2020 Holiday Gift Guide: PS4 and Best-Selling Games


Make the players happy that Christmas season has officially arrived. With the release of PlayStation 5, players have the opportunity to go out and have fun.

Unfortunately not everyone can afford the latest Sony console.

Perhaps it’s better to spend some of your income discovering the timeless classics known as PlayStation 4. Some may have thought about their spending habits, while others may have difficulty keeping their heads above water.

Don’t worry, we’ve put together a festive gift guide for PlayStation 4.


The PS4 is not only cheaper than the PS5, but has also been tested with the numerous gems it contains.  Most of the best games and accessories in the industry come from the PS4.

In addition, due to the small size of the frame, the PS4 does not take up much space in the furniture. It’s also convenient that the reduced size of the version allows you to travel with the PS4 while doing the same things you did with the original PS4.

The cost of PS4 is about $299 to $399 compared to the last offer of $399 to $499. The lower price of the PS4 is also a disadvantage, because players will go to online markets to buy it. All that remains are the PS4 offers – these are overpriced Amazon offers.

The price ultimately depends on the player’s choice between the original Ps4 and the Pro version. Of course the Pro is more expensive than the original because it offers a 4K HDR, which exceeds the 1080p resolution of the original PS4. This means that Pro can offer a resolution up to 2160p, which is higher than the normal resolution for any YouTube video.

With 2160p, your Netflix and your moments of relaxation can reach their peak.


The PS4 does not have the same performance improvements as the latest Blu-Ray disc and, most importantly, graphics improvements thanks to raytracing.

As the PS5 is of course equipped with faster start-up times, PS4 users may be tempted to switch to the SSD function. This will speed up the PS4’s startup time, but it will still be less than the analogue system.

This increases your console’s memory for games that offer 100 gigabytes, such as B. 1. Redemption of the dead 2. The original PS4 model does not have the largest capacity, as the volume is limited to 500 GB.

Although the SSD feature improves speed and storage, it is very uncomfortable to buy them because their total price makes them look like a PS5. The PS5 is already equipped with a built-in SSD and the purchase of a PS4 with an SSD upgrade may not be suitable.

Updating the SSD is only recommended if you do not plan to buy a PS5.


The dilemma of buying SSDs for the PlayStation 4 also applies to accessories. If you’re not planning on buying the latest console, you may want to spend money on these accessories.

DualShock 4 controllers are worth buying if you’re a fan of the open world, as the TouchPad feature allows players to manage their cards efficiently. It’s $50 to $70. If you have gigantic hands, buying a Nacon Revolution Pro Controller v2 can be an ideal solution because the larger handles make it easier to use. It’s more expensive, for $158, but the price has been reduced to $84.

The controllers are best used with the ultra-thin PDP Gaming charging system, an accessory that simplifies the charging process. Instead of using cables and wires, the PDP allows the player to place the controllers on the tablet and leave them there. It’s $30.


Is the money raining into your bank account? Are you immune to nausea? If this is the case, a motorhome helmet can provide the best gaming experience. Imagine the power of life in your virtual world. It can be as captivating as a journey through golden castles or as terrifying as shooting mutant creatures in an apocalyptic environment. Although the price is between $250 and $300, the performance level of PS4 justifies the enormous cost. The PS4 camera is not yet included, which will increase your costs.

In the long term, the investment may pay for itself as the PSVR is compatible with both PS4 and PS5. However, fans and critics have commented that the PS4 version is more demanding because there are problems with the PS5 version. Sony will certainly look at them in the future.


The PS4 is already recognized not only for the best game accessories, but also for its game titles. There are timeless classics that will forever be rooted in gaming history, including the following.

  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • god of war
  • Horizon zero twilight
  • Spider-Man Wonder
  • Nir: vending machines

Some I may have made because I didn’t record others, but that already speaks to the legacy of the console. It is difficult to determine which games to choose from the list of games of chance, because there are many options.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is considered one of the best console games because of its character-driven story style. Horizon Zero Dawn caught the players’ attention with its combat mechanics and detailed atmosphere.

Nir: Automata offers a unique twist on game mechanics and scenario. With Marvel Spider-Man, players can learn more about Peter Parker’s adventures on the web than in the movies.

What about the God of war? That’s all I have to say. Get it!

There are other remarkable names. The last of us has been remastered for the PS4, and the critically acclaimed sequel is also available.

Netflix confused you with the witch? Why don’t we play the game?

Do you want to spend Christmas as Halloween and play in a dark room with 4K graphics? See the remake of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 7.

Is your hobby killing you? Dark Souls 3 and Bloody Bourne can entertain you or make you angry forever.

Are you interested in Japanese culture? Both the mind of Tsushima and person 5 can free your inner flesh.


In general, the PS4 is worth considering, even during the holidays. Although it does not have the same features as the PS5, it offers a solid gaming experience worth the investment. It is best to keep an eye on holiday sales, which can further reduce your financial burden. Beware of online retailers who may take advantage of Christmas shopping.

Merry Christmas and keep those trophies open!

Clutch points games

Dignitas, Afromo, Zaccheri Black, League of Legends.


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