Conflicting issues with Genshin Impact


The release of MiHoYo’s latest gambit, Genshin Impact, has attracted fans of the genre who are enthusiastic about the game’s fascinating features. The fight against hackers and lawnmowers, combined with the basic interaction, has given everyone who plays it a sense of excitement and sensation. Even the storyline and design were highly appreciated, with the community comparing its skills to another role-playing game, Legend of Zelda: The breath of nature.

Despite the positive feedback from the community, the game is not immune to criticism because developers have ridiculed the way in which some features have been implemented. The game can be considered revolutionary in the Gacha genre because of its enormous depth, but there are signs that players are becoming so frustrated that they are starting to leave the game. Some claim this is due to a misunderstanding of how the Gaka system works, while others point out that the system destroys the genre.

Given the special character of the game, there is a form of debate and confrontation between the fans. These are the theorems that are disputed everywhere by Genshin Impact fans and skeptics.


The Henschin resin system has been one of the forms of the fight between the fans since the beginning. Even with the latest update of version 1.1, where the resin gap has increased from 120 to 160, some people find that the problems of being the fastest way to help the player in the last game are still not solved. In addition, long resin refrigerators tend to exhaust the player’s experience, as the game makes him wait until the next day.

Fans of the game will defend this feature by saying that the improvements are better than before and that this system allows the player to constantly connect to the game because it puts him/her constantly in the game. Genshin is a catching game, so it is designed to be shredded daily, not for long periods of time.

However, some will find that the resin system destroys the essence of traditional role-playing.


The ultimate puzzle for discussions based on random memes and red statements, because the game can force the player to constantly abuse their bank account to buy unlimited resin or to obtain the most valuable weapons, items and characters. In fact, this system gives the player a nightmare of dilemmas. Does he just have to fight his way out or does he have to buy the game currency to get his wishes? Neither solution solves the problem, as both depend on the queen’s blessing to achieve the desired result. It is even reported that a professional League of Legends player went crazy and tested his luck by rewarding himself with delicacies from the Genshin Impact.

Given the approach of a game based on agreements, it can determine the future of the game. This could allow developers to apply the philosophy of free game and crazy releases that was common in mobile games to convert it to console and computer games.


At the first attempt of the player in the game, he can buy three figures from the free dance, namely Kayu, Amber and Lisa. All three of them have been criticized for their untalented skills. In the end, Kaya does less damage and covers only a small area. The total damage suffered by Lisa has been estimated very well, but her survival has always been closely monitored. Fandom Amber focuses only on her design, but her general skills and damage are irrelevant, making her low on the list of all levels.

Due to the shortcomings of these characters, forcing the player to burn his wallet to get other characters has caused some negative reactions, and some will take revenge by pointing out that you can only finish the game with these characters plus the treats you received for the first 10 wishes.

Maybe it really helps that these characters got justice, since they were originally part of the promotion of the main character. Maybe in the future you can introduce a new skill set to make Genshin Impact freer for friendly matches.


The jumps in Genshin Impact were limited to sliding and climbing walls, which led to some criticism from the authors of the content. Some have expressed the opinion that the ability to create a barrage of stitches, arrows and spells in the air will increase creativity in combat, just as it did with its predecessor, Honkai Impact and Capcom’s Devil May Cry.

This will solve the problem of the slow attack speed of characters like Kaeya and introduce a new combo group for you to experiment with. There are people who are already satisfied with the fighting system of the game, because one meter of stamina mixed with different levels of enemies already causes stress.

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