4 bold predictions for Week 15 vs. Panthers


The Green Bay Packers will face the Carolina Panthers in the 15th week of 2013. The NFC North Franchise has just beaten the Detroit Lions in a very disappointing preseason. The Packers’ victory last week was more than just a victory over a division opponent, but the loss of the Philadelphia Eagles to New Orleans Saints allowed Green Bay to jump to the top of the NFC rankings.

Right now, the Packers have a slim lead over the second-placed Saints, which means every game will be just as important to Green Bay, no matter who they deal with. Since the NFL changed the playoff format prior to the 2020-21 season, only the number one team in each conference will receive a bye in the first round. The last three weeks of the regular season will be very interesting for the Packers.

Although the Panthers have to win on paper, as Carolina is currently very ill and has been in the middle of the peloton for most of the year, Green Bay must arrive at the right time to keep their season on track.

1. Aaron Rodgers flies 300 meters in the air

There are no modern Packers without future quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has just been elected the top candidate for the NFL 2020 MVP award for this week’s game against the Panthers.

Rodgers has been impressive, efficient and effective throughout the regular season, as the Packers do what the signal sweepers want – at least on the attack. While Rodgers continues his stellar game week after week, it should be no different against the Panthers.

If the Packers shoot at all cylinders against the Carolina from the start, Rodgers should be able to throw 300 meters against the Panthers. With big receivers like Davante Adams and Marquez Valdez-Scantling, as well as NFL playmaker Robert Tognan, Rodgers knows exactly what’s at stake, as the NFL leader certainly won’t make it easy for the Carolina defense in week 15.

2. Marquez Valdez-Scanling becomes the top receiver of thePackers .

While veteran Davante Adams is undoubtedly the number one on the team, the Packers have found several solid options away from home, in addition to the former Fresno State glory. While Rodgers always finds Adams at the perfect time, it’s actually Marques Valdes-Scantling who has been the most dangerous threat to the team lately.

While Adams gets the most praise, and rightly so, Valdes-Scantling has used the presence of his Pro Bowl teammate to regularly open up to Rodgers on the field. Although Adams regularly finds the end zone, Valdes scanning has helped guide the Packers down to the red zone on a fairly consistent basis, which will significantly shorten the playoffs. With the Panthers attacking Green Bay, it is quite possible that Valdes-Sculling will lead the Packers in terms of receiving yards during the fifteenth week.

3. Davante Adams to score some TDs

It’s no secret that the Packers’ quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, has a favorite target. The Packers know it, the home fans know it, and even the opposing defense knows it, although that doesn’t mean the other 31 NFL franchises will be able to stop. Now that the Rodgers have found the receiver Davante Adams all over the field and especially in the end zone, the Packers’ tandem can’t hurt at this stage of the regular 2020-21 season.

Adams recently won the 400th A Touchdown that marked Rodgers’ career and his 200th birthday a few years ago. Touchdown scored; this duo has been unstoppable for some time now and there is no end to it. Although the Packers had a strong and solid race attack behind some talented riders, led by Aaron Jones, it quickly became a Rodgers and Adams spectacle when Green Bay collapsed in the red zone.

Of course the Packers not only rely on Rodgers for Adams, but head coach Matt LaFleur seems to refuse to make at least one throw in the passing game when his team is out of the end zone. Whether it’s receiving yards up or down the field, Adams always seems to find the end zone at least once during the 2020-21 season. However, with the Panthers facing their archrivals Green Bay in week 15, their main goal should be to score a few points on Sunday.

4. Panther defense keeps panthers within three TDs

The Carolina Panthers have been hampered by serious injuries throughout the season and week 15 should not be an exception. The All-Pro Christian McCaffrey suffered several setbacks during the 2020-21 season, and his prolonged absence did not help the Panthers.

Although Carolina’s replacement Mike Davis is sometimes well placed, the attack of the team is not the same without McCaffrey at full strength. McCaffrey could play against the Green Bay Packers in week 15, but a solid defensive front should match what the Panthers can do on offense. Although there are some talented wide receivers in Carolina, McCaffrey’s presence completely changes the Panther attack, as the attack has to crush a versatile running back that can really do it all.

If they manage to contain the Panthers from the outside and from bottom to top, Carolina is not allowed to score more than 20 points on Sunday.

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