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Davie, Fla. — Imagine Aaron Donald, double defender of the year, being the first challenge of your NFL career. Welcome to the competition, Tua Tagovayloa.

When the Miami Dolphins hold the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday (13:00 ET, Fox), the defensive battle will turn Tagovayloa’s story into a nightmare.

The dolphins’ priority this week is to defend their first round and let their teammates cope with the increasing pressure of the conditions of his ascent (Ryan Fitzpatrick goes on the bench) and a strong match from their teammates – 2020 first-round quarterbacks Joe Barrow (Cincinnati Bengals) and Justin Herbert (Los Angeles Chargers).

Tagovayloa makes her debut after a hip injury on the 16th. November 2019 in Alabama. The Dolphins have a plan to keep him going, but if you stop Donald from interrupting the game, which was so easy, any team will.

In discussions with players and dolphin trainers, combined with statistics and analysis, ESPN has identified three areas where Miami needs to focus its attention in order to protect Tagovayloa.

Determine 99

Fault! The file name is not specified. Keeping the Rams under Aaron Donald’s defensive grip is easier said than done. Brad Mills/United States Sports today

Chan Gailey, coordinator of the dolphin attack, said one of the key elements of Donald’s confrontation was his identification for each shot. Expect Tagovayloa, Ted Carras in the middle, or both, to indicate where Donald is in a game, so they can send doubles to his side or hear them play from him.

Is he lined up left or right? He’s lined up for an outfit or a guard, Mr. Gailey said. You want to know where he is and you want to think of things to help whoever has him.

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added Mr. Carras: It is clear that [Donald] is the main player in the NFL when it comes to defense and the plan is that we have the basics and the technique and we have to do the best we can and it is clear that preparation for the week is a big part of that. … We have to do everything we can when it matters most.

The problem is that Donald scored nine season victories against the Chicago Bears on Monday, including five against doubles. For the second time this season, he scored five winning passes against two teams, more than all the others in the NFL combined.

Donald has been paired with Cleveland’s Miles Garrett for the highest pressure (26) in the NFL this season and recorded seven seasons under pressure on Monday. He does this despite the fact that he has doubled 68% of his passing effect, making him fifth in the league.

So dolphins often pass them, which can help to neutralize them, but this has rarely stopped them. It will also create opportunities for other talented Ramsey defenders such as Leonard Floyd and Michael Brokers.

One Mississippi, two Mississippi

The line of attack of the Dolphins has improved considerably since 2019, when they were probably the worst group in football, but that doesn’t mean that the problem has been completely solved. Fitzpatrick overcame some drawbacks by getting the ball out quickly – on average he threw the ball in 2.41 seconds, which is good for the third fastest in the NFL.

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Legendary masters of passing, including Jared Allen and Bruce Smith, analyze what makes Aaron Donald’s defensive takeover of the Rams so destructive.

Tagovayloa was one of the best football decision-makers in the university, and he often managed to make quick decisions, so he had to rise to a higher level than most newcomers. But the speed of the NFL is different from the university, and it’s hard to feel it through training and movies. How long will it take before Tagovayloa realizes that the difference in speed will be considerable and that he will want to get as close as possible to Fitzpatrick’s time to throw.

Tua did a good job in training, but we’ll see how it goes in the game, said Dolphins coach Brian Flores.

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The dolphins are in 30th place. Ranking (48%) based on the number of victories in passing blocks, which is an indicator for ESPN based on NFL statistics Next Gene Stats Tagovayloa (left-handed) has two newcomers in attack, right back Solomon Kindley and right winger Robert Hunt, both defending their blind side. Both have shown promising signs, but they are learning, and this offensive line is not an end product. Expect rams and other protective devices to send extra pressure, lightning and exotic radiation, hoping to confuse the beginner.

We all have to do our job and put them on the same level and somehow do what we did and not worry when [Donald] said that Jesse Davis was holding your left hand. I think we were very good at passing and talking, and that’s something that should be reinforced in this game. It’s gonna be a fun game.

One way for Miami to deal with the extra pressure is to hold one end or run back to protect the track. Another thing for Tagovayloa is to get the ball out quickly for the first or second progress meeting. Tagovayloa, well documented, likes to throw a descent or a quick pass, so this is a good start.

Rams is the second best defense in the NFL (17.7 points per game) and allows the least yards per quarterback (5.5), but his passive defense isn’t just about pressure. Hoek Jalen Ramsey leads a strong subgroup ready to take advantage of trends.

Cause of conflict

One of the main advantages of Tagovayloa’s early days is the uncertainty about the new possibilities he can offer to the attack, and the most obvious is how Tagovayloa will use his athletics as a weapon.

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He was one of the best quarterbacks in college football to use Run-Pass (RPO) options, and the Dolphins should use more once the packages are fully installed. If they do, it means they’re giving the Dolphin Playmakers the chance to play singles if they’re unbalanced in their defense.

It brings you into conflict. They usually read run and when they run, they strike. So when a running player plays a pass, it’s thrown, Flores said. We haven’t done much this season, so I guess… If you train for a few days, it’s hard to attract something like that.

According to ESPN’s statistical and informative study, between 2018 and 2019 90.8 KBL were made in Tagovayloa, Alabama, measured by the number of RPO attempts, which in the country ranks third among the quarterbacks – at least 50 such attempts.

If the dolphins have prepared several RPOs and are ready to go, it would be an ideal week to free them. Umbrellas and throws in the game are other options that dolphins can use to create conflicts for Rams. With Tagovayloa and Gailey feeling more and more comfortable together, the RPO is likely to become a visible part of the infringement in the future.

It’s Tua time in Miami, and there’s nothing more important than protecting the QB franchise. It’s Sunday.

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