What makes European Football so appealing?

There is always a constant buzz around European football, which consistently attracts millions of viewers around the world via TV and streaming platforms, while tourists often make the pilgrimage to cherished stadiums whenever the opportunity arises. Thanks to improved coverage in regions like Asia, fans are able to watch hundreds of matches each season.

But what is it about European football that makes the ‘beautiful game’ here even more appealing? Well, there are probably three key reasons that we’ll aim to identify in this article.

The Richest History

The origins of the modern game are in Europe and specifically in England, where Association Football was created. Switch those two words around and you also have the foundation of the first Football Association: https://www.thefa.com/about-football-association/what-we-do/history

The oldest side in the world is Sheffield Football Club, who were founded in 1857 and are still going strong. The FA Challenge Cup was inaugurated in 1871, it’s first winners were Wanderers FC of Leytonstone, and this remains the oldest club competition in the world. Just one year later in 1872, Scotland played England in the first recorded international football match, while the English Football League was founded in 1888.

On the continental mainland, the interest in football spread around Europe quickly and within just a few decades, more clubs were being founded, along with new leagues and cup competitions. After UEFA was founded in 1954, the first edition of the European Cup was held in the 1955-56 season, which went on to become the UEFA Champions League, arguably the biggest and most keenly followed club competition in the world.

The Biggest Clubs

While there may be plenty to debate when it comes to what constitutes the ‘biggest’ clubs, it’s probably fair to say this would be a healthy mix of both fame and success, accompanied by plenty of history and of course, their financial strength and follower numbers. These days the latter is often calculated by how many followers clubs have attracted via social media.

Given they play ‘El Clásico’ and that attracts the biggest audience of any domestic league game, Real Madrid and Barcelona are undoubtedly the two ‘biggest’ teams in Europe. Real Madrid boast more than 263 million followers across the social networks, while Barcelona are just shy of 250 million followers, according to recent estimates.

Third on the social media list is Manchester United, although they still claim to be the club with the most actual fans in the world. Not far behind are fellow English titans Liverpool, who have enjoyed a resurgence in success over the last few years, as have Manchester City backed by deep Arabian pockets. The ‘biggest’ elsewhere are Paris Saint-Germain in France, Bayern Munich in Germany, while Juventus are probably the most followed Italian side overseas. 

The Most Iconic Players

Two specific players have dominated the football headlines for around a decade now, along with sparking endless debates about which of the pair can rightfully claim to be the best. Attempting to bring some clarity to the constant arguments between fans, Goal recently published a head-to-head comparing the statistics of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi:

Messi may have won the coveted Ballon d’Or more times than Ronaldo, yet statistically there is very little between the two in terms of achievements, when the numbers are compared and for a wider variety of metrics. Suffice it to say that having played the entirety of their club careers in Europe, this dynamic became the most iconic players of a generation.

This also perhaps highlights the enduring appeal and inevitable dominance of European club football. Not only does this continent produce some of the most talented footballers, but it also attracts the best from elsewhere in the world, such as those from Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Everyone wants to play in Europe, as this is where the most famous and richest clubs are located.

The Best Betting Options

It’s no secret that given all the aforementioned reasons, football in Europe attracts the biggest following throughout the world. You can travel halfway around the globe and encounter supporters of Spanish giants Real Madrid or Barcelona in Australia, people besotted with Bundesliga sides Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund in Japan, and even fanatical followers of Manchester United or Liverpool throughout India.

For this reason and given such a strong overseas interest in European football, practically every online bookmaker offers a wealth of betting options, covering all the leading domestic and continental competitions. Per the latest guide at https://www.asiabet.org/india/ and for avid sports fans across Asia, there is a profound guide covering everything we need to know.

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