2020 college football quotes of the year that almost wasn’t

It all started with the unprecedented run by Joe Barrow, O and LSU coach, who made the history of university football, and ended on an even more historic note in 2020.

Meanwhile, the global pandemic has threatened sport as a whole and exposed the gaps and power imbalances in the landscape.

It was a year of pain and protest, followed by a new era of player empowerment. The summer was a new moment of activism for campus athletes, from the #WeAreUnited movement to athletes and activists coming together to change the names of the buildings and make campuses more inclusive.

Coronavirus restrictions resulted in games being played according to schedule, start times and cancellations throughout the season. These are all unforgettable memories.

But looking back at last year, let’s not forget what seemed somewhat normal: the verbal bickering, the blows to opponents and the coaching talk we are so used to. Here’s our attempt to remember the words that shaped the college football season.

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I think this team will be named as one of the largest teams in the history of university football, 15-0. One of the biggest teams in the history of the LSU, led by some of the biggest players.
— Ed Orgeron, LSU coach, in January after LSU won the 42-25 national championship against Clemson.

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Either I change my flag or I no longer represent this state, and that’s what I meant…. I’m Tired
— The state of Mississippi summoned Kylin Hill, whose Bulldogs coach Mike Leach tweeted, Ole Miss Lane’s Kiffin coach and others urged to lobby the state capital before lawmakers voted to turn the Mississippi state flag into one that didn’t include the Confederate symbol.

I considered retiring after I was told the ball would slip out of my hands. Please keep me in mind.
— LSU quarterback Joe Barrow, on Twitter, after asking about the size of his hands in the NFL Scouting Combine.

I keep telling people that creativity takes courage. I need courage to sing such a song.
— TCU coach Gary Patterson, in his song game, about his return to school football.

We want to play in the Big Ten. I think the only reason we would consider other options is if for some reason the Big Ten wouldn’t play and only a handful of the Big Ten teams wanted to keep playing. I think that if this is the case, we are prepared to consider all options.
– Scott Frost, coach of Nebraska, 10 years old. August, when the Big Ten executives considered canceling the season.

We are preparing for the announcement of Huskers and Big Ten football tonight.
— Nebraska President Ted Carter took a live mic in September, when there was much speculation that the Big Ten could change course and bring back the football.

We are now much better defended than last season.
– Orgeron in September, four months before the departure of the new USL defense coordinator Bo Pelini – with $5.2 million over on his contract – as the Tigers lost 34.9 points per game in 2020, compared to 13.6 the previous season.

I think there are interesting results every Saturday that happen, I can tell you that.
— Kansas coach Les Miles won three times in the Big 12 at the Sun Belt Conference in September.

You saw what happened last week; you can say we’re the best team in Florida.
— FCU quarterback Dillon Gabriel followed the loss of Florida 16-13 to Georgia Tech in their season opener with a 49-21 FCU win over the Yellow Jackets.


National College Football Championship presented by AT&T
Hard Rock Stadium (Miami Gardens, FL)
11. January: 20:00 PM ET on ESPN

University Football Semi-Final at the Rose Bowl
AT&T Stage (Arlington, Texas)
January 1: 16:00 ET on ESPN and the ESPN application.

School soccer play-offs semi-finals in the Allstate Sugar Bowl Mercedes-Benz Superdome (New Orleans) 1. January: 1:08 20:00. AND about ESPN and the ESPN application.

This game has not been canceled because of COVID. COVID was just a pretext to cancel the game.
– Clemson’s coach Dabo Swinney was canceled after the Tigers game in Florida State after the team’s medical staff was unable to reach an agreement after a Clemson player who tested positive made the trip with the team.

Football trainers are not doctors. Some of us may think so.
— Mike Norvell, Florida State Coach, in response to Swinney’s comments.

To be honest, I don’t get along very well with the people in the stands. I mean, it’s an episode of Twilight Zone. … I don’t even know how they decide where to sit…. Do forgeries have a lottery where they sit? Because I know some of these forgeries have much better chairs than others. … In these strange times, even a bad person can make a mistake. Live clean, live smart, and maybe if you become a fake, you’ll get good seats in the LSU game.
— Mike Leach from the state of Mississippi.

Fault! The file name is not specified. What does a fake person have to do to get a place in the front row in Death Valley? Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Our hope would be today, but could be gone tomorrow. Everyone is exhausted, it’s Friday, tomorrow’s game against Georgia, very important. Sometimes we have to focus on the important things.
– The Georgian election commissioner Gabriel Sterling counts at 6. November, the day before the Georgia-Florida contest.

The whole time it was a question of whether I could do it, whether I was good enough to do it. It wasn’t a question of whether I was a girl or not.
— Sarah Fuller, the Vanderbilt attacker who became the first woman to score in a Power 5 game.

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Soccer star Sarah Fuller and the varsity athletic community remember that she was the first woman to participate in Power 5 football.

So I’m: Geez, I feel like I was pretty athletic, you know? Rese Davis? It hurt me a little.
– Northwestern defender Ernest Brown IV on Joey Galloway talks about how Northwestern seemed to be outplayed in a segment on ESPN, saying, frankly, she ran a bunch of Rece Davises in the corner.

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Northwest coach Pat Fitzgerald says Joey Galloway’s comments about his soccer team were the deciding factor in winning Wisconsin.

Opening statement: We’re getting a beating.
— Manny Diaz, Miami coach, after losing 62-26 years to Miami No. 10 at North Carolina.

Believe me, I don’t think it looks good. I just think it’s funny.
– Cade Warner, son of former NFL QB player Kurt Warner, on his impressive moustache.

I think they are [more] worried about growing a moustache than about playing football.
— Iowa striker Keith Duncan after the Hokies won 26-20 over Nebraska, their sixth straight victory over Cornhuskers.

Every time I play smart golf with [Georgia] Coach Kirby, he’s the only one who can always find his ball in the woods. Always.
— Jeremy Pruitt, coach of Tennessee.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Could-Notre-Dame-jump-from-independent-to-ACC-long-term.png Bowl Mania is back! Play for $25,000 in guaranteed prices!

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For the record: I don’t play golf with more than 25 golfers.
— Clever, on Twitter, after the Pruitt quote went around.

If you don’t go online and stay at Yahoo News & Words with your friends and the Chive app, you’re usually a little overwhelmed by boredom.
— Texas coach Tom Herman, allegedly in a working relationship (and using an app).

I am not going to interfere with an adult’s Twitter account.
— Herman, if you ask him if he mind if athletic director Chris Del Conte doesn’t tweet about winning football games?

This is unrealistic. I imagine something else. Having that badge on your back is pretty cool. When I first saw this – it made me cry. This is so exciting. I can’t believe it.
— Jackson He, of the state of Arizona, the first Chinese player to score a touchdown in FBS history, whose name in Chinese characters on his jersey surprised the outfit managers of the Sun Devils.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Arizona State Jackson He became the first player of Chinese descent to score a touchdown in FBS history. Christian Petersen/Getty Images

I love Michael Jackson. My last name is HEE in English! And you know Michael Jackson did it!
– He, whose real name is Peijang He, as he chose his American name.

I don’t want to go back to Florida.
– Virginia coach Bronco Mendenhall asks if he wants to postpone FSU’s game after the Cavaliers traveled to Tallahassee to see the game cancelled that day.

Good game Nebraska. Thanks for bringing B1G
football — …after Illinois’ 41-23 persuaded Nebraska on Twitter. Weeks later, the Minnesota Gopher Sports Twitter account posted the same message after the Golden Gophers’ 24-17 victory over the Huskers.

As much as I hate, as much as I love.
— Miles, according to the analysis his staff uses in Kansas to decide whether to opt for a fourth run or a two-point conversion.

I’m the asshole who sucks, and I’m the asshole who cleans the bathroom. And [Athletic Director Mike] Holder is trying to save money, so I clean my own office and I clean the toilet in my office.
— Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy after a reporter joked that his house had been drained during a video call.

I don’t know if I’ll ever play a baseball that can compete with cheese-at-ball.
— TCU coach Gary Patterson on the 33-31 wins Texas with 26 combined penalties compared to the Horned Frogs’ 10-7 win over Cal in a 2018 bowling game where the teams combined for nine interceptions.

It is a five-star culture against five-star players.
— Iowa State coach Matt Campbell, after Iowa State has won 23-20 years from Texas…

Tell the baby to hang up for me.
— Tom Herman, after a reporter’s crying baby interrupted a video call after the game.

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Lane Kiffin sits down with Tom Rinaldi for the Ole Miss game against Alabama to talk about his relationship with Nick Saban.

Well, I’m not playing and he’s not playing, so we’d have a better chance if we did. I don’t think he can cover me.
– Coach Ole Miss Lane Kiffin in the Dan Patrick Show, asking if Ole Miss Alabama participated in a game between Kiffin and Nick Saban.

I think he’s probably right. I guess I’ll ask, when he’s my age, what he’s gonna do? It’s a bit embarrassing to get a hip replacement at my age [68 at the time], but I’m still proud to be able to do it. I don’t think I can cover it.
— Saban, a former Kent state defender, answered a question about the Kiffin quote.

I meant what I learned from my mentor:. If you ask me again, I’ll tell you: I’m not gonna be Alabama’s head coach, okay? Then stop asking me.
— Kiffin, when asked about his interest in working at Auburn, Nick Saban laughed in 2006 when he was coaching the Miami Dolphins, and told me to say this: I’m not gonna be Alabama’s coach. Two weeks later Saban became coach of Alabama. Kiffin didn’t become Auburn’s coach.

We’ve decided to take Floyd and leave the time-outs here.
– Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz, who called three time-outs on the last shot of the Hawkeyes, won 35-7 after Minnesota called a time-out on his last shot to score a touchdown in the rival fight for the Rosedale Floyd Cup, which is named after and shaped like a pig.

— The San Jose state quarterback nick star, who started earlier in Texas A&M and Arkansas, responded to Twitter (without @ing Starkel, VAT), saying (WHY NICK STARKEL PLAYS AT THE MMAO UNIVERSITY FOOTBALL).

I think I directed George Orwell, Animal Farm. All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
— American athletics commissioner Michael Aresco’s conference has added an undefeated five-person group to the school soccer play-off system. .

This will be a quick study for us, because there are only six [games].
— Swinney’s studying the tape of Clemson’s game against Ohio State at the Ohio State Sugar Bowl.

Dear Santa,

Next Christmas ……..
I wish I could play 6 games and switch to CFP ❤️.

I love you, Leon.

– Leon O’Neil Jr. (@WakeEmUp9) 26 December 2020

It is about 2020, as you can imagine. We’re having a lot of fun. I think people should have fun now. But we also do more than mules and crazy parties in the locker rooms. We’re also pretty good at football.
— Jamie Chadwell, coach of the Coastal Carolina, on his then undefeated Chanticleers.

Unsportsmanlike behaviour, throwing a USL player shoe at 20 meters from the field.
— Official James Carter on penalty assessment for the Florida-LSU game. After the third end of the Florida defense, Marco Wilson celebrated by throwing Cole Taylor’s kick, well, 20 yards away in the field. Six games later, Cade York scored a 57-yard goal 23 seconds from the end to give the Tigers a 37-34 victory over the Gators.

He made the catch. During the soccer game the man had the shoe in his hand and he threw it, jumped in and celebrated with his teammates.
— …Florida coach Dan Mullen’s assessment of why the shoe was thrown so far.

Oklahoma is a good team, but they’re not on our level. They are not regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. These are not Florida alligators. So we need to put on a good show.
— Florida’s LB James Houston IV in the game against Oklahoma at the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic.

Fortunately, the year 2020 is over. Can the pandemic be stopped? … Ready in 2021.
– Houston coach Dana Holgorsen has already cancelled eight games this season after losing the Cougars 28-14 to Hawaii at the 2020 New Mexico Bowl in Frisco, Texas.

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