Fantasy Football Week 10 Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em: Tight Ends


We’re getting closer and closer to the play-offs for most fantasy football teams and we’re taking our time more than ever to make a big win at the end of the season.

With the departure of Travis Kels for the week and the injury of George Kittle, a significant number of fantasy football managers will put their heels in the sand to find a quality replacement.

Whether you’re trying to win a first round or your first win of the season, a quality tight game can help you maximize your team’s potential and can support you when one of your centers is working with your back or a broad receiver of disappointing performance news.

The year 2020 has been one of the darkest years for the narrow sides of fantasy football in the recent past. Even if you’re not one of the lucky managers who prepared Kielce, there are always narrow, high quality pages that are either buried in frames or at the top of the strings.

TE at the beginning of week 10

T.J. Hawkson, Detroit Lyon.

With all the young talent that has shone this season, Hawkenson is a bit of a dead end, but he brings his quality performance to Detroit for the second season.

As long as the former Iowa Hawkeye sets up eight reception yards on Sunday, he will beat his debutant by a total of four games (367 yards) less than last season. In the absence of Kenny Galladay, the Lions were considered a target in the red zone, where he took more than a few chances to score (Hawkson was second in the NFL, scarier this season with five goals).

With the release of Hollaiday with a hip injury and veterans Marvin Jones and Danny Amendol showing signs of regression this season, it’s not crazy to call Hawkson the number one option for the passing Lions. From the point of view of the imagination, a difficult end is always the first option in a passing attack, it is worth starting there.

Although Washington’s defense has been strong this season, they became fourth in fantasy points, as they played in a tight circle this season (10.3 points on average, according to the Professional Football Guide). Expect Hawkson to catch a few passes with the key against them, and when he finds the end of the zone, he’ll be the joy of many fantasy football managers.

Darren Waller, Las Vegas Raiders.

With Kelce and the bosses in the farewell week, Waller will almost certainly be in first place in the red finish zone of the TE this season.

Waller is now a household name in the fantasy football world, which started last season at the bottom of the league table for guys like Goblets and Kittle and is expected to be in the NFL top 10 in the better half of this decade.

While the Broncos have been strong enough this season against baseball teams (averaging 6.2 runs per game), Waller will have plenty of scoring chances on Sunday, as no one will be surprised that he has become the number one baseball team in fiction this week.

Eric Abron, Pittsburgh Steelworks.

Fancy footballers know that Ebron usually had a tree or a strong finish that should score in a quality week. After the release of 13 touchdowns with the Indianapolis Colts in 2018, it seems that Abron has finally assumed his new role in Steelmakers.

After finding the end zone in the first 6 weeks, Ebron has scored in the last two weeks and seems to be a solid option in a passing game.

This week he has a favorable match with the Bengals team, which has allowed six touchdowns in prohibited areas in the past three weeks. If it manages to find the end zone for the third consecutive week, it should be one of the best bottlenecks at the end of week ten.

The other imaginary football game ends at the beginning: Mike Gesicki against the Los Angeles Chargers, Austin Hooper against Houston Texas, Rob Gronkowski against the Caroline Panthers.

Technical specialists on weekdays 10

Hunter Henry, Los Angeles Chargers.

I feel sorry for Hunter Henry, because fantasy football experts seem to predict that he will make a breakthrough in the top five fantasy clubs at the end of each season, but after 49 games in 4.5 seasons he hasn’t become a consistent option in the fantasy world yet.

Although he started the season strong, Henry was not fantastically reliable (11 catches for 89 yards and no point in the last three weeks).

Combine his relative decline with a tough game against the Dolphins this week, which averaged a fantastic 5.8 points at the end of the season, it would be wise to leave Henry on the bench in week 10.

Jordan Reed, San Francisco, 49 people.

While George Kittle ruled against the Packers before last Thursday-evening’s game, many big players quickly pulled Jordan Reed off the field after scoring 50 yards and two touchdowns in week 2.

These fantastic players were disappointed last week by Reed after he caught a ball of only three meters in this game.

With his traumatized past, Reed must score to be a viable fantasy option, and with a game against the New Orleans Saints, Reed’s quest for the end zone seems unlikely.

Irv Smith, Minnesota Viking.

Like Reid, fantasy owners desperate for close cooperation are likely to arrest Smith this week after he scored twice against the Lions last week.

In 24 games in a season and a half, Smith has shown tremendous potential as a target for the Red Zone, but this week could be the worst possible week to start.

For the second year in a row, he suffers a groin injury, and even if he plays the Middle Way Monsters on Monday night at the Soldiers’ Field, football is always a challenge.

Another imaginary end-of-match football game seat: Kyle Rudolph @ Chicago Bears, Tyler Higby and Gerald Everett versus Seattle Sichocks.

Nick Chubb, Baker Mayfield, Brownes.

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