How Much Does Rehab Cost with Insurance?

Having health insurance allows you to cover the bill for a major part of the primary health care you receive from health facilities. Most folks are aware of how much they pay for treatments directly out of their pockets since the insurance might not cover all the costs.

Such knowledge is commonplace when it comes to primary health care; however the same cannot be said of rehab treatment. Insured individuals struggling to overcome substance and alcohol addiction are not well-informed about how much their rehabilitation treatment will cost.

If you find yourself in that boat, all that is about to change as a result of the information we are about to share with you. We will discuss in detail the cost of rehabilitation with insurance. We are sure that this will allow you to make the necessary financial decisions as you go through the path to recovery. You should check Anthem Health rehab coverage to discover what other decisions you need to make before you start rehab.

While paying for your rehab care with insurance is good, not paying at all is better. You are surprised, right? Well, you shouldn’t be because you can get free rehab care. Want to know how; we advise that you keep reading till the end of this article.

What is the Cost of Rehab with Insurance?

Addiction rehabilitation cost is quite expensive; therefore, it is only wise that one takes advantage of their health coverage to offset some of the bills. The treatment cost is a major reason many folks struggling with addiction do not get the care they require.

Rehab cost is dependent on many factors with the major ones being listed below:

  1. The type of program the patient will undergo.
  2. The addiction type.

iii. The addiction severity.

  1. The cooperation of the patient
  2. The amenities and services of the rehabilitation center, etc.

Some programs and facilities you will have to choose from include:

  1. Inpatient and residential treatment facilities.
  2. Intensive outpatient services

iii. Medical detoxification facilities.

  1. Standard outpatient treatments.
  2. Partial hospitalization services.

As we said, the type of program you choose influences the amount of money you will spend. When compared to outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment is far more expensive. This is not surprising given that the individual undergoing treatment will have to stay in the rehabilitation facility and will receive daily meals, therapy, medical care, and supervision.

The following are some costs for inpatient rehab depending on the duration the individual will stay in the facility and the quality of the rehab center:

  1. You could pay $7,000 for a seven-day detox. Click here to read more about full body detox to rejuvenate your body.
  2. A total rehab cost range of about $14k to $58k. This is dependent on the length of stay of the patient.

So, from the above, you could end up spending tens of thousands of U.S dollars.

Please note that the above figures are for inpatient rehab. Outpatient treatment is more difficult to estimate given the various methods employed by professionals. However, the price is much more affordable.

Other Factors Influencing Rehabilitation Cost

Below are other factors that determine rehabilitation cost:

1. Type of Treatment Offer and Received

Although two individuals might pass through the same program, the overall amount they end up paying might end up being different. What is the reason for this you might wonder?

The reason boils down to the fact that no two addiction cases are the same. As a result, the treatment each individual receives is peculiar to their condition. Therefore, the center will put into account the following when calculating the overall cost:

  1. The staff that attended to the patient.
  2. The services provided.

iii. The equipment used, etc.

2. Extra Ammonites and Services Used

Some centers that are tagged as private, executive, and luxury rehabs provide several services and amenities that influence the total amount of money you will spend. These services and amenities aren’t basic; they are considered luxury services. Therefore, you have to pay extra if you want to enjoy them.

Some of these services and amenities are listed below:

  1. Acupuncture
  2. Fitness centers

iii. Private rooms

  1. Gourmet meals
  2. Swimming pools and hot tubs
  3. Massage and spa care, etc.

3. Location of the Rehab Facility

A good number of rehab facilities pride themselves as resort centers as well due to their vacation-like locations. Centers with such locations tend to be more expensive than those with regular locations within the city or in the suburbs.

So, if you would like to enjoy a vacation while you receive your treatment, you can select any of these types of rehabs. However, make sure you have enough to pay for the services.

4. Duration of the Program

Just like in a regular healthcare facility, the length of your admission has a major impact on the bill you receive when you are finally discharged; rehab is no different.

Typically, rehabilitation programs last for 30 – 90 days. The condition might require that the duration is extended to 6 – 12 months. Some severe cases even go longer than 12 months. Therefore, the longer the duration, the more bills you end up paying.

How to Get Free Rehab Care

There are different ways to get free rehab care and we will share with you some of the ways below:

1. Enroll via

You can visit and enroll to get a free health insurance plan. With this plan, you can cover your rehabilitation costs.

2. Sign Up for Medicaid or Medicare

With Medicaid or Medicare, you can get funds from the federal and state government to take care of health bills including addiction rehabilitation.

With a well-coined search entry on Google, you can find free insurance resources within your location that you can enroll for.


There is no fixed cost for rehab with insurance as a result of many factors that influence the overall cost. Therefore, what we have done in this article is to provide you with an estimated cost of your addiction rehabilitation cost. We also discussed the factors that influence the total cost.

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