RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season 2: Queens bring strongest line-up ever?

Drag Race UK Season 2

God saves the queens (Photo: )

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is back for another tour in all its beautiful, hectic glory – just when we needed something fabulous to fill our evenings.

The American series OG will also broadcast its 13th season. As the season progresses, the World Of Wonder team has taken a risk by running two shows at the same time.

We’d be lying if we weren’t worried about the risk of dragging things, with so many queens to take care of between seasons.

But fortunately Drag Race UK not only reminds us how much we love the series, it also has one of the strongest distributions in the whole series.

There is not really a weak link between the 12 queens competing in Drag Race UK. While queens like Joe Black and A’Horea are more sophisticated, others – like Bimini Bon Bulash and Veronica Green – have such a charisma that their looks aren’t important enough to keep them under 100 years old.

Some, like Lawrence Chaney and Theis, are there to win and show their determination, while others (Tia Coffey and Cherry Valentine) are so much fun to watch that you get carried away with them.

The Wimble Hunn drag race.

Wimblehunn is our new favorite sport (Photo: )

Just like last year there is a photo challenge after the Queens – this time inspired by Wimbledon – and the ball jokes write themselves out when our Wimbledon goes to the court with a racket and two Pit Crew members in pants.

Now that Liz Hurley has been added to the jury as an extra special guest this week, each queen has to present herself in two ways: dressed up as a gay icon and with a performance that represents her hometown.

Too bad all you need to catch the winners are RuPeter badges, because these artists are at the top of everything that makes the Drag Race so beautiful.

Maritime zone 2 The RuPaul race

The show has gained popularity (Photo: )

The camp becomes the 11th, comedy is pushed, and beauty is found even in the worst moments and queens.

This season has started so well that it’s even better than the first one – and because it’s so incredible, we can’t even begin to talk about our enthusiasm for the upcoming episodes.

Important points:

  • RuPaul’s rainbow dress is nothing but a chef’s kiss.
  • We need more Liz Hurley. It’s fantastic and has a much more brutal charm than we expected.
  • Is there any way to keep all the queens forever?
  • Although we feel that there are serious problems, we can’t wait to see how it all turns out….


It may be a prejudice against our country, but RuPaul’s Drag Race UK may have just attracted the best distribution of queens in the franchise.

Some may be a bit more experienced than others, but they all have struggle and charm, charisma, uniqueness, daring and talent, to the point that you really don’t want anyone to come home.

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It’s gonna be a very difficult season, you can feel it. And we can’t wait for all the drama to be on our screens.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK starts Thursday at 7pm on iPlayer and WOW Presents Plus.

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