Tom Brady thanks Gisele for her ‘love, positive energy and support’ as they welcome 2021 'love-positive-energy-and.jpg

While Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady said goodbye to 2020 and hello by 2021, he paid tribute to his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, in an Instagram post. Brady posted a picture of him and Gisele kissing and cuddling aboard the quarterback’s yacht as they sailed past a beautiful sunset. In the legend, says Brady: As the sun sets in 2020, I would like to thank my wife for loving me and for the positive energy that still sustains my dreams. Brady went on to say: I am blessed in many ways, but @gisele, you are my numero uno! Happy New Year to everyone! Let’s make 2021 our best year ever! The point of view evoked a romantic reaction from Gisele, who made a remark: Aww te amo.

Let’s make 2021 our best year ever! Brady also placed a picture of him and Gisele kissing before a sunset, and gave it a friendly caption: I don’t know if it’s cloudy or clear. I’m just looking at you.

Brady and his family welcome the new year

In the Instagram photos and stories of the couple it seems that they were having fun with their children on the luxury yacht Brady just bought. Gisele also showed a beautiful picture of the sunset and the writing on board of the yacht: Thank you, sunshine, for showing up every day and making life possible. Grateful for all the lessons of 2020. Who is now ready to face the new year with optimism and make 2021 our best year ever! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! TMZ Sports had previously reported that Brady had bought a new state-of-the-art 40-footer, generally in the $2 million price range.

As a tribute to his wife for protecting the environment, he christened the boat Viva a Vida. Giselle is currently involved in a conservation initiative to plant more than 200,000 trees in the Amazon rainforest. Brady’s family vacation is a much-needed break from the hardships of the NFL, especially during the last three games of the Buccaneers.

Release of the updated injury report

After two straight losses prior to the bye week, Brady led the Buccaneers to three straight victories, making the team’s first appearance in the playoff since 2007. However, there is still work to be done, as the Buccaneers have to beat Atlanta Falcons to claim fifth place and meet the NFC East champions. The Buccaneers released an updated injury report on Thursday which shows that Ronald Jones was fully involved in the training.

However, cornerback Carlton Davis III was relegated from his limited participation on Wednesday to his inability to train on Thursday. Otherwise, the Bucs are in good health heading into the regular season finale against the Falcons.

Brady’s house in Boston has a new owner.

After months of marketing, Brady’s house in Brookline, Massachusetts, has finally been sold, according to a report by Cameron Sperance of According to the Massachusetts Land Registry Office, the sale of the 12,112 square foot mansion was completed on Christmas Eve to James Kittler, the administrator who runs the services of JDJ’s family office. There’s no suspicion that Kittler is the actual buyer. The original asking price for the property was set at $39.5 million, but was reduced to $33.9 million before it was withdrawn from the market.

It was recently sold to a new broker. Home News recently after being hacked by an intruder.

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