4 bold predictions for Week 10 vs. Bears


What difference does it make in a couple of weeks?  After losing five of their first six games at the start of the season, the Minnesota Vikings showed signs of life in their last two games by defeating the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lyons, confirming their hopes of late entry in the playoffs. The Vikings are on their way to the Soldiers’ Field to meet the Chicago Bears in a game that could have major consequences for the NFC Northern Tournament. While the Vikings are on the rise, the Bears seem to be in free fall. Shortly after the start of the season they lost three games and won five of the top six.

Minnesota’s success against the Packers and Lions is largely due to the breakaway of Delvin Cook, who scored 478 yards and six touchdowns in the last two weeks and was named NFC Striker of the Week for his efforts. But Cook will have to protect the bears, who are among the best in the league and have done well against the Vikings.

After winning the first five games with only 20 points, Chicago lost to the Tennessee Titans and New Orleans Saints in the finals, and the Saints’ game went into overtime. The Vikings seem to have caught the bears at the right time on their way to the game, but Minnesota has not defeated its northern NFC rivals in two years and four games.

Here are four things that could happen if Kirk’s cousins and the Minnesota Vikings accept their Division rival on Monday night:

1. Kirk cousins miss two touchdowns

After losing five of the first six games in the beginning of the season, the Minnesota Vikings showed .


If the Vikings were mainly the Dalvin Cook Show in their victories over Green Bay and Detroit, then their cousins also played an important role in these victories. The 32-year-old quarterback played one of the best games of the season and finished 13 of 20 passes for 220 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions against Lviv. After three touchdowns and three interceptions in the 40-23 losses on the Atlanta Falcons, the Viking cousins failed to intercept in their last two games.

However, things are probably harder for the double professional bowler against the Bears, who limit teams to an average of only 218.2 pass lines per game, which is seventh place in the NFL. Chicago also did well against the Vikings in their final games: The cousins have only won two of the last five games against the Bears, with five touchdowns, three steels and a quarterback score of 89.6.

The cousins are also under pressure from Bears Linsbacker Halil Mack, who has already had 33 teams, nine quarterbacks, 6.5 sacks and two compelling balls this season. But if Cook takes the pressure off him and his defense, the cousins are likely to have a good game if the Minnesota Vikings continue to play in the playoffs.

2. Delvin Cook has another great game and scores two touchdowns

Although the Bears were able to defend themselves well against the passing, they were less successful in stopping the race as they gained an average of 116.9 running meters per race, which earned them 14th place in the league. That must have been good promise for Cook, who in the last two games had made mincemeat of the Packers and the Lions defense and joined the MVP call.

But like his cousins, Chicago did well in Cook’s previous games, with 34 carries, 86 quick touchdowns and a quick touchdown, and 13 shots and 54 yards in three games. But the Bears meet another Cook, who has been sensational with the Minnesota Vikings in the last two games and now leads the league with 858 yards on 144th and 12 touchdowns on 144th with 16 shots, 173 shots and a touchdown.

Although the Bears lost to the Titans in week 9, they managed to tackle Derrick Henry, who is also one of the best in the NFL in this position. Against Chicago, Henry is limited to 68 high-speed shipyards on 21 no-landing flights, although Tennessee still wins 24-17. However, the leader has played better recently and it remains to be seen whether the Bears will be able to repeat their success against Henry, the first professional bowler.

3. The protection does enough to slow down Nick Falls.

While the Bears’ defense is among the best in the league, the same cannot be said for their offense, which averages only 19.8 points and 317.8 yards per game, even though they only rank 29th in the NFL. Chicago has improved the situation in the air: Quarterback Nick Falls and the offense averaged 235.4 passing yards, which is the 20th best result in the history of the team. place in the league.

But they are particularly strong on the field, with an average of just 82.3 meters this season, which is the worst result in the league. While the bears fight for points on the field, the Viking defense, averaging 29.3 points per game and ranked 25th in the NFL, may focus on Chicago’s surprise attempt, although Minnesota has problems with secondary games.

Minnesota has an average of 287.9 assists per game this season, one of the worst performances in the league. But if the Vikings can slow the transition from waterfalls to catchers as wide as Allen Robinson, Anthony Miller and the narrow end of Jimmy Graham, they have a good chance of winning, especially if Cook and his cousins have big offensive games.

4. The Minnesota Vikings won another victory over theirdivision opponent.

Vikings from Minnesota

After beating the Packers and the Lions, the Vikings still have a chance to advance in the NFC North score, which now links them to the Lions at 3-5, just behind the Bears, who have a 5-4 record, and the Packers, who still lead the division 6-2. The victory left Minnesota only halfway Chicago and in the next three games against the Dallas Cowboys (2-7), the Caroline Panthers (3-6) and the Jacksonville Jaguar (1-7).

This competition is not only an addition to the recent championship of the bears in their team, but also gives their cousins the chance to win their first game against the bears as Vikings. They also have the opportunity to win their first Monday night football victory as debutants, as they currently hold the 0-9 record set during his stay in Washington. Chicago has had its number in recent years and has won every game under Matt Nagy, but with Cook going crazy and his cousins playing some of their best games this season, the Vikings are preparing for their third straight win against an opponent from another division.


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