A guide to Home furnishing with exquisite Cushion covers

INDIA is known for its rich culture and heritage. We are also very well-known for the bright colours we use in our traditional wears, accessories… etc. As cushion covers originated from India; it was made with bright colours and had different kinds of prints (engravings). The cushion cover evolved over time but kept its roots intact. This article has some amazing cushion covers which will spark your interest in cushion cover making.

Cushion covers give your home an ethnic look these days with print & embroidery on them ranging from traditional to contemporary designs. Moreover, they provide you the comfort that you need while watching TV or just lazing around on weekends…etc.

Here are some examples of stunning cushion covers to give you ideas how cushion covers can give your home an aesthetic look.

Cushion Covers look beautiful in every home. They are not only an aesthetic piece of decor but also provide us comfort while we relax on a sofa or armchair. It would be great if you have some family photos printed on those cushions as they will look more personal and adorable.

Here are some examples for your inspiration:

1. Geometrical Shapes Patterned Cushion Covers:

If you have a contemporary style room with minimum pieces of furniture, these geometric patterned cushion covers will give your room a perfect balance of calmness and chic.

All you need is simple cushion cover and fabric paint with different colours to personalize your cushion covers according to your preference. These cushion covers will look great in any room or theme of your choice. You can also use some beads, stones or sequins with the paint which would be an excellent touch for beautification.

3. Cute Personalized cushions:

Printing cute photos of kids on cushion covers make them more adorable and interesting too! If you love collecting beautiful cushion covers but don’t like using them every day; this option is best for you where you can use cushion covers on festive occasions and keep them in a showcase for everyday use.


Another alternative to cushion covers are the mug rugs. You can either give a print of your favorite cushion cover or just a plain white cushion cover with some beautiful crocheted mug rug patterns, it would look amazing!

5. DIY cushion covers from old T-shirts:

Old Tee shirts have been recycled into cushion covers which look very attractive and adorable too. You can get creative and cut out images from different coloured fabrics to create an image before sewing them up together to get cushion covers using this method. Here is how you can do it yourself at home – step by guide for making cushion covers from old T-shirts:

6. How to make cushion covers from old clothes:

Old clothes can be cut and sewn into cushion covers using this method. You can even get creative and add patches of different fabrics to give it a chic look. This is the best way to recycle old clothes at home within no time.

7. If you love cushion covers with beautiful embroidery work, these cushion covers will suit your taste:

These cushion covers are perfect for gifting on Diwali or any other festival too! Embroidery cushion covers come in various shapes, sizes and designs which would complement the décor of any type of room. They also give an ethnic look if printed on cushion covers and put over a sofa.

8. You can also get creative:

And use contrasting fabrics for the beautification of your cushions, such as using white buttons on dark green fabric which will look great. Here are some DIY instructions for making embellished cushions at home.

9. White Striped Cushion Covers:

These white striped cushions with heavy embroidery work look very traditional yet modern at the same time! You can either use these as decorative items or for everyday use.

10. Mix and Match cushion covers:

This cushion covers not only look vibrant but also give a very refreshing look with the mix of cushion covers in different colours and shapes! The cushion cover on the left looks amazing while the coloured cushion cover on the right blend well with your living room décor. You can either use them as decorative cushions or for daily usage too!


Are cushion covers needed? The answer would be no, but if you are someone who loves keeping their home decor updated with latest trends, cushion covers are definitely a must have! They not only add to the décor of your room but also give you additional seating. So whatever cushion cover styles you go for, just get creative and customize them according to your preferences!

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