Most Popular Way to Fix Broken Tooth

A broken tooth is viewed as a type of trauma since it prevents you from smiling and smashes your confidence. Eating hard foods like candies or ice cubes, falling mishaps, tooth damage or cavities are among the most prevalent causes of the tooth breaking. The excellent news is that thanks to the application of advanced dental technology, contemporary dentistry has a solution to the majority of dental problems. 

There are dental clinics that provide emergency dental procedures to patients no matter their problem. If a patient has a broken or cracked tooth, all they need to do is see a dentist immediately. The dentist will skillfully guide them on the best treatment option for the condition.

Methods recommended by dentists to fix a broken tooth

Among the possible dental treatments that have been recommended by dentists to fix fractured teeth include:

1. Crown

Crowns can be used to cover all the areas that have been affected.  They are an easy way to repair fractured teeth. They are sturdier than veneers and reconstruct the form and look of the teeth. Crowns are typically made of metal, ceramic, or porcelain. Dentists believe it is the most secure method of repairing or restoring decaying or fractured teeth.

2. Veneers

Veneers are often made using resin or composite material. Veneers are the most widely used cosmetic and restorative solution for enhancing your smile. If you are afraid to smile because of missing teeth, veneers are the best alternative. The dental procedure is designed to alleviate dental and aesthetic concerns.

3. Dental implant

 This is a lengthy operation used to repair fractured teeth, particularly those along the gum line. It is a straightforward procedure in which dental professionals remove the fractured tooth and replace it with an implant.

4. Bonding 

Bonding is often regarded by dentists as the least invasive dental technique for repairing a damaged tooth. Dentists employ a simple composite material chip to repair and improve the look of the tooth. The composite casting is then hardened and the tooth is fixed with a blue light.

5. Root canal treatments

Both fractured and broken teeth might result in the infected pulp that grows in the tooth’s space. Dentists recommend root canal therapy to heal fractured teeth. To prevent the spread of infection, they first remove the lesion and then put a crown.

6. Filling

Fillings are categorized as among the most secure dental procedures used by dentists to repair broken teeth. A restorative substance is used by the dentist to temporarily repair cracked or broken teeth. If your tooth has a cavity, this dental procedure can help. It is both painless and cost-effective.


A broken tooth can be painful and can prevent you from enjoying your normal life. Luckily, several effective methods can be used to fix your broken tooth. The above methods are some of the many techniques that have been recommended by dentists.

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