Becky Hammon and the art of what’s possible

Becky Hammon and the art of what’s possible
Becky Hammon and the art of what’s possible

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Kelly Cohenesps

Becky Hammon is an inspiration for women and girls all over the world.

As an underdeveloped point guard, she has assembled one of the most decorated careers in WNBA history. And then, in 2014, the San Antonio Spurs made history by hiring their full-time assistant coach. Hammond, she’s 43, the second woman to train in the NBA.

Now, your photos look up thanks to Sebastian Mr. D1987 Boileau, who was commissioned to paint a larger-than-life mural of Hammond, descends on passers-by in the Lincoln Hills neighborhood of San Antonio.

The fresco itself, which was completed in four days in different weather conditions, will be shot in a new 60-second film, which is expected to be released on Thursday.

Motivation? The French-American artist said he knew how difficult it was not only to reach the top, but also to stay there.

It’s not just talent, it takes a heart to do it. It’s inspiring to break through and stay the course, and I hope my article reflects that, Boylo said in an interview with ESPN.

Spur’s assistant coach, Becky Hammon, was photographed with a mural on Broadway in the Lincoln Heights district of San Antonio.

– Sports2Nite (@Sports2NiteTX) 30. October 2020

The mural is colourful, striking and full of details. His face is flat and splashes bright yellow, becoming one with the skyline of San Antonio. Upstairs, never stopped, engraved in blue. But maybe it’s best if a young girl looks at Hammond… and how she wears Hammond’s retired Stars of San Antonio shirt.

It is very moving to see how my picture and my story are so beautifully depicted in Sebastian’s fresco. And Never Stop is both the perfect motto for my desire to take on new challenges and a great metaphor for the youthful version of myself so poetically portrayed in this piece, Hammon told ESPN in his introduction.

When I then heard that the mural had not only received excellent reviews in the sports world, but had also attracted young women from San Antonio, I was doubly moved. The idea that my career path can inspire others, regardless of gender, to pursue their dreams is extremely strong.

Buylo and Hammon met at the opening and were both taken away immediately.

We’ve been talking ever since. She was excited about the mural, and she’s a really great person. You can feel their strength and determination… …but she’s the sweetest one, said Boylo on ESPN.

The photographs of the murals have paved the way for social networks – and their perception seems very positive.

As far as Boylo is concerned, he’s been an artist since his childhood in the 1980s. He emigrated to the United States in 1998 and founded Eyeful Art Murals and Designs, a successful street art company in Houston, Texas, in 2000. He mainly uses street art techniques with spray painting, such as tagging and drip-painting.

His next venture? He may not have other women in the sport to sign now, but still… Watch out for the ladies.

In recent years, I’ve painted more women than men… I hope I can strengthen and honor more extraordinary women, Mr. Boylo said.

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