How to Use Custom-Printed Folded Business Cards to Rebrand Your Business

Rebranding is a critical investment that all organizations must make to secure their future. Rebranding gives businesses the opportunity to reinvigorate their brand presence and make their brands more forward-facing, modern, and relevant. Here’s how businesses benefit from rebranding –

  • Companies can adjust their marketing approach to meet the growing and evolving needs of the market. For example, Google started as a cheerful, bubbly brand. Now, the company’s logo, marketing design, etc., are much cleaner and more professional.
  • Rebranding gives companies to keep up with changes in design trends. Brands can eliminate outdated design elements in their marketing materials (e.g., a change of brand colors, fonts, logos, etc.).
  • The latest technological advancements allow brands to rebrand themselves cost-effectively. For example, the cost of printing brochures today is far less than what it was 15 years ago.
  • Rebranding helps brands stay ahead of their competitors. Differentiating your brand from your competitors is very important. Rebranding is an easy way to obtain this goal.

So, why are not more businesses rebranding? According to a recent survey involving marketing experts, for most companies – the main obstacle to rebranding is the cost. Company leaders don’t want to commit to large-scale changes to their branded assets. That’s why custom business cards are so vital. Let’s explore why.

The main obstacle companies face in their rebranding efforts is high costs. Business cards are currently one of the few marketing materials that are still relatively cheap. They help professionals address various needs, including – brand recognition, issuing calls-to-action, networking at busy events, and information sharing.

Using a well-designed business card is similar to walking around with a billboard in your pocket. Professionals can share their contact information with customers, suppliers, partners, etc., anywhere they want. Most importantly, the costs of getting custom-printed business cards are very low. These costs are even lower when you opt for folded business cards.

Folded Business Card – The Key Rebranding Tool Companies Need to Use

A folded business card features two separate print spaces. These cards are strong, durable, and easy to customize. Brand leaders can incorporate all types of company-related details on these spacious cards. The latest two-sided business cards in the market are made from recyclable 14-point cardstock material.

This material is known for its outstanding durability and eco-friendliness. They serve company professionals for decades. Now, with the latest printing technologies, brand leaders can print vibrant, high-quality images on their business cards. Creating such business cards can give your brand a massive edge.

  • Upload your business card artwork on the company’s website.
  • The business card manufacturing company will correct the design to ensure it prints correctly on the two-sided cards.
  • Customers can even use the in-built design tools on these websites to further improve their cards’ design.

After you’ve designed your dream two-sided business card, press order. Within days, you’ll receive your custom set of branding cards. Start giving away these cards to the key stakeholders in your company. Launch your rebranding mission in style!

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