Scott Frost hopeful that Huskers will get a chance to play this Saturday

Next Saturday, after the second week of the Big Ten season, the Nebraska Haskers are looking forward to a game. The Haskers were supposed to play Wisconsin last weekend, but the game didn’t happen because the Badger had a coronavirus outbreak. The incident triggered a fierce debate about the Big Ten’s coronavirus control protocols, which require players to isolate themselves within 21 days of infection with the virus. Some media analysts were also disappointed with the conference after it failed to approve Nebraska’s plans for a replacement contest with the University of Tennessee Chattanooga.

This week, head coach Husser talked to the media for the first time after the game in Wisconsin was cancelled and explained why his team is trying to set up a game against Chattanooga.

Coach Frost wanted to give his players the chance to join.

During the interview, Coach Frost said that Husker officials were trying to get their players access to the field after the game in Wisconsin was cancelled. Frost told his players that the Nebraska Haskers would try to arrange a replacement game with Chattanooga, but said the final decision would be made at the G-10 conference. Coach Frost admitted that although his team tried to follow the necessary protocols to make the game safe, the conference was not sure of these plans and eventually decided not to approve the game.

Frost also said that children, more than anything else in the world, only want to compete on the playground, said 247. I hope we get a chance this Saturday.

Nebraska has reportedly offered financial assistance to Chattanoge

According to media reports, the Nebraska Haskers Chattanooga have offered $200,000 to $250,000 for the game and the team’s travel expenses.

Coach Frost was disappointed with Big Ten’s decision to veto the game, but insisted his team kept preparing for Saturday’s game against Northwestern. Head coach Husera is confident that the medical staff of his team has done everything possible to protect the players and the coaching staff.

However, Dr. Frost believes that the Big Ten will have little margin of error if there are more outbreaks of coronaviruses among the conference teams in the coming weeks.

When the Big Ten announced in August that they were planning to give up their season, Coach Frost was one of the strongest voices calling for the conference to reconsider its decision. Frost even suggested that Nebraska would play with teams outside the Big Ten if the conference blocked his decision, but then withdrew his comments. After all, the Power 5 conference announced that it would play an eight-day playing season starting in October. Critics have pointed out that the tight schedule of the Big Ten can make it impossible for teams to play all eight games.

Fortunately, the Nebraska Haskers were the first team to be cancelled due to strict protocols. For the time being, Coach Frost seems ready to overcome the incident and focus on the remaining games.

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