Coronavirus: Grassroots football in England suspended during lockdown

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During the national blockade of Covida-19, all children’s and adult football in England is suspended.

The restrictions apply from Thursday the 5th. November, until Wednesday, November 2nd. December.

Men’s teams that play in competitions lower than the national competitions North or South are not allowed to train or play, and women’s competitions lower than League 2 are also forbidden.

Restrictions also apply to all youth and indoor teams, but lower division teams may participate in the AF-Cup.

The non-elite teams in the first round of the AF Cup will play and train this weekend under elite conditions as long as they are in competition.

The football association will in due course announce its plans for the AFA trophy, the AFA vase, the AFA women’s cup and the AFA youth cup.

Our goal is to ensure that the 2020-21 season is completed at these levels and to liaise with the respective leagues of NLS [National League] and WFP [Women’s Football Pyramid] and district football associations to provide support and identify appropriate options where necessary, the FA said in a statement.

The recovery of football at this level has required a great deal of commitment and determination from everyone involved throughout the match, and we would like to thank everyone for their crucial contribution.

However, health and wellbeing remain a priority and therefore it is vital that clubs, players, coaches, match officials, league representatives, volunteers, parents, guardians and facilities companies abide by the UK Government’s new national restrictions on Covid-19 during this period.

Youth sports in schools

Delusions about stopping child sports at the base

Votes have been raised asking for an exemption from the restrictions for youth sport when the new restrictions enter into force on Thursday.

However, Minister of Culture Oliver Dowden has confirmed that this is only allowed in schools.

Unfortunately we have to suspend the sport outside of school to reduce the risk of transmission by mixed households, he tweets.

As soon as we can get him back on track, we will.

Elite sport can take place behind closed doors during curfew.

Former Welsh midfielder Robbie Savage, who coaches the youth team, criticised the decision to suspend children’s sport in a series of tweets.

He was quoting Dowden’s Twitter, he said: Have you or any of your senior officers been on the base since the lockdown? Do you have any idea what thousands of volunteers are going through in the field? Do you know how this decision has affected the mental and physical well-being of young people?

…Chelsea CEO Frank Lampard added: I am very much in favour of the participation of children in all sports, but in an unprecedented time we are dependent on the government and scientists. If it can be done safely, I think we should try to do as much as possible for physical and mental health.

It’s a difficult time, and I’m a father, so I’m worried. I don’t know all the details, but if you can stay active as a parent in these difficult times and encourage your children to be active, that’s great.

I would like us to find a way to keep children active, but it has to be safe so that we don’t see the long-term problems later in their lives.

Earlier, Ali Oliver, Executive Director of the Youth Sports Trust, told Sport that less than a quarter of high schools do not offer physical education.

The loss of some popular sports clubs leaves us with the legacy of an inactive generation that cannot find its way into the sport, she said.

Damian Collins, the former chairman of the Select Committee of the Ministry of Digital Technology, Culture, Media and Sport, has written to Dowden asking the government to continue to promote youth sport in England after the 5th World Youth Olympic Games. November.

He called on the government to broaden the definition of elite sport to include university players from Premier League clubs and development centres such as the English Rugby Development Programme and Sports England’s Talent Grant Scheme.

Currently, young people are still allowed to play sports at school, and we believe that the risk of spreading coronavirus through outdoor sports to young people will be minimal, he said in a letter also signed by former sports ministers Tracy Crouch and Helen Grant.

However, the long-term benefits for these young people would also be clear if the public authorities could support this initiative.

Recreation centres and gymnasiums will be closed, as will other indoor and outdoor entertainment facilities.

On Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the House of Commons there would be no exceptions.

Trio of associations applying late for exemption

British Cycling, English Athletics and British Triathlon have joined forces to write a letter to Dowden asking to continue small groups of cyclists and runners and training sessions for young people and people with disabilities.

All three said that if they understood the government’s problems, the new rules would have the most negative effect on those who need more support to act.

We know that sport has a role to play in this national effort and we fully agree that we have a role to play as leaders, while the rest of the country has to make such huge sacrifices in his own life, said the statement.

But we also believe that we have a duty to help people lead healthy and active lives in these times of extreme spiritual work – especially when, as we have shown this year, it is safe to do so.


Dan Roan, sports editor-in-chief

The government’s refusal to grant privileges for tennis, golf, gymnasiums and swimming pools is one of the most controversial elements of the second national blockade.

But the decision to suspend youth sport is particularly sporty.

The government stresses the need to reduce the risk of transmission by blending households. However, for many of those participating in youth teams, this is a disproportionate and unnecessary measure that does more harm than good to the physical and mental health of young people, even though physical activity and organised sport have already declined in many schools as a result of the pandemic.

Last month, the Youth Sports Trust found that one-fifth of high schools and one-sixth of primary schools had cut back on physical education after the first blockade, and half of them will offer fewer extracurricular sports activities in the fall semester.

Given this trend – and the fact that it is more difficult for young people to travel outside school hours during the winter months – ministers will be under increasing pressure to review the return of youth sport next month – and if not, to make the return of youth sport next month a priority, even if the blockade continues.

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