AUSD Students Return To In-Person Learning •

Kindergarten and Grade 2 Primary School

ATASCADERO – For the first time in the school year 2020-2021 the classrooms and corridors of the public primary schools of Ataskadero were filled with the well-known echo of child laughter and the occasional sob. Parents who enrolled in the hybrid model in the Atasquadero School district placed their children in the school this morning, on the second day of the school year. November, gone.

The 29th. On July 7, Dr. Penny Borenstein, the district health physician for San Luis Obispo, warned the local districts that they could start applying for an exemption from elementary school fees that would allow them to attend full-time education for grades five and below.

The derogation was granted on the basis of the most recent scientific evidence and a review of local epidemiological data, in consultation with the California Department of Health and Human Services, including for public health reasons. At the meeting of the school committee on the 15th. In September, the Atasquadero Unified School District announced that it would table a motion to expel the rules of primary school.

The return was slightly different for families, depending on the school their child attended, with some families going home on Monday morning, the second day of school. In November, full-time studies were resumed, while others chose to return in the afternoon. The decision of the morning or the afternoon was left to the judgement of each school, taking into account different variables.

Irene McDaniel, the teacher at Atasquadero, picks up her son in San Gabriel after his first day of full-time study. (Connor Allen’s photo)

This [planning] was based on a number of different factors. One of them is the result of the investigation. I didn’t want to burden the schedules of the families as much as possible, said San Gabriel Elementary School Principal Sean Ames. We still have to change some of them, but most of our distance students were there in the morning and wanted to stay by correspondence. The second reason is cleaning. We can use tools and other classified personnel to help our caregivers clean up, but if you have that in the afternoon, everyone goes home and we can really clean up. The third reason was the temperature. We keep the doors and windows open and we don’t want our children to freeze, because it’s pretty cold in the morning.

In recent weeks, AUSD has conducted a survey of primary school parents to identify families who would like to return to full-time education and those who would like to continue distance learning. At the school board meeting on the 20th. In October, Superintendent Tom Butler reported that 52% of parents preferred to continue their extracurricular studies and 48% preferred to return to school.

With respect to the KOVID-19 protocols, the Atasquadero district places the burden of the pre-examination on the parents and relies on them to screen their children for symptoms before they come to school. The neighborhood sent each parent a checklist to fill out with his or her child before he or she comes to campus.

This seven-point list includes temporary measures such as temperature control, uncontrolled cough or shortness of breath, sore throat, muscle fatigue, loss of taste or smell, diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain or severe headache, especially those associated with fever.

Pupils should also disinfect their hands each time they enter or leave the classroom.

As the community enters the flu season, schools must also be prepared to deal with students who show symptoms during school hours, as the district has done by preparing two on-site medical internships. One is for children with possible symptoms of VIDOC and the other is for common problems such as scratches and medication.

We used to have an infirmary, but now we have a recovery room called Roadrunner, said Sister Don Lorentzen of the Academic Academy of Santa Rosa. According to the District Health Manual and the District Health Manual, we place students with certain symptoms there while continuing to assess and contact the family, public health, and our qualified nurses.

If a student shows symptoms, he or she is removed from the classroom and the diagnosis begins. Nurses check whether the student in question has documented diseases that contribute to this situation, such as B. Allergies or asthma, and proceed with the examination.

If a student at school develops symptoms, not just KOVID, but something else, we have rules that say that if a teacher calls a nurse, we sort the person next to the class first, Lorentzen says. Determine whether there are factors that make it possible for a student to have certain symptoms and stay in school, such as a known allergy and its documentation, or perhaps asthma, a persistent condition that causes a cough, such as not being associated with the disease.

This week only students in transition returned to school. Students in grades 3 to 5 are admitted to the 16th grade. November to join them on campus, and high school students will join them on November 5, 2021, at the beginning of the new year.

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