PFF Suggests Lions Must Sign Wideout Allen Robinson

Allen Robinson.


Allen Robinson tries to make a detour through New Orleans.

The Detroit Lions have a long way to go before they start thinking about Free Agency, but soon the period will be here and the team will be looking to make big moves to turn things around.

What should the Lions do when Free Agency opens and what player should be added to the team? For some, it’s a tough question to answer given the team, but for Pro Football Focus and writer Sam Monson, it’s not hard to answer.

According to Monson, the Lions should sign Allen Robinson from the Chicago Bears this season. In an article about the one free agent every team should get, Monson picked Robinson as Detroit’s answer.

Assuming the Lions don’t keep Kenny Golladay, they need to replace him. And Allen Robinson could be the best catcher available in free agency.

Robinson finished fifth in the PFF standings this season with a career-high 88.3, though Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles gave him the ball. Throughout his career in the NFL, Robinson has always been among the top 10 non-quarterback receivers, and he’s only 27 years old. Last season, he had just one of 157 targets.

Robinson is confident and solid, and is a player who could be useful to the Lions if they lose a lot of backcourt players this year. He also offers the benefit of being a hometown player, which would be good for fans.

Allen Robinson statistics

During his time in the NFL, Robinson was undoubtedly a catcher and a player who changed the game at that position. Born and raised in Detroit, Robinson is just 27 years old and already has 5,999 receiving yards to his name in addition to his 39 points. He began his academic career at Penn State and later became the second-round pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars. He moved to Chicago to Free Agency for the 2018 season and has been a reliable passer for the team ever since.

Robinson has been involved in contract litigation in Chicago this season and may retire from free agency this season. Detroit suggests he land in his hometown, where he can stay with his old team, which could be very attractive to the wide receiver.

Big need for lions in low season

Detroit might need this offseason badly. The Lions have free agents in Marvin Jones and Danny Amendola, and if they could use a franchise tag on Kenny Golladay, the star wideout could also escape as a free agent. The team has nothing left to do on the field, and that could be an issue whether Matthew Stafford returns in 2021 or if the team decides to go with another quarterback.

The smart approach for the front office would be to consider all options in their entirety, and perhaps a move to an actor like Robinson would make sense given his roots and production in Detroit. He was a thorn in Detroit’s side when he played in Chicago, and his return home could mean a lot to the team.

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