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Devin Booker and his Phoenix Suns are playing a great NBA season. After an undefeated year in 2020, the Suns are having a great season this year under the leadership of Booker and Chris Paul. They are in 4th place in the Western Conference and have a great chance to make the playoffs this season.

He was recently interviewed by legendary reporter Michael Wilbon and talked a lot about his relationship with Kobe Bryant and how Black Mamba inspired him to become the great player he is today. Thinking back to the last time he met Kobe in the NBA, Booker said he didn’t miss the opportunity and talked to Kobe as long as he could.


In March 2016, Kobe Bryant was in the final weeks of his 20-year career. Devin Booker had just finished his first year in the NBA. What did the Suns’ 19-year-old rookie do when he had the ball in his hands and approached his basketball idol in Bryant’s final game in Phoenix?

“I went straight to him. I went straight to Kobe,” Booker says.

His shot missed. But after the game, Kobe walked up to him and said, “You know what? I did the same thing when I first went to see MJ.

Kobe asked Booker to continue the conversation from above. “There was no ice that day,” Booker recalled. “Right in the showers, right in the visitors’ locker room…. And I thought the conversation would last two or three minutes, and it ended 15 or 20 minutes after the game.

They exchanged numbers, and Kobe drew shoes for Booker. “One shoe said, ‘Young,’ and the other said, ‘For Booker, be legendary.’” Booker smiles at the memory. Not only did he write, “Be legendary,” but he told me what I had to do to make it happen He told me that I had the legs, that I had the intangibles to be legendary.” He finds more and he wants more and he’s going to get more”.

The young player has always been a big fan of Kobe, and he told Wilbon that the Black Mamba, like his mentor, were his childhood idols.

“Not having a favorite superhero when I was growing up. For me it wasn’t Batman or Superman, it was Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan,” he said.

What could be better than a real superhero? 🔥

Check out the full @ESPN cover story on @DevinBook by @RealMikeWilbon: https://t.co/uOhzA8NLAP pic.twitter.com/saSHt4pkqz

– NBA on ESPN (@ESPNNBA) February 10, 2021

Well, he learned well from these guys. DBook is one of the most talented players right now, and he’s always trying to improve, as Kobe told him. The late legend of the Los Angeles Lakers asked him to become a legend, and Booker literally carries that message with him to every game. He is doing a great job with the Suns, and they are ready to take the next step and try to emulate what Kobe did with the Lakers a few years ago.

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