorize their concerns into four different policy areas. The four pillars are economic engagement and community involvement, efficiency and sustainability tools in taxation and infrastructure, public safety, and the provision of excellent urban services and quality of life.

Each of the four areas of action has a clear and well-defined message and key areas to focus on.

Tuesday’s meeting counts as meeting number 12 of the 20 meetings under Measure D-20. A draft action plan will then be presented to the Council on 27 November. April for review.

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