‘The Good Doctor’ Season 4 Episode 14 ‘Gender Reveal’: Dilemmas of daughters

For the past four weeks, The Good Doctor has kept loyal fans and Dr. Sean Murphy (Freddie Highmore) on edge. Since Leah (Paige Spara) revealed that her crazy behavior was due to her pregnancy, Sean has gone through an emotional journey from detachment from the fetus to attachment to his unborn child. This week, on the 19th. April, episode 14 of season 4. The season continues with sex education. The father-to-be learns from his patients, peers and his own mistakes that women face difficult choices from birth, simply by being themselves.

Fans had to wait four long weeks, but now the secret is out. TV Fanatic and TVLine on MSN have different perspectives on episode 19. April, but either way, parenthood becomes a reality.

The first news starts Good Doctor.

Leah is overjoyed when the news arrives on her phone: the sex of her baby has been revealed. The good doctor himself sees no reason to be euphoric, noting that there are only two possibilities with this revelation, and both are good for me, he assures me. But when Lea begs him to stand with her (please!) to see the results together, he agrees.

It’s a girl, the mother announced with tears of joy. The good doctor smiles as easily as he did at the official announcement.

A flurry of kisses helps the surgeon say goodbye to a better day at work. After mixed feelings about Sean-Lee’s bonding and endurance, it’s nice to see maturity and a real bond flow into this character. There are moments when she proves she can be a kindred spirit.

Chest and hip go both ways Good Doctor.

Dr. Resnick (Fiona Gubelmann) wonders why Dr. Wolk (Noah Galvin) is so enamored with the patient and subject 3. All becomes clear when a resident is introduced to a stunning young man with a bruised chest, MMA fighter Bradley Vargas (Farley Jackson). Asher Vulk clearly has a Vargas fan base screaming like crazy for attention.

But he’s not a fan of needles and eggs at the prospect of draining a hematoma, especially in a place where anyone can see the good doctor in the ER.

At the same time, Bradley is more concerned about his fans or supporters finding out he has breast implants. The good doctor takes on a patient, Jean (Diane Farr), who used to keep her pain a secret and work 10,000 times harder at her job. She refers to the joke about her wide hips when talking about the cockpit, and is annoyed by Dr. Murphy’s praise of her courage. She is expected to recover quickly after hip surgery, but if her blood pressure drops during the procedure, the team will follow up with her immediately. The problem was initially attributed to a reaction to the anesthesia, but after he fainted and fell when he first tried to walk with a walker, everyone sank deeper.

Ron Curtis gives a memorable portrait of Gene’s daughter. While her mother provided such a sublime example of female accomplishment, the sacrifice of career over family goes against every face. She longs for her mother to allow herself to be human….. to take care of her instead of always rushing around.

Talk about shining examples: Morgan gives Alex Park (Will Yoon Lee) his own ultimatum. Despite her admiration for this mutual closeness, she turns a molehill into a mountain to become a charging station for her companion. She insists that he must see other women. The problem, of course, is that she wants to be responsible for who he chooses.

She hacks her dating apps and changes her photos. Dr. Resnick has a human side and the ability to empathize. These qualities only seem to emerge when she looks at the other person saying goodbye. It’s sad that a real, straightforward park can’t break through their stride. If the journey is not over for this couple on the Good Doctor, but no one gives up a dam like Morgan.

Dr. Andrews (Hill Harper) says that in the operating room, men deal with life differently than women. He asks Park how he dealt with the breakup of his marriage. He applauds Dr. Cloud for being braver than a cage fight. Dr Lim adds that her decision to put her family on hold was accompanied by many small options that gradually led her to this decision.

The Good Doctor consistently highlights the cleansing power of honesty and acceptance of flawed humanity more skillfully than most TV shows.

To double or not to double for the good doctor.

Sean is certainly everything Leah needs, but after being expelled from her childbirth class because of his diagnostic lines in class (not to mention his terrible back massages), he comes to Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff). As always, Glassman gets right to the point by asking: Why can’t you give her what she needs? Moreover, the answer is not in the general device box. But the good doctor can’t answer the question.

Leah stands firmly on her feet and says she wants to experience birth, labor and delivery.

She insists on the muzzle and begs Sean to agree to it. But the good doctor does nothing without a thorough examination. He quickly learns that conversations in the later stages of childbirth never get the attention they deserve, and agrees to support a doula. It’s no big deal if I’m bad at back massages – she can do it, he explains. His dislike of luffas and bacteria is also non-negotiable.

To his credit, Bradley is bravely doing his best to diagnose and treat breast cancer, even posting his journey on social media. It’s a different story for John, whose Parkinson’s symptoms have long eluded his doctors. Dr. Murphy has a brilliant and adorable moment in a confrontation with one such doctor, in his office.

The good doctor describes the many symptoms from which John suffers. The doctor dismissed these problems as part of menopause or the stress of having to retire. In a powerful scene, his daughter embraces Jean on his hospital bed. Whatever happens in the future, these two strong women will tackle it together.

My daughter will never come to you, Freddie Highmore speaks with passion as the good doctor.

Sean sincerely tells Lea that he wants their daughter to have a chance to get everything she wants. He looks her in the eye and says he understands the world is harder on women and he doesn’t know how to change that. A good doctor knows about loss, trauma, abuse and discrimination.

He doesn’t know the experience from a woman’s point of view, or how to use that degree, even in today’s world. He will see his granddaughter’s journey in a different light. It will change him forever.

‘Be a good father,’ she replied. By letting her know she is loved and supported, we are raising her to be strong.

Like you, the good doctor finishes his thought with love. The mouth session can begin.

Get ready for next week’s episode of The Good Doctor, which focuses on a young male twist that has fans excited.

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