Remembering when Dez Bryant was ‘that receiver’ for the Dallas Cowboys – Dallas Cowboys Blog

Remembering when Dez Bryant was ‘that receiver’ for the Dallas Cowboys – Dallas Cowboys Blog
Remembering when Dez Bryant was ‘that receiver’ for the Dallas Cowboys – Dallas Cowboys Blog

FRISCO, Texas – During his eight-year career with the Dallas Cowboys, the Des Bryant receiver often did brilliant and sometimes crazy things.

Surprised to see him appear at the end of the first round of the 2010 NFL Entry Draft, the Cowboys made a deal with the New England Patriots to select Bryant with the number 24 in general, although some teams may have been intimidated by offside issues.

Bryant showed his first talent in Dallas. In 113 games, he made 531 passes for 7,459 yards and 73 franchise touchdowns before being fired after the 2017 season.

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Bryant’s return to the NFL with the Baltimore Ravens was difficult due to an Achilles tendon fracture during his first training session with the New Orleans Saints in 2018. But the 32-year-old has the opportunity to buy back his old team when the Cowboys (3-8) Baltimore (6-5) play on Tuesday (20:05 EST, Fox).

It goes without saying that Jerry [Jones] and I respect Des Bryants, said Stephen Jones, Executive Vice President of Cowboys. He came here, his story is well documented, despite everything he had to overcome in his youth and had so much success… he will go down in cowboy history as one of the great receivers. He’s just a big competitor. Spicy, passionate. He helped us win a lot of races.

Bryant and the Cowboys made a few mistakes along the way. He didn’t contact the team for a few days after his knee was damaged in 2016. He missed the 2017 climate test and his delay was a constant problem. After his release, he called two teammates because he thought they might play a role in the team’s decision to call it off.

But his place in cowboy history should not be overlooked.

From 2012 to 2014, Bryant was one of the top receivers in the NFL. He won two of his three Pro Cup appearances, averaging 91 catches over 1,312 yards and 14 touchdowns during that time.

Here you can see some of Bryant’s strengths and weaknesses and learn how today’s cowboy players see him when he gets to work at the beginning of week 13.

Fault! The file name is not specified. In three games against the Ravens this season Des Bryant has made four 28-yard Mitch Stringer/USA Sport.

Power No 88

Bryant fits perfectly into the cowboy heritage of number 88. Legendary wide receiver Drew Pearson threw it, is in the ring of honor of cowboys and is (again) in the Hall of Fame of professional football. Michael Irwin added it to his career in the Hall of Fame and in 1999, when he retired, he became the Franchise director for waiting rooms and courts.

531 Bryant’s reception is in third place in the history of the franchise, behind the narrow end of Jason Witten and Irwin. His 7559 meters are his fifth in the history of the franchise, and no player has more touchdowns than his 73rd. Witten has 72, farmer Bob Hayes has 71.

The new C.D. Lamb does everything in its power to support tradition number 88.

It’s a very representative room. Thanks for putting this song on my back every Sunday and every day, Lamb. The fact that I play a guy [in Bryant] that I’ve seen successfully in this song jersey is a great honor for me and says a lot about him. He’s certainly done well here, and I want to continue the legacy with the sweater number.

Lamb contributes each game to the new season’s catch of the cowboys. He has 53 games at 650 yards and four touchdowns in 11 games.

CeeDee really speaks from day one and respects the fact that he is responsible for the number and frankly sees it as an extra responsibility. I can’t say enough about this young man since the day he came here, cowboy coach Mike McCarthy said. He’s a great actor. He’s very mature, very professional in everything he’s done. I really feel like he’s being transferred to the field. He wears the coin with great respect.

Bryant based

The lamb, 21, was 11 years old when Bryant was a beginner. Cowboys Michael Gallup, 24, was 14. When Bryant was high up in Dallas, Lamm and Gallup just started playing soccer.

I think the most obvious thing you’re taking from Dez is just a shot, Gallup said. He was a death threat in the red zone. If we were in the middle of the field, he’d always jump and grab the ball, no matter what. It was nice to see him do what he does.

Google Brianth’s name and her cowboys are everywhere. Sometimes it seemed that only Bryant and old cowboy quarterback Tony Romo knew what was in store for them. Their work in the red zone was supernatural, with different ways of erasing themselves from the high sphere to the back shoulder, from the low sphere to the front pylon.

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Bryant’s most memorable catch could be the touchdown he put on his helmet against the Detroit Lions in 2013.

So the genius Gallup wouldn’t even admit that some of his own traps were the same Bryant.

I wouldn’t go that far. I’m trying. Trying to imitate what he had, Gallup said. But he was on a different level. I’m still trying to bring myself up to his level, I’m really trying to play like him.

Bryant was just as enchanting after his capture. Don’t forget the 2014 match at London’s Wembley Stadium, where he made a short pass of Romo and jumped in front, then crossed the Jacksonville Jaguars’ defense to score from 37 meters. In 2012, he did the same for 85 yards against the Washington football team on Thanksgiving.

Every time Bryant touched the ball, there was a buzzing sound. It’s just like the way the lamb feels now.

You could say it gets better every year, and that’s what I’m trying to do, every game gets better, every week gets better, every repertoire gets better, Yagenok said. This season I had this approach when I was a rookie and had something to prove. I want guys like Amari [Cooper] and MG [Gallup] and guys like [Cedric Wilson], but all the big guys in the room now have guys who come and go to work every day, they do a really good job and they blame me. But Des eventually became that receiver.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Des Bryant’s Wide Receiver of Cowboys captured Sam Shields in the 2014 Division Playoffs in Green Bay after the broadcast was cancelled. A.P. Photo/Matt Ludtke

Almost taken

No matter how big his catches, Bryant had moments during the races that were never counted.

In the preseason game against the Chargers there was a back cover that seemed to jump 12 feet into the air. In 2012, a 37-yard touchdown against the New York Giants was possible 10 seconds before the game, as his little finger landed outside the game before his back hit the ground.

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Who are we kidding? The most famous catch today would be the NFL.

Look back at the league round of the 2014 play-offs. The Cowboys finished fourth and second in the Green Bay 32. Romo threw a perfect pass on the sidelines. Bryant jumped over the corner of Packers Sam Shields, caught the ball, took two steps and ran into the end zone. The Cowboys got the first and last of Green Bay 1. At least that’s what they thought.

Everybody knows what happened next. McCarthy, the then coach of the Packers, raised the challenge flag; Gene Sterator and the NFL office changed the challenge; the cowboy season ended in a 26-21 loss.

He made quite a catch that day, McCarthy said about Bryant’s efforts. Unfortunately, the rules for cowboys aren’t right.

The magic of the left

Prior to Jarvis Landry’s 37-yard touchdown pass by Odell Beckham Jr. in Week 4 of this season, Bryant was the last left-handed player to drop a touchdown pass in the NFL offense. (Kevin Bayard of Tennessee threw T.D. out of a fake bet in 2018)

The left shot was taken in the 16th round. Week of the season 2016 against Lemberg. On Detroit 10’s first and second goals Duck Prescott sent the ball to Bryant in the opposite direction. Thinking it was a race, the Lion Defender came and left Witten open for a simple calculation by Bryant.

Bryant’s been applying for a passport for years. In fact, he has a big hand that was emphasized during the warm-up period before the game. The field gave Dallas a 14-point lead on the road to victory with a score of 42:21.

Whitten even surrendered X, in honor of Bryant’s signature, after scoring a touchdown.

It was dope, said linebacker Jalon Smith. But he has so many moves that they stand out. I can’t wait to deal with him and get a chance to meet him.

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