Artificial Intelligence Courses: Eligibility, Career, Syllabus

Artificial intelligence is a huge system that is not easy to control. But it is easily accessible to learn. Although this system is still a new concept for many, it has many applications on the market. Moreover, artificial intelligence is capable of completely changing any industry. This can improve the efficiency of industries and enable people to achieve excellent performance. Therefore, artificial intelligence learning can improve productivity for everyone. With AI courses available online, people can easily access them and get the right direction for their career.

Artificial intelligence courses cover many topics such as machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, etc. Moreover, by using AI, one can implement different aspects of AI in the industry. Therefore, AI systems enjoy great popularity in the market and are one of the most important topics being studied today. It is also an excellent career choice for the 21st century. The century. If someone wants to learn about machines and integrate them into their applications, they can opt for an AI learning system.

If you are interested in learning about artificial intelligence and are looking for course options, then this article is for you. Here are some of the collective intelligence courses in India with their qualifications, career path, curriculum and other details. It is the best choice for people from different fields. You can check out these courses and choose one that meets your needs.

1. Applied artificial intelligence and machine learning in analytical laboratories Specialisation course

If you want to learn machine learning and neural networks to create AI applications, this applied AI and Machine Learning course is for you. This course will teach you practical techniques for implementing AI and enable you to achieve your business goals. This course covers all the basics of Python and data science libraries for in-depth study. The emphasis is also on practical knowledge so that the students can easily understand the AI system. Moreover, this course is one of the best in India.

In this course you will learn about artificial intelligence and machine learning and improve your skills. You can also learn Python, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, NLTK, Numpy, TextBlob, etc. if you choose this course. This course allows you to learn the theory of artificial intelligence and apply it to your projects in a specific industry. Those who are looking for a certified course in artificial intelligence and machine learning from a reputed institute can opt for this course. This course is available online for all and offers classroom training in Bangalore and Delhi & NCR.


This course is ideal for students from a variety of technical and quantitative backgrounds. Students majoring in engineering, business administration, mathematics and statistics can enroll in this course to enhance their careers. Moreover, students can choose this course based on their work experience.


Analytixlabs’ Applied AI and Machine Learning course enables students to build their careers effectively. It guides students in creating an effective profile that can lead to a dynamic career. In addition, this course is also available online for students who wish to continue their studies. It also helps students build their resumes and share them with career counselors. It supports students through a network of alumni and helps them find jobs through mock interviews.

Study programme

This course covers the basics of Python, machine learning, text development, artificial intelligence and deep learning. Each subject contains its major subtopics and is effectively taught to students. They offer both live classes and video content to cover the program in the desired time frame.

Course duration and costs

The duration of this course is six months, divided into 38 lessons. This course is available to students in two ways. The first is a live instructor-led course that costs Rs. 48,000. The second is the self-service video unit, which costs Rs 43,000.

2. PG degree in machine learning and artificial intelligence from IIIT-B and upGrad

This artificial intelligence course is one of the hottest courses in India. This course will further develop various skills, such as. B. Advanced learning, reinforcement learning, industry projects and tools, etc. This course includes 20 programming tools, languages and libraries to enhance your learning experience. Another unique feature of this course is the opportunity to be introduced to various industrial projects developed by leading companies. It has experienced tutors and a personalized feedback system that enables students to learn effectively.

The Up Grad platform offers students different projects to give them a chance to learn something new. The course also offers students the opportunity to interact with AI industry leaders to gain insight into industry standards. The mentors clear all the doubts of the students and follow their learning process for a better experience. The upGrad platform also offers support and live discussions to help students get to know the system much better. This course is available in Mumbai, Delhi/NCR, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore and all over India.


This diploma course is ideal for working professionals. Those wishing to enroll in this course must have a degree in mathematics or statistics and one year of programming experience.


The course provides placement assistance in leading companies and 360 degree support. Mock interviews with recruitment managers are also organised so that students can prepare properly for the interview. After completing this course, students can apply for positions as machine learning engineers, data scientists, artificial intelligence architects, business analysts and product analysts.

Study programme

This course includes the Data Science Toolkit, machine learning, natural language processing, advanced learning, statistical and exploratory data analysis, reinforcement learning, and capstone implementations and projects. These topics will help you work effectively in the industry.

Course duration and costs

The PG Diploma upGrad course is a 12 month course. The fee for this course is Rs. 2,85,000.

3. IBM & SimplilearnMaster for Artificial Intelligence Engineers

This course will teach you the specific skills that will make you an effective engineer in artificial intelligence. In partnership with IBM, the platform is offering this course to skill students in deep learning, machine learning and programming. Thus, it can promote the career of students in the field of artificial intelligence. By enrolling in this course, you can become an expert in artificial intelligence and data science. Graduates of this program can work in positions related to artificial intelligence and data science.

This master’s program offers students certificates throughout the program. These certifications can guarantee your skills and make you a recognized expert in artificial intelligence. In addition, Simplilearn’s master’s program offers many other benefits to enhance students’ skills. This course can be taken in major cities of India like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi & NCR, Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore.


This course is intended for people with a technical background.


It provides career support to students so they can get the job of their dreams. This platform also allows students to participate in recruitment campaigns of large companies in different cities. Moreover, this course enables the students to apply and get the best job.

Study programme

Simplilearn’s Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence Engineering program consists of seven courses that provide students with an in-depth education. These courses are as follows: Introduction to artificial intelligence, data science with Python, machine learning, deep learning with Keras and TensorFlow, deep learning and computer vision, natural language processing, and AI synthesis project.

Course duration and costs

This master’s program takes one year and costs Rs 44,999.

4. Artificial intelligence and machine learning program with Great Learning

This course is specifically designed as a learning platform for working professionals. If you want to study artificial intelligence to increase your value and get a better job, you can choose this course. By enrolling in this course, you can easily get a place in big companies. Moreover, this course is one of the best artificial intelligence courses in India. Therefore, you can enjoy excellent benefits when you enroll in this course. Expert program managers answer all your questions and ensure a training experience that meets industry standards.

The best thing about this PG program is also that it allows students to be small in number to provide a seamless learning experience and help each student effectively. Thanks to the simulated interviews, you can get the job of your dreams in the best companies. It also organizes job fairs to help students get the jobs they want. This course has expert teachers to guide students on the right path. They also prepare students for the demands of business. This course is available in Bangalore, Delhi & NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai. Moreover, it is available to everyone online.


Students with a bachelor’s degree and a minimum score of 50% may enroll in this course. In addition, students should have college-level mathematical and statistical skills and a good command of a programming language. People with a technical background may benefit from this course.


It offers professional support to help you move up the career ladder. It also puts you in touch with a network of former students who will guide you in your career. Career advice and mock interviews are also available to help you get the job you want. It informs students of available jobs and allows them to participate in job fairs to find employment. It helps students create an electronic portfolio that they can easily use to apply for jobs.

Study programme

The curriculum for this course was developed by Great Lakes and UT Austin-McCombs. In addition, faculty members from IIT-Bombay and other experts in the field of artificial intelligence helped to create the content. The curriculum includes fundamentals of Python for AI and ML and applied statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, capstone project and career support.

Course duration and costs

The PG Excellence in Teaching programme is a one-year programme. The price for this course is Rs 2, 40, 000 + GST.

5. PG program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Edureka

If you are looking for a certified course to become an expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning, then this PG program is a brilliant option for you. It offers state-of-the-art training and allows you to work on projects that meet industry standards to gain practical skills. Since artificial intelligence and machine learning are the future of technology, you can expect a great career after completing this course. It is also one of the best AI training institutes in India.

Edureka has set up real-time learning programs with instructors to help students learn the course effectively. Another advantage of this course is that it can also be chosen by people who work, as all live classes are held on weekends. With this course you will be able to improve your skills and implement artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in industry. This course is available online for everyone. Therefore, anyone who wants to take this course can register online and start learning.


The PG Edureka course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn about artificial intelligence and machine learning.


This program can help you connect with and learn from industry experts. It also provides access to the alumni network and recruitment processes of large organisations.

Study programme

This program includes uscis translations service, Python basics, advanced training, natural language processing, machine translation, learning to reinforce, text and image classification, time series analysis, and assistance in preparing for job interviews.

Course duration and costs

The PG programme offered by Edureka is a nine-month course priced at Rs 2, 22, 450 + GST.

Artificial Intelligence Course Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What skills are required to take an AI course?

To enter and pass the AI course, the candidate must have good knowledge and skills in mathematics, computer science, software, probability and algorithms, as well as knowledge and skills in robotics. If you have none of these skills and interests, it’s best to avoid an AI course. Remember, without these AI courses, it would be hard to learn and succeed. Unlike other subjects, in artificial intelligence skills, knowledge and good grades are very important. You can’t get a job without it.

  1. Which stream to watch after 10. Class is choosing an AI course?

You have to choose Mathematics and Computer Science as your main subject in class 11 and 12 to familiarize yourself with the AI subject. Unlike all engineering and other courses, you cannot enroll in an AI course without math and computer science.

  1. Is it true that there are different levels of AI?

Yes, artificial intelligence is generally divided into three levels including narrow intelligence, the second is artificial general intelligence and the third is artificial super intelligence. Skills and employability are different for each level of AI. So when you choose an AI course, you need to understand each level and choose the course accordingly.

  1. Does the UG AI training lead to a job in a renowned company?

It is impossible to predict whether you can get a job with an AI UG degree. In general, as far as we know, most people working in the artificial intelligence sector have a PhD. So far we know of people who only have the UG and others who have the PG. This may vary according to the position and the reputation of the company.

  1. Is the AI course available at all universities?

No, it is not easy to find a college or university that offers a course on AI. One of the reasons is that the AI field in India is not that diverse and strong, so the demand is very low. That’s why AI hasn’t been as prominent in recent years. However, the demand for people with bachelor’s degrees in artificial intelligence is expected to increase in the future.

  1. Is it important to learn Python to master artificial intelligence?

Different programming languages can be used to program AI. However, the most widely used programming language is Python. However, this does not mean that learning Python should be mandatory. First, you must enroll in a course and then, based on the information and knowledge gained in the course, learn an appropriate programming language.

  1. Are there graduate programs in artificial intelligence?

Yes, of course, there are university courses like AI in Computer Science, university course in CS and AI, university course in AI, university course in AI and ML, etc. It should be noted that different courses offer the user different levels of knowledge; the choice of an appropriate course depends on future needs and interests.


There are various AI courses offered by different platforms and institutes. As a beginner, you can start with basic courses and gradually move on to more advanced courses. Since this is the future of technology, it is worth learning for a better career. Moreover, these courses are affordable compared to a university education and are available to everyone online. So professionals too can learn artificial intelligence and improve their careers.

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