Jay Starrett: CT Tamburello Is ‘Easy Pick’ for Top Rival Partner


Chris KT Tamburello

One of The Challenge’s stars, Jay Starrett, recently revealed which of his favorite partners would play in a hypothetical season of Rivals, rising from most favorite to least favorite. He said it would be Chris CT Tamburello first, then Rogan O’Connor, then Ashley Mitchell and Morgan Willett.

On the Jake’s Take podcast, Jay was asked who he would choose from several options as his preferred partner for the Rivals season. He said: CT, easy choice. He’s a winner. He knows how to win, he’s an animal. Second, another winner because they know how to win to help me Rogan.

He continued: The third winner, Ashley Mitchell, because I need a partner and I love Ashley, she’s the best. The only reason we eliminated [Ashley] was because she came in second in the [double agent] mini-finals.

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Jay has already told Rogan & CT about his opponents

Before the double-episode season began, Heavy Jay talked about his rivalry with Rogan. They didn’t get along on Total Insanity because Jay was flirting with Dee Nguyen, who Rogan performed with in War of the Worlds 2. Rogan is also responsible for eliminating Jay from the season, by taking him down in a brutal physical elimination.

In December 2020, Jay told Hevy that he now considered Rogan a friend and they interacted on social media. Jay said: You know how we argue and then we become friends? Now, I respect you. I don’t understand why this happens in life, but it happens. I just became friends with him and thought: Yo, man, we’re good. No stress. You did what you did. They were angry or something. That’s the point of the game, you want to win.

Jay also spoke to Heavy in early 2020, following his knockout victory over CT, another potential opponent of his. At Total Insanity, newcomer Jay scored a resounding victory over a CT Challenge legend by building the best barricade for his bunker. Jay said his plan is for this season: I’m just going to have fun and keep eliminating and fighting him. …. I thought, why don’t we piss [Rogan] off a little, since Dee, Rogan and CT had a mutual alliance. So if I make Rogan angry, maybe make CT angry, and maybe I kill two birds with one stone, who knows?

One of Jay’s rivals, Morgan, his former and current girlfriend Johnny Bananas.

One of the possible opponents Jay mentioned is none other than Morgan Willett, the girlfriend of Johnny Banana’s Devenanzio. Some fans of the show may not know that Jay was dating Morgan and even accused her of cheating with Johnny Bananas after she participated in War of the Worlds with Bananas as a rookie partner, which she denied.

Morgan, Big Brother winner: Over the Top in 2016 and Jay dated in the summer of 2018, and their relationship ended when Morgan ghosted Jay. Then, in late 2018, Morgan starred in Ex at Beach 2, with Jay appearing in the season as one of her exes. They left the season together and kept it going for a few months until Morgan left to film the challenge: The War of the Worlds.

Morgan and her show partner Johnny were eliminated early and traveled together after their elimination. Shortly after, they got engaged, but waited a little longer to confirm their relationship publicly. During the encounter, the bananas said they were more than friends, but less than lovers. They appeared together on the red carpet in October 2019 and are still together today.

Jay said he had helped Morgan prepare for the challenge, but his sister said Morgan quit early and went on a two-week vacation with Johnny. Morgan, on the other hand, stated that she did not cheat on Jay and that her relationship with Bananas only began after she broke up with Jay.

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