Stuart Scott remembered during V Week by his daughters, Taelor and Sydni

Stuart Scott remembered during V Week by his daughters, Taelor and Sydni
Stuart Scott remembered during V Week by his daughters, Taelor and Sydni

Editor’s note : As part of Week V, ESPN celebrates the life and legacy of ESPN anchor Stuart Scott on the fifth anniversary of his death. His memory is kept in his family and at the Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Foundation.

Her daughter Taelor is a young director, director and producer who has written and produced three short films: Fashion unit and exciting newspaper, Baltimore Woosh and Ballada chocolate mabbi. Sydney’s going to Columbia University. She specializes in political science and is part of the track and field team.

Here they write to their father to tell him about his influence and what his legacy means to them. And, yeah, Sydney says he said boo-ya at home, too.

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Sydney: I always felt so weird when I was asked if you were at home like you are on television. It’s funny, because you were the most incredibly authentic person I’ve ever known, and your TV personality wasn’t a fictional person, but a continuation of what you’ve always been as a person. But how can anyone understand that? How do you explain this?

And that’s what’s weird about you. There have never been enough words to describe you and how you touch so many lives. And now there are still no words to describe what it is like to continue living in a world without you.

Taurus: Their influence on our lives is always felt. Although I never developed an interest in participation or playing, I grew up with a deep-rooted ESPN sports culture. I was the second child born in the new ESPN2. Take your kid to work, which means I can bring the cool new McDonald’s toy to add to my collection in your office. At least I can make a big canvas with your ties while you type and squeeze the words you wrote on your computer screen. We walked through the corridors with sports archives, buttons and screens to visit our buddies. Former sports center leader Rich Eisen and producer Leslie Wymer gave me a penny to put in my big communal bag or to buy cookies for the Scouts. I remember waking up as a little girl in someone’s dark crib, listening to you, your mother and your friends after work. I fell asleep when I heard you laughing at someone’s cabin door.

Sydney: There was no football without you when you were a kid. I don’t remember how long you had me tied up in the back seat of your car, my legs aren’t even long enough to hit the ground and drive in the races, like the first hits of Rocky’s soundtrack were heard from your speakers. Any game. Always Rocky. And every time I asked you to turn up the volume until the bass vibrates the chassis of the car. After all, I was old enough to sit in the front seat myself and control the volume and song selection, but still we listened to Rocky at every game.

When I was little, they were just songs. Numbers vaguely related to the movies you’ve always wanted to see. Now I’m walking around the Columbia circuit, and every time I close my eyes, put earphones in my ears and warm up, the same trembling sounds come out, and I realize that these songs are yours and stay behind.

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Taurus: I once took Taelor to Labor Day and sat on the floor in the corner of the large ESPN conference room during a production session. Writers, producers and talented people came together to discuss the look back on the life and influence of the great Mohammed Ali. That man was your idol, he hung the moon and stuck it in your eyes. You were always proud to tell me how you packed my diaper bag and took me to New York to see the best. And that day I was in the television room with sports experts who had the task of doing what seemed impossible: accepting the end of the big one.

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Stuart’s daughters Scott Taylor and Sydney explain how much their father meant to them and how he always had a lot of energy.

In the end, it wasn’t necessary. He left after you.

Mom found the picture you took of Muhammad Ali and me about six months ago in a box with your stuff. He kisses me and I cry, and I don’t think you’re in front of the camera either.

Sydney: There are still days when the idea of doing everything seems literally incomprehensible. All I do, from getting out of bed and putting two feet on the ground at the end of high school to entering college, is add me to a long list of accomplishments you’ll never see. Sometimes I hear the sound of your voice as a small, elusive melody that is warm at the edge of my body but leaves me a bit cold because I can’t reach it. Sometimes in my head I can repeat exactly what you would say in a certain situation, your voice swelled with unbridled pride and excitement, which was so surprisingly definitive about who you are as a person. But I can’t see your eyes shining, and I can’t feel your arms when I need them. And in every new thing I learn about the world and about myself, I’m growing, but I’m growing away from the little girl you knew.

On Saturday, Stuart Scott, a former host of the sports centre and MMA fan, will be honoured on the UFC Fight Night.

The event is part of the V-week, which runs from 1 to 12 hours. The month of December takes place. Donation to the Fifth Foundation for Cancer Research.

You can also make a donation to the Stuart Scott Memorial Fund.

Taurus: I hate going to sports bars right now. It’s a persistent disgust, but I’ve had a 60% chance of hearing your voice and seeing your face for most of my life. Every time I see a bunch of screens, I can’t help but think of the loneliness there is to compare, and I wait halfway to hear your voice.

Sydney: You raised me and the body ambitiously. In some ways maybe even too ambitious. I remember the look in your eyes when you realized that you wanted to raise girls with your own mind, but that you also wanted to raise girls who would disagree with you with the same passion as everyone else. But you were planning to send two women into the world, each with an unshakeable sense of dignity and an inner understanding of the power of her own voice.

You’ve never let me win a deck of cards before. You never talked to me like I was a kid. They never let me be too young as an excuse to do nothing. And so, even though you couldn’t finish the work as planned, you had taught me everything you needed to know until you died, whether I knew it then or not. It is my responsibility to finish your work with what I keep noticing, what I have learned from you every day.

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