New Facts about the Geiger Universe and the Expansion

The new comic volume 7 of Geiger has caused a stir among comic lovers. The narrative revolves around a father with mysterious radioactive powers as he navigates through the post-apocalyptic Nevada landscape.

Geiger writer and creator Geoff Johns has created a compelling character–Tariq Geiger. The two share more than you may realize. Like the creator, Tariq Geiger is part Arab. In addition, Tariq is a devoted father, and the writer likely drew from his experience when creating this masterpiece.

The storyline centers around Las Vegas, a place of barren land that becomes so after a nuclear war. Geiger includes the familiar tropes but adds a flair of tests that comic lovers find it difficult to yearn for more.

The Beginning

Geiger’s story starts with an emergency broadcast of a possible nuclear fallout in 2030. People refer to these happenings as the “unknown war.” There’s a man who is scared of the aftermath of the dreadful event that was about to happen. So, he hides his wife and children in a Nevada bunker just before the nuke drops.

Their neighbors are mean and want the shelter for themselves, but they die, and he miraculously survives, becoming a radioactive man. The eponymous hero is Geiger Tariq. However, after the unknown war, people gave him many nicknames: Walking Bomb, Joe Glow, Meltdown Man, glowing man, or the Man of Mass Destruction.

The Expansion

The expanding Geiger universe is one worth a mention. Some of those names, like Redcoat, were designed in collaboration with Bryan Hitch, as we are aware from previous experience. However, some are brand new. The comic series lays the groundwork for a whole universe in which the creators may develop stories that take place before and after the apocalypse. For example, Junkyard Joe is getting his own series based on the backup strips that have appeared in past issues of Geiger such as the robot soldier featured in Geiger #1. He looked to have a very different appearance compared to the in-world comic strips that he had previously featured in.

The city of Las Vegas lies on the other side of Geiger’s world. Las Vegas, which is cut off from the rest of the world, has developed into a violent and weird city that is ruled by criminal leaders who have embraced their separate over-the-top resorts in a manner that is comparable to “Warriors.” These people are going through their own unique experiences, and you’ll get a taste of all of them in the coming edition.

As the comic series introduces new characters and a new dimension to the story and expansion of characters, it’s clear that comic lovers have something intriguing to look forward to.

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