Whoopi Goldberg Explains Reason for Sister Act 3 Return While Suggesting Titles

Whoopi Goldberg Explains Reason for Sister Act 3 Return While Suggesting Titles
Whoopi Goldberg Explains Reason for Sister Act 3 Return While Suggesting Titles

Following the recent announcement that Sister Act 3 will be a Disney extravaganza, the returning star Whoopi Goldberg has made a few suggestions for titles for the long-awaited sequel. While sharing his ideas during a performance with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, Goldberg suggested Oh my God, he still has his place and Blacker in Habit as potential contenders. In addition to her inspiring title ideas, Mrs. Goldberg also explained why she decided to return to Sister Law 3 after all these years.

People are just like they were in the ’90s, they follow up…. Everyone seems to be able to do it, and I thought these nuns deserved another tour.
POWERFUL : Sister Act 3 brings Whoopi Goldberg back as Deloris Wilson at Disney+.

So you can be thankful for the recent return to the musical world of Sister Act sequels such as Halloween and Bill & Ted Face the Music. The first film, released in 1992, follows Whoopi Goldberg as Deloris, a lounge singer who is persuaded to enter a monastery as a nun after seeing her gangster boyfriend execute an informant. But once there, she found it difficult to adapt to her new lifestyle, until she was forced to join the monastic choir, which was in trouble.

Sister Law was one of the most financially successful comedies of the early 1990s, with a budget of $31 million and $231 million worldwide. The film has since produced a franchise, followed by the much less successful Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit from 1993, as well as a musical arrangement made in 2006.

Rumors have been circulating for some time that Disney wanted to recover the property for a suite, and Sister Act 3 was finally officially confirmed at a recent Disney Investor Day event. Sean Bailey, Director of Film Production at Walt Disney Studios, took the stage to announce that the sequel is already in development and will appear at Disney+. Besides director and actor Tyler Perry, Goldberg will also be producer of the project.

Mrs Goldberg had previously raised the possibility of a sequel and said that she had not pursued the idea for years because she thought no one wanted to see it, but in recent years it has become clear that this is far from being the case. For a long time they said no one wanted to see him. And then, more recently, it turned out that it might not be true – people might want to see it, she said. So, we’re working hard to figure out how to make every… Collect the tape and come back. It’s a very funny movie. It’s fun, and it’s fun, and, you know, nobody gets mad, you know, it’s like, look, bad singing, good singing, good singing, and then the nuns. What could be better? Nothing.

Whoopi Goldberg joins the first stars of Sister Act, Maggie Smith, Katie Najimi, Wendy McKenna, Mary Weeks and Harvey Keitel, and this is definitely the gang Goldberg hopes to join. However, none of the other members of the cast are currently confirmed for Sister Law 3, nor do they have a title. The sequel has no release date yet, but will make its debut at Disney+. It came to us from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

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