Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: Games you couldn’t get into

The Witcher 3 – not everyone is a fan (Photo: CD Projekt)

Readers talk about the games they always wanted to play but never got around to, including classics like Resident Evil 4 and The Last Of Us.

This weekend’s inbox theme was inspired by reader Isha and includes all kinds of games, from obscure to famous. Why didn’t you get hooked on the game because it was different than you expected or because there were problems with the difficulty, the story, or other elements?

After all, most of the games mentioned were famous, with many references to all-time classics like Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Witch 3.

You heard
, I tried several times to like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but I can’t get into it.

I bought it as soon as I got my Switch because many friends and video game sites, YouTube channels, etc told me it was probably the best game ever.

Well, maybe it was too bloated for me, but I found it… less than pleasant. While I understand what some people like about it, it doesn’t work for me. I don’t like the minimal story and setting, and the firefights bother me. The puzzles and art style are the only things I liked about this modern classic.
PS : Feel free to grill me for this tip.

Burn the Heretic
A game I tried to like, but never fully appreciated was Resident Evil 4. I played it back in the GameCube days, but gave up halfway through before turning my back on it. Now, almost 15 years later, I’m in the PC version and I still feel the same way.

You see, it’s a control loop. I can’t get used to it. The basic movement is fine, until you turn around, want to reload or aim your weapon, and then it’s just awkward. I understand that driving a tank is part of the appeal for most people, but for me it finally crosses the fine line between imagination and frustration.

At least the PC version of aiming with the mouse is practical now (years of PC gaming have made me hopeless with the aiming stick), and I sincerely hope to finish the game someday. I want to enjoy the trip as much as anyone else. Ghost
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Vulgar Assassin
This is probably weird, but I can’t stand The Last of Us Part 2.

While the game can be exciting, all the characters are psychopathic killers with no morals, and no one comes away unscathed, except maybe poor Joel.

It’s typical for Naughty Dog, like many other developers, to make games with likable characters that just kill a lot of people. Nathan Drake and Lara Croft are the best examples of this, but the cast of The Last Of Us Part 2 seems so full of hate and anger that the plot can’t make up for it, resulting in no moral decisions for yourself.

I came out of the game feeling uncomfortable and not ready to play it again, but I really wanted to get into it and played it to the end. It certainly could have won awards for its graphics, but the story is like someone read I Am Legend and thought it fit perfectly into the whole Who Are the Real Monsters story.

But it turns out that by the nature of the game, everyone is a monster, no matter what they are. Maybe that means Naughty Dog really succeeded in what they were trying to achieve, but I just think it looks rather tacky.

GC: Poor Joel? We can only assume you haven’t played the first game.

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I Grimlock hate Aloy
That’s Horizon Zero Dawn for me. I was looking forward to it at first (who doesn’t love the idea of robot dinosaurs?!), but I can’t get into it.

I loved the world and its robots, but I felt there was too much focus on the quests. Scanning enemies is fine, but continuing to use it as a sleuth’s eye to track people down and look for clues has become boring to me.

I also couldn’t find a connection with Aloy, who I found very reserved and distant in most of the conversations she had with people.

I gave up on it twice, so maybe it’s not for me, but I’ll probably pick it up again someday because of the dinosaur robots!
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Japanese only
There are three games that I’ve often tried to enjoy, but never really got around to. They are the Elders of the scroll 4 : Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Witch 3. The similarities between the two are the open world aspect and the fact that you can do what you want, when you want.

My biggest problem, I think, is that I like having some direction in the game and feeling like I’ve made progress after a few hours, instead of going around in circles and not even touching the surface of the game. My other problem was the fighting in all the movies, it never appealed to me and really detracted from my enjoyment.

I’m not the one saying I don’t like open world games, and in contrast, Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and Fenyx Immortals Rising are two games that I’ve been able to immerse myself in for over 70 hours each. Maybe the addition of shrines etc made me feel like I was making progress after doing a few. I also enjoyed the captions much more, which made me want to explore and continue this adventure.

I’m also a big fan of epic Japanese RPGs like Lost Odyssey, Star Ocean and the Tales series, so long games certainly don’t hold me back either. I guess when I sum it up, western role-playing games are not my thing. I haven’t tried Skyrim yet and I think I’ll leave Avued alone when it comes out.

Blame the hype
The first game that came to mind was Red Dead Redemption 2. I haven’t played the original, but I fell in love with the hype and was bored within minutes.

That’s not sarcasm, I hated the beginning in the snow where you have to move and do everything the game says, like a remote controlled puppet. The graphics were beautiful, but when I realized the whole game would be like that, I quickly gave up.

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Unsuccessful attempts
I think I tried three times to access The Witcher 3 on PlayStation 4. In a way, it’s not the game’s fault, because when other things come up and I really want to play, the thing that engages me could have easily caught up with me if I had wanted to stay with it. In this case, I think it was XCOM 2 and Titanfall 2 that kept me away.

I tried to come back later based on reviews and word of mouth, but I encountered too many obstacles. The menu and inventory system seems unnecessarily dry and overly complicated. The controls are amateurish, especially when it comes to driving, and enough has been said about the combat. I never liked moving around in a world that I considered textbook.

A fatal blow, probably almost immediately a game commits that typical open-world sin of releasing a hundred map icons on me just because I got lost in a small village or something. I always think of it as the gaming equivalent of someone recommending a TV show to me and telling me, before I start it, that there are still 12 seasons to go. And it’s a perennial favorite for episodes 1-20. ….

It also didn’t help that all the quests I participated in had the same content: I’d go to a location with my medieval navi, activate an already clickable detective mode, and then end up with some kind of combat. As someone who generally doesn’t care much for plot in games, some of the varying plot developments and dialogue choices aren’t varied enough to keep me in the game for more than a few hours.

I think if I can get it cheap on the Switch, I’ll give it another try, since I tend to have a higher tolerance for games I can play on a handheld, where I’m often surprised by how many hours I put into something.

It’s easy to fall into the arrogant trap of thinking you’re the only one who sees the emperor with no clothes on, so I at least try to understand what others see in some games.

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