Why do Water Shows keep growing Their public?

Why do Water Shows keep growing Their public?
Why do Water Shows keep growing Their public?

Anyone who has ever visited Las Vegas has stopped for quite a few minutes in front of the Hotel Bellagio, just to watch the water show offered by fountains inside a large pool of water, in front of the establishment. Its fantasy is pure magic for the eyes of adults and children alike. As the water explodes in rhythm to the sound, everyone watches mesmerized by beauty. These days, water shows are everywhere and here is why.

They are Simply Stunning

We can sit in front of a water fall and watch the water come down for a long time. Water is not only essential to our well-being, as it is also an element that fascinates us in the way that is moves, the sound that it makes and how the white of the foam mixes in with the blue and its transparency. When you add a movement to its nature to accompany a soundtrack, it simply becomes a stunning view. There is something magical about water dancing to a beat. It is almost as if the dancing fountain was alive. With the colorful displays of lights to go along, it all creates a spectacular and memorable experience for audiences. And now that we are able to synchronize it all digitally, it has become truly flawless.

They are Everywhere

It isn’t difficult to enlarge your public when you are easy to find. That is certainly the case with water shows, which are showing up in many public places these days. It isn’t rare to find one in the middle of a shopping center or in the center of the town. During special events, temporary pools of water can be installed, where dancing fountains will entertain the guests, either permanently throughout the duration, or as a main act during the central show. Since everyone loves them, they attract people, which is why commercial areas don’t hesitate to invest in them.

They are the Perfect Addition to Nature

When you visit a city that borders on a lake, a river or the ocean, it isn’t surprising anymore to find a water show installed semi-permanently on the water. City councils have understood their power of attraction, as visitors create videos of these dancing fountains that they then place on their favourite social media for all the world to see. This can be the element that will finally convince tourists to choose them as their next destination. Even though any body of water is an attraction in itself, giving it life always adds to the pull that it can have on people.

Water is Important in All Cultures

Water shows have an important cultural significance due to its base element (water). Often, they are used in order to tell stories or to celebrate traditions. In this day and age, they can serve to promote cultural diversity and bring together people from different backgrounds, which seems to be the main trend of the 2020s. And since no water is lost, it is also a sustainable entertainment event.

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