Ben Roethlisberger speaks out on knee injury

Ben Roethlisberger speaks out on knee injury
Ben Roethlisberger speaks out on knee injury


Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Retlisberger suffered a knee injury in the first period against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, but that didn’t stop him from leading his team to a second victory that saw the Steelers win 8-0 for the first time in the history of the franchise.

At the end of the second quarter, Rothlisberger injured his left knee after being hit by Neville Gallimore and Demarcus Lawrence. The Buy more visible defects and grabs his leg between games, although he may shake it off and quickly perform four consecutive passes – a 17-yard touchdown to James Washington that puts Stillers on the mat.

Ben Ruthlisberger then scored early in the dressing room to help heal the injury, while Mason Rudolph scored before halftime to place Chris Boswell’s franchise record with 59 yards. Pittsburgh at rest, the impoverished Cowboys went in 13-9.

Rothlisberger then sheds some light on the wound.

Somebody hit me right in the knee, he said. I felt like I bent my knee a little. Part of the football game. Boys get beat up all the time. There’s some anxiety and we thought we’d take a look at the end of half. The doctor just wanted me to let him know the second part, so I kept him at a distance and kept him warm.

Ben Rothlisberger is back on the track for the third quarter. If he had died in the second half in the knee, you wouldn’t have learned from his performance, especially not in the fourth quarter. He used two more TDs and led Pittsburgh in three races in the fourth quarter to close the gap by 10 points and win 24:19. His 31-yard pass to JuJu Smith Schuester in the first game of the fourth quarter seems to have provoked the whole attack.

We came up with the same package as last week, the same four wide and narrow ends, and we said Look, get to work, and the line has been stuck, Rothlisberger said of Smith Schuester’s game. I can’t say enough about the guys who have the skills to do things spontaneously and block the line.

When he picked up the ball at 4:11 am, Ben Rothlisberger led, as he has done many times in his career, another goal that ended with an 8-yard TD pass to the narrow end of Eric Ebron.

I didn’t want to abandon my boys, Mr. Rothlisberger. I think the line and the boys look me aside so many times, that’s what they do: Okay, Ben, we believe in you. I don’t want to abandon her. I want to give up everything I’ve got and fight. I wish we hadn’t had these returns in the fourth quarter. I wish I’d played better at the beginning of the games and that we were on our feet, and that it wasn’t necessary. But that’s the way it is. If we get into a situation where we have to score or win at the end of the fourth quarter while we are winning, I accept that.

Pittsburgh meets Cincinnati Bengalis

in the tenth week. Considering how quickly Ben Rothlisberger recovered from his knee injury, one would think he could play next Sunday.

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