No Nut November: Pleasure is better for physical and mental health

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Nut-free November is an annual event that encourages men to walk for a month without ejaculating – it’s called the Nut Break.

To some, it might seem like an innocent test to try your, uh, hands.

Many even use it as a way to raise money to fight prostate cancer.

However, if you want to raise money for this charity, you can try Movember, because giving up an orgasm is much less fun and you will deprive yourself of the many benefits that come with an orgasm.

So what are the benefits?

First, orgasm is a natural painkiller, and a 2014 study by Harvard medical professionals showed that men who ejaculated at least 21 times a month had a 33% lower risk of developing prostate cancer than men who ejaculated 4 to 7 times a month.

Board member Tabitha Bast tells us that the idea of No Nut November is completely wrong.

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She said it on the subway: Nutty November – also known as the length of time you can go without orgasms – comes from the same room as the notches on the bedpost – also known as the length of time you can choose – and both are on the wrong track when it comes to sex.

Sex is not a question of frequency or quantity, but of quality. But we also know that if you don’t use it… …you lose it.

We know that sex, alone or in isolation, is physically important to maintain blood flow to the genitals. As a woman gets older and estrogen levels drop, the risk of vaginal atrophy is very high, but regular excitement and orgasms can keep the vagina in shape.

Erection problems become more common in men as they get older and although it is possible to switch to a pump to keep it running, using your own hand is a good way to avoid special equipment.

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Tabitha said: Touch is a primitive sensation that, like exercise, reduces stress and promotes mental well-being (Photo: Ella Bayworth for

There are also the psychological benefits of sexual pleasure, since orgasms can help improve your mood by releasing hormones called endorphins.

We know that orgasms and masturbation are good for mental health. Studies have shown that orgasms help you sleep better and reduce stress.

Tabatha adds: Touch is a primitive sensation that, like exercise, reduces stress and promotes mental well-being, can reduce the risk of prostate cancer and even improve memory.

Whether you are one or the other, dopamine or oxytocin are brain chemicals that help us not only to survive but also to thrive, and you get them at every orgasm. These neurotransmitters, which work together, are very important to survive the pandemic.

Of course, sex isn’t just about orgasms, sex between partners is as much about communication and connection as it is about lust, and good sex makes us feel alive, whether it’s a night of fun and mutual understanding with the boyfriend we’ve always dreamed of, or regularly in a committed and exploratory relationship.

In short, a happy, connected and enjoyable experience gives meaning and richness to our lives.

Although she is not a fan of walnut-free November, Tabatha thinks that November can be used as a time to change our attitude towards sex, especially if she feels that sex is a problem or interferes with other desires and interests.

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She goes on to say: If you only use sperm in porn, enter 50% of your sperm to stimulate the imagination and enjoy yours in real life. If you are focusing on the purpose of partner sex, take orgasms or PIV/A (penis in vagina/anus) sex off the table for a while to record new things.

If you have a long-term relationship, it takes a month before you start flirting and teasing again, and not just sex in bed. There are countless ideas to bring sex on the table to achieve quality, not quantity, and make you the best lover for yourself and others.

These are great things to focus on in November. Think slower, safer, more sexual than abstinence.

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