The Mandalorian Meme Will Change How You View Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

The Mandalorian Grogu mocks his future killer in a Star Wars-inspired viral meme: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. In Chapter 13: A Jedi, the child’s real name and past are revealed when the search for Dean Jarin (Pedro Pascal), who is to bring the find to a Jedi, leads him to Ahsoku Tano (Rosario Dawson). On Corvus, Ahsoka explains the source of the child’s powerful abilities and uses the Force to make contact with the Grog. She identifies him as a survivor of the attack on the Jedi Temple on Coruscant by Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) – recently accompanied by Darth Vader – at the end of the Clone Wars.

Grogu grew up in a Jedi temple on Coruscant where he was trained by many Jedi masters until someone took him and hid him when the Empire came to power. In a viral Twitter feed that calls me a living bitch, Grog sends a mocking text after Father survives the Jedi massacre:

Has this ever happened before? # Mandalorian #StarWars

– Jordan House 1. December 2020

Another Mandalorian spectator took me a step further and put Groggy in the sieve and hid him in a scene where Sors Bandeam (Ross Bedman) and the other chicks stand helplessly in front of an illuminated Dark Skywalker knife.

Ahsoka eventually refuses to train Groga and help him gain power, and tells the bounty hunter that it would be best to make the child disappear because of his strong attachment to Dean. I’ve seen what these feelings can do to a well-trained Jedi Knight, for the best of us, Ahsoka said about her former teacher and friend Anakin. I’m not gonna start this baby that way.

She’s a bit of a drifter. If you know Dave [Philoney, Jedi Writer], you know he has many classic samurai references. He talked about movies like Yojimbo. She travels the galaxy to help people in need, Rosario told about Ahsoka’s live debut in Mandalorian. To me, she’s always been a real Jedi, even though technically she wasn’t anymore. She represented the best that the Jedi Order could have been.

While the Dean continues to search for Jedi who might have felt Groggy’s presence when the child violently phoned Tyton, Dawson says she appreciated the opportunity to return to Star Wars.

I think it’s really cool that this show exists. I think it’s so cool that I have to show up here and give information about this character, the child everyone loves so much, Dawson said. They know she didn’t appear as a cameo, but as a fairy tale device for new fans who have fallen in love with another new character we see growing up. The little groggy is great.

New episodes of Star Wars: Mandalorian release of the second season at Disney+ on Friday. If you haven’t signed up for Disney+ yet, try it here.

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