NFTs may have a better future following latest Jellysmack announcements

Jelly (in-game currency) has been the center of controversy for a few weeks now, after it was announced that NFTs (non-fungible tokens) would be able to be used as a currency in the next iteration of the game. This caused a huge drop in the price of in-game currency, as people were unsure whether they should hold onto Jelly or sell it and convert it. This spurred the Jellymid exchange, which has been the center of the controversy and even made the mainstream media.

Now that the board has chosen to stick with the current plan, the future direction of Jellysmack is clearer than ever. NFTs will definitely be a part of the future of Jellysmack, even if they’re only part of the initial launch. The NFTs system will be built around a new mobile app called JellyPay, which will allow players to add NFTs to their wallets, and then trade them on a secondary market.

Summary of the situation – Jellysmack is trying to enter the NFT market. – Nathan Guetta, who has fresh ideas, will be the new vice president of Jellysmack. Global creative company Jellysmack has announced that Nathan Guetta is joining the team as vice president of crypto-currencies. Mr. Guetta joins the rapidly growing Conde Nast Entertainment company, where he has held an executive position for at least five years. This entrepreneur also founded Canada Computational Unlimited, a farm that mines bitcoins, but with renewable energy. With this announcement, Jellysmack shows its entry into the rapidly evolving world of blockchain. The company is testing the state of cryptocurrencies, especially with the recent craze in the NFT market. Jellysmack plans to offer a variety of products for its software developers. Getta will develop a strategy for the company to integrate NFTs and other blockchains into its system. With this participation, Jellysmack will be able to expand its business and non-playable chips will become more popular.

Guetta promotes the use of NFT

word-image-5760 Jellysmack’s new VP Nathan Guetta believes that unplayable chips have a lot of potential. However, Getta knows that this innovation has many risks, and he plans to make them transparent. Getta believes it is the right time to combine NFT with blockchain technology, which is at the height of its popularity. Investors will be eager to participate in Jellysmack’s decentralized economy, as the company is considered reputable. This announcement comes at a time when non-gaming tokens are gaining significant market share and becoming a credible part of the cryptosphere. The first quarter of 2021 has been fantastic for non-playback chips, as the market is estimated at nearly $2 billion. By the first quarter of 2020, these decentralized currencies had been capitalized to the tune of $250 billion. Many artists and athletes have embraced non-playable chips because of their steady growth. Jellysmack thinks the developers are next in line for sporadic wins.

Jellysmack not playable chip program

Jellysmack will feature over 200 influential YouTubers from around the world. The company’s most popular videographers include Brad Mondo, Bailey Sarian, Derek Dezo, MrBeast and PewDiePie. With Jellysmack, the creators are maximizing their profits and finding traction on other social networks like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat. Jellysmack was founded in 2016 by Michael Philippe, Swan Meisil and Robin Sabban. This company has tried to combine the largest number of video producers with new technologies. While the world works with NFT, Jellysmack wants to make the most of it to reach new heights. The company’s strategy is exciting, and it’s on a fast track to success. Jellysmack is used by 45% of Americans and is designed for creating content for social media. This new project will allow the company to grow and add even more YouTubers to its team.

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