7 Quick Video Editing Tricks for Marketing Professionals

7 Quick Video Editing Tricks for Marketing Professionals

Video has become a crucial promotional tool for all businesses. You need to use a video maker online for marketing purposes. Failing to do so just means you’re lagging behind your competitors.

If you’re a small business owner trying to generate buzz for your products and services, you may not be able to afford a marketing professional who specialises in video. So, how should you go about creating promotional videos?

Thankfully, there are simple tricks you can follow to create great promotional video content. We’ve highlighted those editing tricks below. Keep them in mind the next time you try your hand at producing a promotional video for your business.

Select the Best Video Maker Online

The first and arguably most important tip we can provide is related to your choice of software. You need to use the best available software for video editing.

Try this tool so you can understand what a good video editing program is.

There is simply no substitute for using the right piece of video editing software. No matter how great your footage is, it will not turn into a great video unless it was edited properly. You have to use the right software for that.

Many of the available options offer the bare minimum in terms of features. They’ll allow you to edit your video just fine. However, they may not be suitable for adding that final polish to your creations.

Ideally, you want a video editor with a simple interface but a rich set of features. It would also help if it provided access to an extensive library of templates and audio tracks. Prioritise those qualities when searching for a video maker and you should end up with something good.

Hook Viewers in Right from the Start

Editing gives you complete control over the video’s content. You will decide what gets shown and when it gets shown.

With all that in mind, you should use your power over the video to feature a hook right from the start.

Don’t assume that your viewers will watch your video completely. If anything, many of them may click away within the first few seconds if your video has a lacklustre opening. You have to grab their attention immediately.

To create that attention-grabbing hook, you must first comb through your footage. Scan the footage for the most interesting parts.

Next, identify an interesting snippet that fits in with the theme of your video. You will be using that as your hook in your video maker online creation.

Set that hook as the opening for your video so you can make a strong impression. With the viewer now hooked, you can proceed to marketing your goods and/or services.

Clean Up Your Audio

Video editors should pay close attention to audio quality. Use your preferred video maker online to clean up the audio quality if necessary.

Most people don’t notice if your audio is clear and crisp. They just assume the audio quality should be that way. They won’t take the time to praise you for it.

However, many people get frustrated when the audio accompanying a video is poor. They cannot stand it. People will turn off videos simply due to their poor audio quality.

While editing your promotional video, you should take the time to listen to it. Listen for any distracting background noises. Remove them using the program if necessary.

Also, this isn’t necessarily an editing trick, but investing in a high-quality microphone can help you create better videos. Using great equipment makes it easier for you to produce great audio. Don’t hesitate to make that investment because it will pay off.


Use Music to Conceal Poor Audio Recordings and Fill Voids

Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan during recording. Your microphone may present some issues or background noise may be so loud that it completely dominates snippets of your footage.

The audio may be so bad that you simply cannot use it in the final product. What are your options at that point?

Well, music will be your friend in that situation.

Use music to conceal the lacklustre quality of your audio recordings. A good track can easily engage viewers. It can draw attention away from the fact that you aren’t using a voice-over.

In addition to concealing poor recordings, you can also use music to fill in some voids. Featuring too much background noise can make a video seem dull. Use music tracks to liven things up.

Make sure your preferred video maker online offers access to numerous music tracks so you can select the right ones for your creation.

Utilise Simple Graphics for Promo Videos

You may need to insert some graphics at certain points in your video. Remember that you’re choosing graphics for a promotional video. This is not the time for you to choose over-the-top graphics.

Select simple graphics because they will complement your videos best. Use the graphics to enhance the content of your video. Don’t allow the graphics to distract your viewers.

The message contained within the graphics is what matters most. Your promotional video should reflect that.

Edit for Your Preferred Platform

Identify the platforms you want to use before opening the video maker online. Your preferred platforms should influence how you edit your videos. To be more specific, they should help determine the length of your creations.

Twitter is best suited for short videos. You should post your 30-second videos there.

Instagram and Facebook are more conducive to longer videos. A 60-second video will be at home on those platforms.

Reddit and blogs can host longer videos.

Edit your video with your preferred platform in mind so you can nail its length. You’ll also attract more viewers by doing that.

Don’t Wait to Correct Mistakes

Lastly, you shouldn’t wait to correct potential mistakes that may show up in the finished video. Not all video issues can be corrected during the editing process. If you think they could be problematic during recording, you should correct them right then and there.

Audio quality is one example of this. It’s difficult to compensate for the audio recorded by a bad microphone. Swap out that microphone if you can so even the raw audio is already high-quality.

The tips above should help you utilise your preferred video maker online better. Follow them whenever you’re producing a new promotional video so you can make it as engaging as possible.

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