Best Fencing Materials For Building A Beautiful Garden Fence

Beautiful Garden Fence

Deer fencing is one the best way to save your garden crops. As they say, Prevention is always better than Cure. Building a fence around your garden can be a great way to start living organically.

A garden fence is a great alternative for traps, scare devices or repellents. Here in this article, we will discuss some of the best garden fencing materials available in the market.

Depending on the types of animals you want your garden to protect from, the fencing size varies.

For example, a 2 feet high chicken wire might work good for smaller sized animals but it will definitely not going to work against large animals like cow, deer etc.

Various Garden Fencing Materials

 Chicken Wire Fencing:

A 3 feet high chicken wire can save your garden from most of the small and medium-sized animals.

Buy a chicken wire which is at least 4-5 feet wide. Bend it into an L shape. Position it around the sight in such a way that at least one feet of that wire should remain underground.

Putting an underground barrier can save your crops from burrowing animals. Sometimes, animals become too persuasive and adding an electrical fence becomes necessary.

There are several other ways to build a fence, rather than just using Chicken wires. Here is a look at the various other options which you definitely can try:


Hedges or The Living Fence:

A living fence or hedge can be a good and cheap option. They grow naturally and would keep other unwanted pests from entering into the garden.

Wooden Fence:

Wood fences definitely add a charm to the surroundings but it might not be a good idea if you are concerned very much about burrowing animals. The best solution for this would be to use it with chicken wire.

Brick walls or Stone walls:

The best part of using a brick wall or stone wall is that once it has been set up, it requires minimal maintenance.

If larger rocks can be easily and cheaply accessed in your area then a dry stone wall is possibly the best fencing option.

It is a high-security fence so if you are planning to move out in near future, this might not be a good idea to invest in it.

Bamboo Fencing:

If you have a cheap supply of bamboos, A bamboo fence can work very easily. Bamboos are strong and also look good aesthetically if used in fencing.

Picket Fencing:

It is the most Traditional form of fencing. A picket fence looks good aesthetically but the cost of maintenance can be very high. You need to paint it regularly to retain its charm and usefulness.

Here Are Some Suggestions Which You Can Do To Reduce The Cost Of Garden Fencing:

  1. Use recycled material which you already have in your hand or look for some giveaway materials from some junk dealer. It will definitely keep the cost to a minimum.
  2. Use PVC pipes instead of metal tubes.
  3. Wire fencing is cheaper but can result in a larger sum in case your area is very large. Sometimes it is sensible to fence individual plants which are susceptible to pest attack rather than going for the entire area. It can really save your cost.


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