Penalty drops Norris three places on Baku grid

F1: It’s been a long time coming but finally Norris has conceded his punishment for driving his car into the side of Nico Rosberg’s car at the start of the season has been reduced. The FIA has reduced the three point penalty he received for the incident, which was the second DNF of the season for the British driver.

The FIA, the governing body of WRC, released a revised provisional calendar for 2017, and it has been revealed that Jari-Matti Latvala will miss the first round in Monte Carlo, his home rally, due to his accident in the first round of the WRC in Finland.

The penalty for Kimi Raikkonen of the Lotus Renault F1 Team for jumping the start during the Australian Grand Prix has dropped the three-time Formula One World Champion three places on the Baku grid. The penalty dropped Raikkonen from 15th place to 14th, which means he will start from the position of the front row of the grid.. Read more about f1 race and let us know what you think.Lando Norris downgraded from sixth to ninth on the grid for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix after race control penalised the McLaren driver for failing to refuel during a red flag word-image-5408 word-image-5409 1 Connected Norris did not return to pit lane when the session was interrupted due to an accident with Antonio Giovinazzi in Turn 15. The red flag rule clearly says that all drivers must return to the pitlane, but Norris seemed unsure whether to enter and exit the pitlane before making the late decision to stay on track. Red flags are usually used in a serious incident, when the stewards have to enter the track to remove the car, meaning all other cars have to return to the pit lane. Under normal circumstances, a red flag violation would have resulted in a five-place penalty, but the stewards explained in a statement Saturday night why they were more lenient with Norris. The stewards listened to the driver of car four (Lando Norris) and representatives of the team and reviewed the video and timing, the statement said. Norris was on the long start-finish straight when the red flags appeared. As a result, red lights started flashing on the left hand rail panel and on the instrument panel of the car. Lando Norris did not enter the pit lane under the red flag in Q1. Peter Fox/Getty Images At the hearing, the driver admitted that he had stepped on the gas pedal, braked, and had the intent and ability to drive into pit road. At that point he didn’t know what to do, so he called his team. Although the team immediately ordered him to return to the pits, it was too late and Norris crossed the finish line again. The jury considers that the failure to respect the red flag during qualifying warrants a reduction of five places on the starting grid. However, since the driver had very little time to react due to his position on the track, a loss of 3 grid positions suffices as an exception. The three-point penalty was combined with three Norris Super License penalties, bringing the total to eight in the last 12 months. Twelve penalty points over a period of twelve consecutive months will result in a racing ban. Norris is disappointed by the verdict and wonders if he could have done anything differently. I’m obviously a little upset, he said. I didn’t feel like I was doing anything wrong. That’s tricky, because at speeds like ours, you have to quickly decide what’s the best and safest thing to do. I think what I did was the safest thing to do. As far as I know, the pit lane may have been blocked and you weren’t allowed in, and the reason you entered the pit lane may have been a different one. You shouldn’t have done that. This is a complicated issue. I didn’t have time to talk to my engineer about whether or not I should box. I did what I had to do. It sucks because at the end of the day there is a rule, but sometimes there is more leniency for certain situations where the driver did the best they could do in that situation. Yeah, it’s a bit frustrating because I’m three places down and that’s going to make it very difficult for us tomorrow. It doesn’t seem right, but it is what it is.

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