Neymar’s return to Barcelona could be on the rocks

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the transfer market developed differently during the summer than all previous ones, but there were many more shops, and the most important ones can be seen here. The window may be closed in the major European competitions, but here are the best rumours from around the world.

TOP STORY: Neimar leaves Bark’s graft

Since Neimar left Barcelona, there has always been a suspicion that he might return at some point.

Well, Foot Mercato’s recent report seems to have seriously questioned a return to Camp Know in the years to come.

The Brazilian, whose current contract expires in 2022, has made it clear that he wishes to terminate his contract with the GSP and apply for a new five-year contract, whereby he will remain EUR 36 million per year.

Since Kilian Mbappe is less interested in the update, the French see the PSG as a priority, but the Parisians will also try to keep Neumar in the past of the current agreement.

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Planned area of Barcelona

The situation was not exactly calm in Barcelona, and Mundo Deportivo is proof that this trend will continue.

The Spanish mission assumed that Pedry, Ansou Fati, Ousmane Dembele and Francisco Trincao would become targets in the period of January.

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The report indicates that Lester City will try to travel to Trincao, while Juventus will try to lure Dembele to Italy.

So far Barcelona has declared that they would renounce all the benefits granted to their young talents if they tried to recover from the resignation of Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Naples at a meeting with Milica

The Arkadios Milic is a transfer saga that rumbled through the entire summer window, and reports of his departure from Naples will probably not multiply until around January.

According to Mr Calciomercato, representatives of the A Series equipment will meet representatives of the Polish international community in January to handle the move.

It is in the interest of both the club and the player to reach an agreement quickly, as Napoli will not receive any compensation if he resigns after the end of his contract in the summer, while Milik is hoping for a place in the Polish national team for the euro.

The report states that Tottenham Hotspur and Atletico Madrid are the most likely targets after the failure to move to Roma and Juventus.


— Romel Lukaku’s injuries have put the International in a deplorable position because she seems to rely on Andrea Pinamonti. Calciomercato expects the Italian to get a chance to prove himself, but if he fails, Nezzurri can move to Gervinho in Parma in January.

– Thiago Mendez has admitted that he intended to leave Lyonne during the summer window after a difficult first Ligue 1 campaign, reports L’Equipe.

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