New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees has fractured ribs, collapsed lung, source says

New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees has fractured ribs, collapsed lung, source says
New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees has fractured ribs, collapsed lung, source says

A medical examination conducted in New Orleans Monday by quarterback Drew Brees revealed he had multiple rib fractures on both sides of his chest and a collapsed lung on the right side, the source said.

According to the source, Bris is not sure how much time he needs before returning to the saints.

According to the source, Bris has three broken ribs on his left side and two on his right, probably more. Doctors warned Bris to be particularly careful with lung damage.


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Two broken ribs on his right side occurred in the first half of the Saints’ victory over the San Francisco 49ers. The game, supported by James Winston, ended after Bris realized he was unable to play in the second half due to breathing difficulties.

Three rib fractures are believed to have occurred on the left side during last week’s game against the Tampa Bay Pirates. The x-rays that were made then did not appear as such, perhaps due to an infection, but Monday’s CT scan showed this clearly.

Investigating doctors think the fractures on the right side pierced the quarterback’s lung on Sunday and caused a pneumothorax. As a result, Breeze had trouble breathing during the game and told head coach Sean Peyton that he could not play against 49 players in the second half.

The most optimistic timetable for the return is two or three weeks, but those involved are prepared for a longer period, said ESPN source Dan Graziano. This depends on how long it takes for Bris’ wounds to heal, which differs from patient to patient, and when the saints are convinced that he can absorb the blow without risk of serious traumatic brain trauma. Hopefully he’ll be back in time for the playoffs.

Later on Monday-evening Bris went to Instagram to give the fans hope that he would be back soon.

Last week the Saints included Bris with a shoulder injury in their injury report and it was painful enough that Bris clearly did not know what rib injury he had with the books. This was assumed to have taken place in the second quarter.

On Monday, Payton refused to give information about Bris’ traumatic condition or who could replace him as quarterback when he ran out of time.

Wednesday is the first day we are asked [to report injuries]. And to be honest with the trial, we have to stick to it, said Peyton, who said he wouldn’t announce a starting quarterback until the end of the week.

None of this will help us if we tell the player as soon as possible, Peyton said. I am in no way planning or responsible for this. Let’s see how it goes this week.

However, it would be wise if the saints would stay with Winston on short notice, because he was the one who replaced Bris on Sunday – and given that the saints left with Teddy Bridgewater to replace them during Bris’ absence of five games last year.

While the Saints Tays Hill see Hill as a potential long-term option as a quarterback, they will need to make more drastic adjustments to the offense to do justice to its unique skills as a runner/passenger. And they like to use them as game leaders in their attack against the QB/RB/WR/TE/FB.

Peyton repeated on Monday that he liked Winston in the second half of Sunday’s game. Winston completed 6 of the 10 races at 63 meters with a TD and zero speed. He had some strange shots, one of which was almost intercepted. However, he led the Saints to a 27-13 field goal and touchdown in which he defeated 49 players.

He and Theis have a good feeling about what we’re trying to do. You take matters into your own hands. And I feel like it’s a good room, Peyton.

ESPN’s Mike Triplett contributed to this report.

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