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The Los Angeles Lakers were the best team in the NBA this season. Lebron James and Anthony Davis helped the Lakers improve their results at the Western Conference during the regular season and also dominated the post-season competition. With 4-1 wins in each of the first three rounds, followed by a 4-2 victory over Miami in the final, the Lakers are well on their way to repeat the experience next year.

But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t do business. Lebron and Davis are untouchable, and guys like Rajon Rondo and even Dwight Howard have earned their place in the team with their great performances. Lakers can take important steps to attract another top player to keep his throne as king of the NBA. Fortunately, there are a number of realistic agreements the Lakers can pursue to make sure they come back next year.

Here are the most perfect and realistic targets for the Los Angeles Lakers.

10. J.J. Redik

Commercial package : Danny Greene, Alex Caruso, the 2020 first-round election for J.J. Radick.

This agreement will immediately improve the list of Lakers. Danny Greene can defend himself much better than Radick, but at some point he’s going to show his age. While his defensive capabilities are weakening, his firepower is already reduced. You can’t trust the rookies to fire one shot at a time, which Radick never does. Radick shot 45.3 percent of the three years ago and will make the Lakers stronger in the attack.

9. Real holidays Credit: USATSI

Commercial package : Danny Greene, Centavid Caldwell-Pop, Alex Caruso, 2020, first round selection for Jrue Holiday.

Jrue Holiday is still one of the most underestimated players in the NBA. He is one of the best defenders in the NBA and can score at a decent pace. Holiday can play in both defensive positions and is a clear improvement over Danny Green and KCP. This year’s average vacancy was 19.1 PPG and 6.7 APG with a shooting rate of 45.5%, leaving him an All-Star on the sidelines and a player who can undoubtedly help the Lakers repeat next season.

8. Dennis Schröder

Commercial package : Alex Caruso, Centavid Caldwell-Pop for Dennis Schroeder.

Dennis Schroeder has long been named one of the top six in the NBA and his worth was certainly proven this year against the Houston Rockets in the first round. Schroeder was an unstoppable vanguard and is the lightning in a bottle when he gets the ball.

Schroeder was able to get the role of the starter for the first time since the Atlanta Hawks, and the Lakers were able to get the legitimate third star to help them in the repeat. Schroeder has an average of 18.9 PPG and 4.0 APG this season, making it an important target for Los Angeles.

7. Spencer Dinwiddi Credit: Getty Pictures

Commercial package : Alex Caruso, Centavid Caldwell-Pop, 2020, the first selection round for Spencer Dinwiddi.

Spencer Dinviddi was so close to becoming a star that at one point even Kobe Bryant considered him a star. Dinviddi is not only a big fan of Kobe Bryant, but also an explosive bomber who is a fixture in this competition. Dinwiddie has an average of 20.6 PPG and 6.8 APG this season and should be able to play again next season.

The Lakers need better protection from someone other than the playoff Rondo, and Dinwiddie now gives it to them. For a package that the networks can accept, it doesn’t make sense for the Lakers.

6. Evan Fournier

Commercial package : Danny Greene, the 2020 first-round election for Evan Fournier.

Evan Fournier is on the move, but you can be sure he will lose at least 20 points a night if he plays with Lebron James and Anthony Davis. Orlando Magic continues to play in the playoffs with his best outfield player Fournier, so imagine what he can do with two superstars to make room for him.

This season’s four-five meter shots were well above average at 18.5 PPG with an average of 46.7%. The Lakers have to compete against the Fournier, because Orlando will only ask for a package that the Lakers are willing to give for the best options to score points on the wing.

5. Buddy Hild (via CBS Sacramento)

Commercial package : Alex Caruso, Danny Green, the election of Buddy Hild in the first round of 2020.

Buddy Hild is one of the hottest candidates in the NBA because he’s a dead-eye shooter. In today’s NBA, shooting is the key to success in a foul, and Hild was born to shoot basketball. With 39.4 percent of the three shots this season, he took an average of 19.2 PPG, giving his entire game a huge boost as well.

With the right coach and the right talent around him, Hield can become a very impressive player as he grows up. There is no better player to learn from than Lebron James, because he makes everyone around him better and will also be a catalyst for a lot of open research for Buddy.

4. Kevin Love (on the sunny side)

Commercial package : Alex Caruso, Danny Greene, Kentavin Caldwell-Pop, 2020 first round design selection for Kevin Love.

NBA fans have long wished for a reunion between Lebron James and Kevin Love, and this could pay off in the coming season. Kevin Love is still a quality player with an average of 17.6 PPG and 9.8 RPG this season, and he is perfect with Anthony Davis because he can cover an area like a big job.

Love has shown that he can win with Lebron James, and you can trust him to be a worthy third option with his shot and selection. While Lebron James and Kiri Irving have received all the recognition, the Cavaliers will not win the 2016 title without Kevin Love. Love is a champion level player, and the Lakers increase their chances of replaying if they make a move for him.

3. Victor Oladipo Credit: Getty Pictures

Commercial package : Danny Greene, Alex Caruso, first selection for Victor Oladipo in 2020.

Victor Oladipo returned to this year’s playoffs after his injury, although he was only there to take as many shots as possible and return the blow. This year the Indiana Pacers didn’t fire any shots in the playoffs against Miami Heath. So Oladipo could do a little jogging during the season, which was refreshing to watch. But Victor Oladipo is the star of all stars when he is healthy.

In fact, he could be the third player of the Los Angeles Big Three Lakers to win it all again next year. Oladio can shut down the opponent, play offensive and is a very good goalkeeper when he has the ball. It can take the pressure off Lebron James and his toy skills, and you can trust him in the clutch. Oladipo is the absolute star that the Lakers must pursue this year.

2. Derrick rose (через Hoops Habit)

Commercial package : Alex Caruso, Quinn Cook, 2020 for Derrick Rose.

Many names are thrown into the L.A. Lakers mix, but Derrick Rose should be among the first. He is exactly what the Lakers need, as their main playmaker and second goalkeeper. Rose has an average of 18.1 PCA and 5.6 APG for the Detroit Piston in her best season in many years. Rose looked healthy and happy again and played at a high level, which is a blessing for all NBA fans.

The NBA is a great place for Derrick Rose to play, as he brings tons of excitement with his explosives and lands on the edge. Thanks to her style of play and charisma on the ground, Rose can be part of the Big Three in Los Angeles and will be the third star the Lakers have wished for all year round.

1. Chris Paul

Commercial package : Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green, Avery Bradley, Centave Caldwell-Pop, the first ballot in 2027 for Chris Paul.

With Chris Paul at the helm, the Lakers add one of the greatest generals in the history of the NBA to relieve the pressure of ageing Lebron James. Chris Paul has played at NBA level again this season and is looking for a new chance to win the NBA championship. It would be a real pity if Paul would never play in the finals, because as a leader he is too legendary not to have any show.

If that means getting Chris Paul on the NBA level for a year or two, there’s no point in getting away from the disappointing Kyle Kuzma and the other role players. Paul is a direct improvement for the Lakers, and frankly, there is probably no team that can beat them 4 out of 7 times in the playoffs. Paul would have given the Lakers too much experience and leadership and would have scored points that would have overwhelmed the teams.


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