3 trades Houston should make before the deadline


Houston Texas enters Week 8 with a 6-1 lead, probably from the playoffs. The Texans have won the fourth division at AFC South in the past five years, a position they don’t know very well.

Their struggle arose from a combination of factors, one of which is the power of the graph.

Until 2020, the Texans played against the Ravens (5-1), the Chiefs (6-1), the Titans (5-1), the Steelmakers (6-0) and the Packers (5-1). These are without a doubt the top five teams in the NFL. If it hadn’t been for their incredibly difficult schedule, Texas might have been more of a one-time buyer than a seller. But it’s not.

The Texas players have some very good characters in their team who can really help some of the teams that go into the playoffs. What can they get in return? It’d be fun to draw.

Texans cannot decide to play the first or second round because of Laremie Tunceil’s trade with Miami. They have to consider this year as a write-off and do a few transactions to improve their future.

Here are 3 potential deals that a Texan should close by the end of week 8

1. Kenny Stills is in charge of thefootball team in Washington.

The Texans who received the core were surprisingly one of the strongest groups on the team, although they all traded their professional WR, DeAndre Hopkins. Will Fuller was the top receiver of the team, but Brandin Cook and Randall Cobb were instrumental in the attack. But Kenny Stills couldn’t do anything about it in Texas.

In seven games this season, Kenny Stills has only 10 shots for 138 yards and one touchdown. Statistically, it is easy to say that this is the worst photo season. However, it still has some value, especially for the command, which has two Dontrelle-Inman receivers.

With Terry McLauren, Washington’s football team would have brought a much-needed wide receiver into the lineup. If the football team is offered another option from the outside, McLauren will probably get doubles and Kyle Allen will get another gun.

Since the football team is only one of the first matches, the kick-off required to win a championship can be a step in the time allocated to a wide receiver. Kenny Stills would be great in Washington.

I would expect the Texan in return probably to get an intermediate round (4th or 5th) of stills. It’s not that important, but every project helps, especially if you miss the first two.

In this way, the list can be left as it is and, at the same time, the urgently needed capital for the project design can be provided.

2. Exchange of JJ Watts with the Seattle Hawks

J.J. Watt, Texas.


JJ Watt is one of the two, three times defenders of the year. At its peak, it was an absolute defence force. At 32, Watt is a shell of what he used to be.

JJ is having a hard time staying on the soccer field, which could be the main deterrent for teams exchanging bonuses with him. In the past five years, Watt has only played one full season of 16 games.

However, if he is in good health, JJ Watt is still one of the best setters in the NFL. Which playoff candidate should rush the passes? Nobody wants it more than the Seattle Hawks.

Sea kestrels take 29th place in the sacks – only 3%. They are also in 26th place in terms of the number of bags per lot, only 1.5 per lot. His inability to become a quarterback earned him the worst passing defense in the NFL at 369 yards a game.

Carlos Dunlap was added for the match in week 8 and J.J. Watt could be the second newcomer in the team.

Watt on defense with Bobby Wagner in the team and Jamal Adams in second place gives Sichawkes the superstar in every defense group. The Seahawks defense is becoming elitist.

In exchange for Watts the Sihawks would give up their second round and the free narrow end would be Will Disley.

The Texans bring the necessary capital to their team in the form of a design, and they also closely surround Deshon Watson.

This deal gives a Texan a chance to make the top 64 and save $17.5 million in the ceiling room for the 2021 season.

Watson didn’t have a difficult and consistent end to his career in Houston. After Watson got Dissly as part of this deal, he could really help with the conversion to the red zone, because his biggest threat to the red zone is the ignition of Arizona.

3.  Trade will be more complete for crows

Crows have an almost perfect list, with the exception of their host kernel, which currently does not work satisfactorily.

The heart of the Ravens receiver is Marquise Brown, a good speed receiver in the slot, and Mark Andrews, a great option in the middle. But on the outside, the crows are only mediocre. Will Fuller is as good as this team’s WR1 on the outside.

Fuller would have allowed the Ravens to follow the speed of the approach of the receivers. Fuller also became a great track racer, something this Ravens team desperately needed.

The Texans would have included their fourth round in this agreement.

In exchange, the Rooks take 2nd and 6th place. Round of the elections for Texans in the upcoming project 2021.

Of course the Towers don’t want to give up the choice for a second round for a player who has unlimited freedom at the end of the 2020 season, but they will this year.

Lamar Jackson won’t be involved in the rookie business for a long time and if he gets paid, the team will be really limited in the way it surrounds him. It makes sense to make every effort to win this year, and this is a decisive step by management.

Fuller, who is an unlimited free agent, will be out of the game after this year (unless he returns), giving the Ravens a clean slate for next season. Having Fuller within a year would have filled the Ravens’ WR1 vacancy this season and would have allowed the newcomers to become potential newcomers for next season. It could be a blessing in disguise.

Texans benefit twice from this trade. They acquire an investment project that they urgently need for the coming year and exchange their best WR for a company that is about to expire. By dealing with them, they don’t have to pay Fuller the big contract he deserves.

Switching with no. 1 receiver Dashawn Watson for two years in a row certainly hurts, but a man from Texas will probably do a WR this year with one of his drawings and inject some youngsters with this offensive. They could also address their problems in a secondary way through a project that could have a higher priority.

The Texans are a good team with a lot of bad luck. Without their busy schedules, they could have targeted the wildcard spot in the AFC. But if they make the right choices before the deadline, they may qualify for the league title next season.

With the season starting at 1:6, Texas will probably be a seller in time for the start of the season. All their team members, with the exception of Dashawn Watson, Laremi Tunsil and Justin Reed, should be available when they qualify for the Draft Capital next season.

Don’t be surprised if the Texas list is completely different after week eight.

Tua Tagovayloa Aaron Donald Ramsdelfine

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