Love Bailey Talks Marilyn Manson’s Demonic Art, Occult Portal, And Glass Cage Where He Allegedly Held Women Captive

When Love Bailey was a stylist in her twenties, she described herself as naive. She was excited to work with Marilyn Manson at Lovecat magazine, but the experience would haunt her for years to come. On February 1, 2021, when Evan Rachel Wood, Sarah McNeilly, Ashley Walters, Ashley Lindsay Morgan and an artist known only as Gabriella shared their allegations of abuse against Marilyn Manson on Instagram, Love Bailey also spoke out.

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In a video posted on her official Instagram account, Love Bailey recounts her encounter with Manson when she came to his house to do a job. She claims that Marilyn Manson held a gun to her head after he tried to help a woman who could no longer walk. She also talks about Marilyn Manson’s demonic art, which looked like an occult ritual portal painted on the floor, and a glass cage that she says was used to restrain women against their will.

Love Bailey thanked everyone for their support and expressed sympathy for this horrible experience. She began the video by saying that it was a dark time, and revealed that she had received several death threats since her speech. She thanked her supporters for giving her the strength to “stand her ground” and tell her story.

In addition to the repeated death threats she received, Love Bailey says she was threatened by a photographer involved in the shooting. As a result of these alleged intimidation tactics, she is speaking out publicly to protect herself and ensure that her story is told.

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As a stylist, she did a photo shoot for the actress, whose name was censored for the video. The photo shoot took place at Marilyn Manson’s house and, according to Love, she let her into Manson’s private room.

Love Bailey says he clearly remembers three rooms in Marilyn Manson’s house: the recording studio, the living room (where her team set up for a photo shoot) and the bedroom, which was in her recording studio.

Love said his recording studio was filled with pictures of women from magazines like Hustler, and that there were “dark paintings” on the floor. She described these images as demonic and said they looked as if they had been aggressively worked on with charcoal.

She said the artwork culminated on the floor, and then she saw what looked like an occult portal painted in charcoal. Love suspected that he was trying to channel demonic entities through some kind of ritual ceremony.

When she entered Marilyn Manson’s boudoir, Love saw a large glass cage that she said was used to hold women against their will. Elliott David wrote about the glass cage in the December 13, 2011 issue of V Magazine, when he reported the following.

Marilyn Manson lives on the roof of a liquor store in Hollywood. It belonged to the actor Billy Zane, and Manson visited her future home for the first time when he arrived in Los Angeles and tried to turn her into a musician. It is now his perfect lair: a recording studio, a bedroom with a “bathroom” (a kind of old shower or steam room, now enclosed and soundproofed), and a huge, dark room that serves as a movie theater, bar, art studio and living room for community members.

You can read the full article below.

Marilyn Manson had a bad-girl room that was soundproof and locked.

Full story December 13, 2011, V Magazine

– Cancel Culture (@CancelCultureTM) February 7, 2021

Love Bailey went on to say that when the actress tripped on the floor, apparently under the influence of drink or drugs, Love tried to help her up. She said Marilyn Manson mocked the woman on the floor, pulled out a Glock and held it to Love’s forehead, mockingly declaring, “I don’t like gay people!

Shocked and frightened by this alleged incident, Love began to cry and said she felt completely helpless when the gun was on her forehead.

Marilyn Manson did not respond to Love Bailey’s allegations and did not respond.

You can watch Love Bailey’s full video, in which she talks about the incident and what allegedly happened when she first met Marilyn Manson, below.

Love Bailey talks about Marilyn Manson

– CelebrityCurve (@CelebrityCurve) February 7, 2021

What do you think about the abuse allegations against Marilyn Manson? Are you on Manson’s side or are you on the side of the women who have spoken out against him?

Would you like to support Love Bailey in telling her story?


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