Ramos, Neymar, Beckham among soccer’s amazing fan tattoos

As most club fans know all too well, you can sing the player’s name on the terraces for a week and see how things go.

JUMP K: Villarreal needs a yellow submarine.

Valencia supporter Joshua Munoz found out not long ago when his favorite player, Jeffrey Condogbia, was suddenly sold for just 10 million euros outside the transfer window to La Liga rivals Athletic Madrid.

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As if it wasn’t enough to lose the first team for a relatively miserable amount of money, the Los Che Munoz fan paid dearly for a huge tattoo of Condoggia on his thigh.

Condoggia first arrived in Mestala in the summer of 2017 and Muñoz decided to have a tattoo put on the eve of the big match between Valencia and Barcelona in the final of the Copa del Rey 2019. He even had the opportunity to show the man himself an indelible portrait.

But despite the fact that the condoms are moving to new pastures, Muñoz announced that the cartridge is not going anywhere.

It [the tattoo] will remain as it is, he courageously told reporters. I thought it was a good idea at the time. I have no regrets.

Para siempre grabado en su piel…

@Geo_Kondogbia, emocionado y sorprendido al ver el tatuaje más valencianista de Joshua

Para siempre en su pierna la garra, fuerza y SENTIMENT de Kondo

¡Enhorabuena por el gran trabajo! #VolemLaCopa #UnSentimentEtern ♾ pic.twitter.com/wChFWRcv5

– Valencia BF (@valenciacf) 24. May 2019.

Valencia defeated Barca 2-1 in the final, while Condombia jumped from the bench at the hour mark and helped Lionel Messi & Co. to strengthen. At least Munyo’s tattoo will always remind us of better times for Los Che.

Let’s be honest: He is not the only fan who over the years has invested in questionable body art in football.

Here are Chelsea legends John Terry and Frank Lampard, who share prime property on the Port Peninsula from one of the most ardent defenders.

#chelsea fan #terry #chelsea #tattoo pic.twitter.com/Nr1p48up

– Tony Lau (@TeeLau86) 21. January 2013

In the summer of 2017, a grumpy Arsenal fan lost a bet on social networks when the club signed a contract with Alexander Lacazette from Lyon …

Nice work for @sxmleach who got this tattoo after Arsenal drew the Lacazette! Picture.twitter.com/Si4QUHEalO

– Radio X (@RadioX) 22. July 2017.

Clint Dempsey

This Seattle Sounders fan celebrated Clint Dempsey’s arrival at the 2013 club with his picture behind his ear. Although he may want his money back.

Sometimes I just think of someone with that Clint Dempsey tattoo and I’m nodding in amazement. Picture.twitter.com/WpU0X3LCxN

– Pablo Iglesias Mason (@MLSist) 11. April 2019

David Beckham

There are a few notes for Beckham, first for himself, after he misspelled his wife’s name in 2000. Yeah, you can imagine how it happened in the Beckham family after he decided to become Hindi but had a Victoria tattoo on his arm. Instead of Victoria, of course.

Beckham fans are also known to make strange mistakes, and one of them manages to pass on some of his surnames.

This Brazilian fan asked for Neimar’s tattoo. Who or what kind of artist ended up painting on his skin is well worth discussing.

fan with Neimar tattoo @barcastuff pic.twitter.com/jEyUKj8Rm9

– Ashley Ann (@Ashley_LioNey) 11. June 2013.

If Jamie Carrager, Dirk Kite and Clint Eastwood had a kid…

The worst CFL tattoo I’ve seen this year…
Sorry @Carra23 #carragher #LFC #YNWA pic.twitter.com/lsyDb5HNvi

– Az! (@az_washy) 19. December 2016

Sergio Ramos

He is a defender and has scored more than 100 goals for Real Madrid, so the place that Ramos is rightly celebrating is clearly on the back of his calf.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Ramos himself has a lot of tattoos, but he does get a little done on this guy. Jorge Sans/Sopa Pictures/LightRocket on Getty Pictures

Gary Neville

One of the fans of Man United went there and got a nice tribute to Gary Neville, which unfortunately looks more like a scene with Chestberster of the Aliens.

A Manchester United fan has Gary Neville tattooed on his leg http://t.co/jQ1lVYlbQ3 pic.twitter.com/LWHVVOrrVd.

– 15. Telegraphic football (@TeleFootball) May 2015.

Colour tours

A Liverpool fan forgets a quick spell check before getting an evil tattoo in tribute to the Colo Tour defender.

We don’t know what’s worse: this tattoo or the Colo Tours error. pic.twitter.com/7nAzEP5vgc

– 1. Football Squawka (@Squawka) February 2014.


This classic of its kind proves that the impossibility of checking the spelling of tattoos is not limited to the red half of the Mercyside section.

Eeverton’s tattoo should have been put #LFC fan#Everton @davidvitty pic.twitter.com/9ZKpqcM3AS

– 8. TwitForTatts (@TwitForTatts) 8. TwitForTatts (@TwitForTatts) June 2014.

Everton clearly has something to do with fans spending their money on really ridiculous tattoos – and it’s probably Echo Falls’ pink wine. The fan gave James a bottle of rose – through the window of the player’s car – after winning 5-2 points from West Brom in Goodison Park in September. The Colombian accepted his prize and the supporter decided to make sure it was something he could never forget.

A fan of Everton, who offered a bottle of wine to James Rodriguez, got a tattoo in memory of the pic.twitter.com/ayq8dmUH6n case.

– ESPN UK (@ESPNUK) 25. September 2020

We suspect that several loyal Man City fans decided to immortalize the famous title of Agüero against QPR in the form of a tattoo, but only one of them decided that the full transcript of Martin Tyler’s comment on heaven would remain on his arm forever.

#The MCFC @ManCityBear fan gets a tattoo comment on the track of Sergio Agero: http://t.co/QQn60VRCCE pic.twitter.com/zHADpHIFm

– 10. Yahoo Sport UK (@YahooSportUK) September 2015.


This intrepid city fan decided to have the names of three club legends painted on his chest: Robinho, Sean Gauther and Poop. One problem was that Kaka had never signed a contract with the city, and in 2009 he was the target of a failed transfer proposal.

Can we stop for a moment to remember the city fan and his shitty pic.twitter.com/FDfzLSVgFE tattoo?

– Keir (@Kingkeir) 6. August 2013

Sheffield Wednesday

It’s enough to know that Sheffield Wednesday was founded in 1867.

Remember when Sheffields Fan tattooed his patch on Wednesday, but with the wrong date? http://t.co/agXfDDGykT pic.twitter.com/R0IgjbcLaO.

– Patrick Barclays (@EamoV1) 14. April 2015

Francesco Totti

A tattoo of Totti in all its glory would be a perfectly understandable addition to the personal portfolio of every gypsy worshipper, but a tattoo of the selfish hero Hyalorossi? It’s crazy.

A Roman fan already has a tattoo of the selfish Francesco Totti http://t.co/qSBjMCLqE8 pic.twitter.com/1HODL3U6LZ.

– UK Eurosport (@Eurosport_UK) 14. January 2015.

Alan Shear Loader

A true masterpiece in which a Newcastle fan tries to pay grandiose homage to Alan Shearer, ending with baked potatoes with Steve McClaren’s face painted on them.

This Newcastle fan was tattooed with Alan Shearer on Saturday at Old Trafford. Suitable Tribute #NUFC pic.twitter.com/R9l3d9VyQf

– Sports index (@sportindex) 9. October 2018.


This huge flamengo tattoo required 32 sessions in 90 hours, not to mention the fact that it probably cost as much as a modest family car.

We met this @Flamengo fan in Brazil who covered his body with tattoos from the team’s costume. In the spirit of Social Sunday, we have therefore decided to start a hunt for the equivalent of Collingwood! #socialPIES pic.twitter.com/WorxkIFf4R

– Collingwood FC (@CollingwoodFC) 4. May 2018.

Atletico Club National

Proof that a football tattoo with a full body is not always as great as it seems – especially when it comes to stripes.

Felipe Alvarez loves Atletico Nacional so much that he got a little tattoo to show it: #Atletico Nacional #Verdolaga #soccer pic.twitter.com/vOWS6qz07F.

– Golazo (@golazo_co) 11. March 2016.

Diego Maradona

For obvious reasons, gymnastics enthusiasts were happy to meet a living legend as head coach of their team in 2019.

One of the fans even had an Argentine icon tattooed directly on his bald skull – only to see Maradona leave in less than three months after only eight games.

Fault! The file name is not specified. – set


Ale Moreno has the feeling that Lionel Messi is harming Barcelona and is trying to create everything herself.

Villarreal needs the yellow submarine

Villarreal owed their staff to their hard work after miraculously securing a Europe League against Tel Aviv McCabi.

A few hours before departure, the Estadio de la Ceramica was hit by a violent storm, with heavy rainfall and strong winds.

In fact, the game had to be postponed for an hour because the field soon turned into an ocean. Looks like they got the nickname Yellow Submarine for a reason.

#UEL | Without a doubt, these heroes were the real stars of today’s game. ♂️ pic.twitter.com/kLutwsfpqZ

– KF Villarreal in English (@Eng_Villarreal) November 5, 2020

It is estimated that 60 litres per square metre fell on the grass when the playing surface was so messed up that at some point it had a hypnotic storm effect.

Villarreal won 4-0 thanks to goals from Carlos Bucky (2), Alex Baena and Fernando Nino, although the club had no doubt who were the real heroes of the evening.

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