The Nintendo Switch could stick around for a very long time

Whether you like it or not, the Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s best system yet. This assumption is not based on sales data or device specifications. It is based on the concept of a console, a hybrid slot machine that can be played at home or on the go. This concept also makes it an essential part of the gaming market, which is reflected in the sales figures.

In fact, the console is so widespread that its availability on the market could be greater than that of its predecessors. Although this idea seems purely speculative, it also seems very cool considering the enormous success that the Japanese gambling giant has achieved in this beautiful niche.

Could the popularity of the Nintendo Switch lead to a longer lifespan?

Switch Nintendo does it all

The idea that the Nintendo Switch’s growing popularity means it has a longer lifespan shouldn’t surprise anyone if and when that happens. Besides the incredible sales figures, there is a good reason why Big N wants to keep its current platform even after this generation. The fact is that the concept of the console itself goes beyond what is already on the market and perhaps even beyond.

That’s because this thing isn’t really a console or a handheld device, for that matter. It’s actually an intelligent conversion device that consists of a tablet with two removable controllers and a plug-and-play docking station on your TV. Nvidia produces this device, and as such it is based on the company’s Tegra X1 chip, the same chip found in the Nvidia Shield TV console.

It is true that the graphics capabilities are far from equal to those of the latest generation of consoles. Nevertheless, he is still able to deal with video games in an exemplary way. This would also make it the most powerful handheld device on the market, if seen as such. In addition, Nintendo gradually expanded the Switch’s capabilities throughout its lifecycle with updated software and slightly newer hardware.

In this way, despite the facade, the device can give the consumer a big bang for his wallet. Another, more important fact of the novelty is that it has solved a big problem that every player in every generation has: Quantity versus quality. For a change, most fanatical video game consumers needed multiple consoles to satisfy each generation. Unless they are the apostles of a particular equipment manufacturer, they probably have multiple consoles in each home and possibly a portable or smart device to go with them.

The problem is that these platforms and their games can really add up to what they offer. Fortunately, Nintendo’s non-system platform offers both game standards and the average price of a console. But it’s also the reason why he might not be leaving soon.

Switch Nintendo too revolutionary

There is no doubt that the Switch concept is so revolutionary that it cannot be abandoned when the next generation arrives. In fact, it’s too revolutionary for Nintendo itself to come up with a better concept for an effective replacement, and that’s no joke.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, Nintendo has been working to improve the quality of life of its customers with unique gaming devices. This new direction led to the development of the revolutionary Wii console and DS handheld.

Since then, every console and handheld computer in the company has been built around a revolutionary feature that has changed not only the way they play, but also their lives.

The most interesting thing about the latest device is that it has many life-changing features. In fact, the company once described its device as one that encompasses everything this and all other pre-bid devices are on the gaming market. Of course, there are also some disadvantages, ranging from deception to insensitivity. But the Switch does more than enough with its offers to justify a purchase. Sometimes it feels like Nintendo has run into a wall with its latest project. So it seems very likely that the device will exceed its own life cycle.

That doesn’t mean the move is bad for Nintendo. In fact, the president of the company, Shuntaro Furukawa, admitted a few months later that he believes that the platform is only halfway through its life cycle and that the company should try to build momentum in the new year. For example, Big N knows that the switch has outperformed its own value in the market and will adjust its availability to give the best of itself. It could also demonstrate that the new model will actually be on the road by 2021.


Realistically, the big N will eventually flip the switch. But for now there are two possible avenues it could take for the next generation. The company will either extend the life of the device as with its predecessor, the 3DS, or develop a more powerful model to follow it.

Time will tell, but the signs are already there.

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