Captain America Is The Reason Eternals Haven’t Intervened In MCU Events

The Captain America: Civil War post-credit scene has made the internet explode with theories about the Eternals. Some think they are preparing to intervene in the events of the MCU. Others think they will come in peace and offer to help. Yet others think they will appear for no reason at all. The truth is that, while Eternals have been in play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for decades, the MCU has never shown them intervening in events. They have even been missing from the Avengers and Agents of SHIELD, the last two times the heroes have faced off in a major Marvel film.

For all the hype about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one thing that people don’t know is that the interdimensional being known as Eternals are the ones that are actually capable of changing the course of the entire universe. The Eternals have the power to jump dimensions and create universes, as well as destroy them in an instant. The Eternals are also capable of bringing the dead back to life (wonderful for some characters), but are so powerful that they don’t want to touch Earth (Earth is a part of the multiverse, it is considered a different dimension from the one that the Eternals control).

Captain America, the hero from Marvel movies, is often called the “Captain America of the Marvel Cinematic Universe” for his numerous appearances in the movies. He is the last survivor of the Super Soldier program, and has been called to action in every movie.. Read more about marvel cinematic universe and let us know what you think.The trailer for Eternals left many Marvel Cinematic Universe viewers with one important question: Where were the Eternals when the Avengers had to fight Thanos? The Eternals trailer contains many clues to that answer, and those clues led us to a theory: Steve Rogers/Captain America is the reason for the Eternals’ absence from the MCU during Phases 1-3, including the Battle of New York and Thanos’ gang with the Infinity Gauntlet. The theory is a little more complicated (as you can see below), but there are already too many connections between Captain America and the Eternals to ignore.

Eternals’ Captain AmericaEaster Eggs

One of the main features of the Eternal trailer is the appearance of several shields that are styled after Captain America’s shield. One of them appears in Angelina Jolie’s fight scene with Shadow, other shields can be seen in the background of Kingo’s (Kumail Nanjiani) dance number in Bollywood. A much clearer connection is made when the Eternals mention Captain Rogers’ name in the scene at the end of the trailer.

Who created the first superhero?

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

The Captain America references in the Forever trailer have given rise to a popular theory among fans: The Eternals helped create the world’s first super soldier, ushering in a new era of heroes in the Marvel universe.

Much of the history of the Eternals will clearly show how an immortal race has helped humanity evolve and perform miracles – spiritually, medically or technologically. Fans have already begun to speculate that things like Wakanda’s vibranium may have been mined and developed under the tutelage of the Eternals – and it’s not hard to imagine that Brian Tyree’s character, Henry Fastos, has something to do with it.

Fastos’ character description reveals that the space inventor is secretly advancing humanity technologically, and he is said to be the only character in the MCU who knows how to use the alien metal Vibranium. Since the Eternals are clearly familiar with shields as weapons, it’s not hard to imagine that some of Fastos’ designs may have once ended up in the hands of and/or been an inspiration to someone like Howard Stark.

Dezelfde theorie kan worden toegepast op Abraham Erskine’s Super Soldier serum. As we begin to study the race of Eternals and become aware of their role in Earth’s history, there seems to be a clear connection between their enhanced abilities and the effects of the Super Soldier serum. S.I.T. agents have revealed that there is indeed a key ingredient that allows Erskine’s serum to work wonders – but that ingredient and its origins seem to find their answer with the Eternals.

Why the Eternals are gone

Let’s assume all these connections between the creation of Captain America, his shield, and the Eternals are true. In this context, the rise of Captain America would be a clear sign to the race of Eternals that humanity is capable of producing what we now call superheroes – and therefore no longer needs the Eternals to lead and protect them. So they withdrew.

Other clues in the Eternals trailer certainly point to author Neil Gaiman’s version, in which immortal beings attempt to live normal mortal lives and all memories of their true nature and powers are erased by Sprite. It would make sense that the pivotal event of World War II, and Captain America’s role in it, was the turning point that led the Eternals to believe that humanity was ready to take the reins.

This idea was carried over into Avengers: Thor warns Nick Fury and the Avengers heroes that S.H.I.E.L.D.’s work with the Tesseract was a signal that Earth is ready for a higher form of war. But the creation of the Avengers and their appearance in the Battle of New York also proved that Earth’s superpowered beings were ready for this war. Once again, Captain America and the Hulk (created from a variant of the Super Soldier serum) played a key role in winning this battle. They are supposed to be living proof that the Eternal’s guidance over humanity has indeed led to the proper evolution of human potential.

If the rise of the world’s first superhero (Captain America) gave the Eternals an excuse to leave their role as benevolent gods of Earth, their return makes even more sense. After Avengers: Endgame saw the demise of Captain Rogers and Iron Man, two characters who arguably represented the height of the Eternals’ physical and technological gifts to humanity. In short, the era of the heroes that ushered in Cap and Iron Man seems to be over. And when that era ended, it made sense for the Eternals to retreat to lead humanity once again.

What do you think of our theory about the link between the Eternals and Captain America? Let us know in the comments.

The Marvel Eternals movie comes out on the 5th. November in the cinema.

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