How to vacuum wood floors properly?

It’s no secret that hardwood floors are a highly desired and costly flooring material but most people don’t realize that they need to be taken care of properly in order to maintain their beauty.

Not only do these hardwood flooring materials come with an expensive price tag, but they also need to be cleaned and maintained properly on a regular basis.

We have teamed up with Stories Flooring and compiled ways which you can maintain your hardwood floors to make them last as long as possible.

Choosing the Right Vacuum Cleaner 

If you’re only going to clean wood floors, an upright vacuum is best you need.

Upright vacuums are ideal for cleaning more than just wood floors and are powerful enough to deal with dirt and grime that might build up due to the busy nature of your home.

But since they can get into those tight corners larger vacuums can’t reach, they may not be ideal if you have a lot of hardwood flooring.

So you  look for an electric powered vacuum with power control with suction control so that you can adjust it as needed depending on what type of floor surface is being cleaned. You can also click here to know more.

That way, the right amount of power can be utilized when you interchange your tough to soft brushes or pads when cleaning different surfaces throughout your home!

Use a Vacuum with Soft Bristles

When it comes to getting a vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors, you must make sure that you get one with microfiber pads or soft bristles.

These are the only kinds of pads and brushes that won’t leave marks on your floor and will be gentle enough not to scratch it.

They are also great at picking up stubborn dirt and dust, so you won’t need to worry about all those hard-to-reach places on your floor ever again!

Vacuum your floor at least once a week

No doubt Hardwood floors can be a beautiful addition to any home, but if not taken care of properly can also prove to be cumbersome or even dangerous.

Vacuuming your floor will help cut down on the amount of dust and debris that build up over time by simply moving around dust and dirt instead of brushing it into a pile.

However, using too much force while vacuuming your hardwood will more than likely damage your floor when the plastic bristles dig into the surface of the floor.

Therefore, you should make sure to vacuum with a medium strength. It is also important to clean your floors at least once a week in order to keep them deep cleaned and avoid build up as much as possible.

Pro Tip:

Cleaning hardwood floors might seem daunting but there are a few tips and tricks that will make things a whole lot easier.

  1. When it comes to hardwood floors, the worst thing you can do is vacuum them with a beater bar vacuum cleaner. Make sure you use a soft roller attachment when you vacuum your hardwood floors.
  2. Please be sure to not attempt to clean up any liquid spills of any kind since liquids can cause disastrous damage to various components inside your vacuum.
  3. Our recommended solution is to mop your hardwood floors after vacuuming them and then make sure they’re thoroughly dry by doing so.

What are the different types of vacuums?

Shopping for a vacuum cleaner can be tricky. However, there are various types of models to take into consideration before making a purchase. The main types of units to choose from include:

  1. Upright vacuums
  2. Cordless vacuums
  3. Robot vacuums
  4. Stick vacuums
  5. Handheld vacuums
  6. Best shark vacuum for hardwood floors

Your daily cleaning routine for hardwood floors should include sweeping, but vacuuming is another must.

If you have a lot of debris or need to get everything perfectly spotless then it’s time to vacuum. For the most part however, you’ll want keep things tidy by using the vacuum about once a week.

What should I look for when vacuuming hardwood floors?

When choosing your vacuum cleaner for a hardwood floor, make sure to go for one with soft rubber wheels rather than hard plastic ones.

Your floors are bound to suffer from accidental scratching and damage from hard wheels bouncing around off the ground as opposed to rolling there smoothly.

How often should you vacuum hardwood floors?

Vacuuming your hardwood floors on a weekly basis is a good way to maintain the beauty of your home and keep the integrity of your flooring.

Many people like to vacuum their floors every two weeks (or more frequently if there’s a lot of traffic), but it all depends on how fast dust gathers in your home.

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