Weber Go Anywhere has a large cooking surface

The Weber Go Anywhere has a large cooking surface and is very portable. It also has many features found in a full-size grill. The Smokey Joe, on the other hand, lacks portability, such as a locking lid system or carrying handles. It is also more expensive than the Go Anywhere, which sells for under $200. If you’re looking for a barbecue for camping, a smoker is a good choice.

The Weber Go Anywhere is very easy to use, but it requires a small amount of charcoal to light. This grill is lightweight and is easy to setup. It folds up to a small rectangular box. The Weber Go Anywhere comes with a carry bag and user’s manual. For outdoor cooking, it’s the perfect choice for camping and hiking. The Weber Go Anywhere is a great choice for people who enjoy barbecuing on the move.

If portability is an important feature for you, then the Weber Go Anywhere is the better choice. The Smokey Joe has foldable legs and is not as portable as the Weber Go-Anywhere. But both grills are capable of grilling a large amount of food and will last a long time. Moreover, they’re made of sturdy materials and come with a long warranty.

The main difference between the Weber Go Anywhere and Smokey Joe is the size. The Weber Go Anywhere is rectangular and smokeless charcoal, while the Smokey Joe is circular. The Weber Go-Anywhere weighs less than a kilogram and requires a small amount of charcoal. Once lit, it’s easy to setup and pack. The Go-Anywhere is foldable and has an optional carry bag.

The Weber Go Anywhere is more portable and has a small footprint. It uses charcoal to cook, which means you’ll need less charcoal. The Weber Go Anywhere is a more affordable alternative. The grills are similar in their size and cooking areas. Both grills are easy to clean, and you can take them anywhere you go. They are both great for camping, but the Go-Anywhere is easier to carry.

The Weber Go Anywhere weighs less than the Smokey Joe, but they are similar in quality and portability. The Go-Anywhere comes with a charcoal grate, while the Smokey Joe is more portable. The Go-Anywhere does not have legs, which is a disadvantage. If you’re camping, a folding grill is not as convenient.

While the Weber go anywhere vs Smokey joe weighs less than Smokey Joe, it is still far easier to transport. However, the Weber Go Anywhere is lighter and more portable than the Smokey Joe. It also has a 10-year warranty on the firebox, although this does not cover plastic parts. It also has an adjustable gas valve, which makes it convenient to use in the rain or snow.

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